The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 357

Chapter 357

Later that night, Elizabeth and Brian head upstairs to bed, both feeling happy and content. It was a great day for the both of them. Things seem to have gone back to what they were before all this took place. Elizabeth didn’t forget, everything but she did forgive, doing her best to get through it all and make her life happy again. She saw no point in breaking everything up for one really bad choice. The only real thing saving Brian was he didn’t actually go all the way, he stopped himself, going home with Sean. Elizabeth knows if he would have passed that line, neither of them would be here today. No matter how much he said sorry, she would have never been able to get over it. She was thankful, he saw what he really wanted before making even a bigger mistake.

They both get to their bedroom, Brian taking a seat on his side of the bed, tired from everything that happened today. He was happy and relieved he had his family back. Elizabeth goes to put on her nightie for bed, sitting on the edge of it, removing her dress pants from today.

“I want to thank you for talking, my mother into staying here with us. It means a lot to me, Brian. It will be nice having her here for good. Her not missing out on anything, or me for that matter.” Elizabeth says.

“I knew it meant a lot to you, and I wanted you to have it. I was really glad she went along with it. It could have gone either way. She just wants to be with you and watch Zach grow up. Plus she is getting older, it will be good for her to be close to us. If she needs us, we are right here.” Brian answers.

“In a few days, Izzy will be here too, this house is going to be full, are you going to be ok with it? It’s just been us for this time. Now the house will have three kids and a mother in law. ” Elizabeth asks.

“I am fine with it, I have no problems with your daughter being here or your mother. Neither of them starts fights or anything, it all should be fine. It will be different, I will admit but nothing bad. We won’t have as much alone time.” Brian states.

“We will have to make sure we do. I am also going to start looking for a new house tomorrow. That way, if I can find something that suits us, my mother will have her own, and so will we. I want her here, but I do think her having her own space will be a better idea. That way no one clashes.” Elizabeth replies.

“Anything you want is fine with me. You don’t have to hurry on my account. You also don’t have to worry about me being upset or anything. We lived with your mother for months before, it was fine. I know what people say about in-laws, just so far, we don’t have that problem.” Brian answers.

“I know we don’t and I don't want us to. I know what it's like to be around in-laws. My ex’s were unreal. I know my mother is different, but she can be hard-headed when she wants to be. A few months versus forever is totally different. I don't want that to add any stress or problems to our relationship. I want to try to do things differently this time, Ethan's family put a wedge in our relationship at times." Elizabeth confuses.

"I am glad you want to make sure nothing gets in our way. I am sure everything will be fine. Whatever you want to do, I am also fine with it. When it comes to the kids and the house, I know you have everything under control. You handle things very well. If you want to look for a new one now, great. When you find something let me know, then we will take it from there. I know your scared this will change things yet again, I only see it changing things for the better." Brian says.

Elizabeth gets in the bed crawling over to Brian and sitting on his lap.

"I love you, I just want you to promise me, that your happy in what we are doing. That you're not doing it just for me, as you have in the past. I know you put me first, always trying to make me happy. It's wonderful, but you need to want things also. You need to be happy also." Elizabeth comments.

"I promise you, I am happy. It was all my idea remember? It's just a bonus when I get to see you smile the way you did tonight." Brian replies putting his arms around her waist.

Elizabeth moves close to him, putting her arms on his face as she kisses him tenderly.

She knows that everything he wants to do is with a good heart. He is trying like he always has, its what made her love him so much. She couldn't help it, his kindness, and loving soul captured her. She wasn't used to, someone always taking in how she would feel about something. Always wanting to make her happy, not manipulating her into getting what he wanted. It was refreshing to say the least, also scary. She knew he could get lost in it, and maybe even have resentment.

She knew from personal experience, you can't always try to make the other person happy. You need to do things that make you happy as well. Remembering her mother saying that he was trying to live up to her standards and do better than Ethan. He didn't have to, he was already better than Ethan in many ways. She would always try to take into account his feelings and make sure he wanted it as well. She knew how it felt to be on the other end, and it wasn't fair.

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