The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 358

Chapter 358 Izzy's Here.

After a few weeks pass by, Elizabeth’s daughter is now living with them, and going to college. Elizabeth is extra happy to have her here, with them. Izzy fit right in, not really minding Brian at all. She saw what her mom liked about him. How he treated her so differently, then her father did. The more time she was here, the more she saw, never believing how these two really got along.

She saw it when she visited, but she was only around them here and there never for long periods of time. She now saw why even Joan was happy for them. It was refreshing to see two people care so much for each other. They treated each other with respect, caring what the other one thought, or wanted. They didn't fight over little things, that meant nothing. If Elizabeth would say something Brian listened, never judged, never belittled her opinion. He Always took in what she would say or suggested. Izzy saw that, right away, where her mother and father would fight over little things, her father mocking what her mother said, even though in the end, he would say it was a good idea, doing it anyway.

Brian so far has kept his word, doing his best, not to get lost in his new firm. No matter how busy he gets he manages to be home for dinner. Putting that life, behind him once he is home to give his family the time they needed. It's getting closer to Christmas, being Zach’s first one. Both Elizabeth and Brian are super excited about it. Making sure to do all the things they both can think of, including Tylor and even Izzy.

One weekend, they all go out to get their Christmas tree, going to the same tree farm they went last year for their first Christmas together. Now sharing it with the kids, letting them get hot Cocco on the way home. Once their, Brian gets the boxes of decorations out of the basement brings them up to the living room. Where they all started to decorate the tree. Spending a nice day together, filled with warmth.

It makes Elizabeth feel happy to have her family together, even though she knows Sofia isn'here. She knows she can't have everything, she knows this is part of the decision she made when she chose to move here. When she chose to move on from their father. It's one she will have to live with, the only real part of this, that hurt more than anything, was giving up being with her children on a regular basis.

Izzy isn’t jealous of any of this, it was all things she got to do with her sister when she was younger. She just saw her mother giving, Zach the same stable homelife she gave them. Just this time, Brian was even more involved then Ethan at times. Also, Izzy seeing a closeness, that she never saw with her parents. She never saw them kiss, hug and smile so much at each other. She had to admit it was way different and at times a bit strange to watch. Just because, she wasn't used to any of it.

Izzy also knew that her father was very upset about her not wanting to live in Wisconsin. He didn’t want her to come to live with Elizabeth and mainly Brian. All the progress he made, seemed to fail after she left. Izzy even seeing it was before she left, once he heard she was, he changed. Seeing his life as he knew it was truly different. Not ever wanting it to be like this. He always thought he and Elizabeth would be there to watch their daughters be adults. Now nothing was the same.

She knew this hurt her father deeply, she felt bad. She just kept it to herself, not telling her mother. She knew it wasn’t her mother’s problem anymore. That maybe if he would have treated her the way Brian did, none of this would be taking place. She just never had the courage to tell her father that. She loved him and didn’t want to hurt him any more than he was. At the same time, She missed her mother and wanted to move here to be closer to her. It bothered her that she couldn’t have them both like in the past. She had to choose, her mother won.

Izzy felt a little better knowing that Sofia was there to be with their father, he had someone. Sofia was married, would probably even have some kids for Ethan to be around. It made her feel a tad bit better. She knew Sofia wouldn’t ever move, she wasn’t the type. Plus Brian was here, and even though she behaved lately, he wasn’t her favorite person. She still blamed him in a way for all this taking place. She loved her father and didn’t want to betray him. Each child had their own way of dealing with this. One let go of it and knew it was for the better, and one saw it more like a problem. One that wouldn’t have taken place if Elizabeth didn’t meet Brian.

Izzy knew that Sofia would never truley get over it. She also knew her sister learned to be nice to make things go better. Mainly after hearing that her father had someone else during the marriage. She just saw that he never left their mother, she wished Elizabeth did the same.

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