The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 359

Chapter 359 Time flying By.

A few more weeks go by, Christmas is over. Brian and Elizabeth spending it with family. The whole holiday season has been joyful for them. Both spending time together and sharing the first Christmas with their son. It was a very special time. A time, neither of them ever thought would be. At one point things were pretty crazy, almost turning their whole life apart. Just neither one of them gave in to it, they held their ground, Pushing past it. Doing their best not to lose what matters most to both of them.

Now that Christmas was over, Brian went back to work, finding a place that was just right for his new offices. He was very excited about the next chapter in his life. It’s been weeks and he finally found a place, that would work for him. Being only about ten minutes away from home, which he also knew could change with them both wanting to get a new home. He did remember that Elizabeth said, she wanted the same school district so that it wouldn’t change too much for Tylor. They both knew so many new things were happening for him, he was probably overwhelmed. They didn’t want to, make things worse and even change his school. Brian loved that Elizabeth always took into account Tylor’s feelings. He just hoped that they could find a home, here that they would like. Not to mention work for them.

He knew it would be better to buy a new home, rather than upgrade the one they already have. It would take a lot of money, and a lot of mess. There were too many living with them now to have the whole place turned upside down. This way, they would pick a place, and move in, so he hoped anyway.

Brian didn’t mind the full house at all. After dinner, Joan would go off into her room to be by herself, and that was only half the time, showing up for dinner. She had her own life and did her best not to interfere with theirs. With Izzy, she would eat dinner with them every night, then go into her room to study for college, or go play video games with Tylor. She was a good girl and didn’t give them any trouble. Things were pretty much the same for them. Eating dinner, cleaning up, and everyone heading to their own activities.

Plus for Brian, he was working all day long, not home too long during the week, just at night. On the weekends they would try to do some family things, which Brian found to be nice. Elizabeth accepted his son, he accepted her daughter. With Izzy not holding things against Brian, things went smoothly. So far all was well, Brian just thought too well. He always waited for something else to take place.

As their life was always so up and down, only because of others. He just wondered what could happen next? He just hoped whatever it would be, they would get over it, as they have in the past.

In the last few weeks, Elizabeth has been browsing, homes, trying to see if she could find something that would suit them. She knew she needed the space, but at the same time didn’t want to get something too big. The kids would grow and move out, they would be left with a huge place. She also wasn’t sure about how long Izzy would be living with them. Would it be for as long or only be while she was in school? Or would she want her own? Elizabeth didn’t know, she was just glad, no matter what she was in the same state.

Elizabeth saw that the prices increased as the size did. Still not sure she was willing to spend all that money at this moment. She knew Brian got his bonus, she just liked it safely sitting in the bank. Would their own house sell fast? Or would it sit on the market and they would go in debt trying to pay for two homes. She was an over-thinker, where Brian was a leaper in some ways.

She worried that he was taking on more then he could chew at the moment, just when she would tell him, he said he knew what he was doing. So she just figured, she was in charge of the house hunting and would only say something if the price was right. Otherwise, she would stay where they were. They lived comfortably, and she wanted to remain that way.

She saw how happy Brian was with everything happening around him lately. She was glad, she loved that he was stepping away from Adam a bit, being his own person. She just hoped that would stay that way as well. She knew Adam was always throwing himself at Brian, and she still didn't understand why? He wasn't his real father, Adam had to know the truth, or did he? Did Brian's mother make him think Brian was his?

Just the way that Brian talked about his mother, she didn't see her as the type to do something like that. That was more Victoria's way. So if Adam knew the truth why did he always want to be so close to Brian? The thoughts always went through her mind, never saying anything to Brian. He was happy, and she didn't want to cloud his mind with this. She knew he did that pretty good all by himself.

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