The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 36 I need you

Chapter 36 I Need You

In the morning, Elizabeth gets up bright and early. Making breakfast for the girls and Ethan. Putting it on the table, then heading upstairs to take her shower. Getting herself all ready to see Brian. The anticipation was killing her. She gets herself all ready, wearing a short tight black dress, with a lacy black bra and panties. Pushing her hair up and in a short black wig, so no one could spot her. She didn’t want anyone to see her. She knew, when she saw him, she wouldn’t be able to not touch him. This way if anyone was around, they wouldn’t know it was her.

7:03, Elizabeth: I am heading to the airport now. I will be the woman in the black short wig, and a black coat. I can’t wait to see you.

Elizabeth texts Brian knowing he wouldn’t be able to text back just yet. He was on the plane. She just wanted him to know what to look for. She grabs her bags and all her things, heading out the door into the cab. Stopping off at the hotel before going to the airport she goes to their room, dropping off her bags. Feeling so much excitement, growing by the minute.

She then goes back downstairs, getting into the cab taking her to the airport. It was only twenty more minutes. Then he would be back in her arms. She would feel her hands shake as she was holding her phone. Waiting for him to text her. Looking at the time, she knew he landed. She gets out of the cab, walking into the airport, trying her best to keep herself together.

7:35, Brian: I just landed. I will be with you in a few minutes. I can’t wait. Hmm, Black short wig huh? Sexy.

7:36, Elizabeth: I am waiting at the gate. I can’t wait to hold you.

Elizabeth waits near the gate for what seems like forever. Her heart beating out of her chest. Waiting for Brian to appear. Which he does, walking towards her. She feels he is too slow as she runs up to him, putting her arms around him. Giving him a big passionate kiss.

“I missed you,” Elizabeth says.

Brian picking her up. Hugging her tightly. “I missed you too,” Brian says.

Their kisses getting longer and more passionate. Not able to take their hands off of each other. Brian comes up for air, knowing they can’t do this here. He gets his bags, then he grabs her hand.

Taking her into the bathroom and locking the door behind him, their hands go to grab the other, roaming each other’s bodies as their lips entwine. Elizabeth nibbling on Brian’s bottom lip, so he would grant her tongue access. He does as the kiss lingers and gets even more intense. He can’t take it any longer. His hands roaming her curves. He lifts her black short dress and pulling her panties aside, sliding himself inside her quickly and making her give out a loud moan.

Her legs wrapped around him, still kissing him. He pushes into her, sliding in and out. As the back of her body is pressed against the bathroom wall. Still in their clothes, Elizabeth wraps her whole body around him. Taking in each thrust, she gives out a louder moan. Moaning into their kiss. Making Brian hotter than he was from the start. His thrusts get harder and deeper with each one, making Elizabeth come undone. She bites into his coat, to stop anyone from hearing her scream as he thrusts hard into her making her climax. Then he does. Both their bodies breathing heavily. Trying to come down off their high. It was so intense They hold each other for a while before gathering themselves together.

Elizabeth pulling down her dress, buttoning up her coat. Brian fixing his pants.

“Wow, that was one way to show you missed me,” Brian says.

“I missed all of you. Not only that part, even though I do have to say... that was amazing.” Elizabeth says with a smile.

“It always is. I feel the same though. I didn’t only miss that, I missed being with you. I am glad to see that is still there. I like that you want me so badly.” Brian states.

“I do. You drive me crazy. I can’t kiss you without it leading to something more.” Elizabeth answers.

“I will keep that in mind,” Brian says with a grin.

Grabbing her hand, they both get into a rented car, Monica had waiting for them. Heading to their hotel, holding hands and being close. The want still there. Which makes Brian happy. They get to their Hotel room, going to the shower. Taking off each piece of clothing slowly, the urgency not there as much. They go slow. Enjoying each other’s bodies. The feel, the touch. Making slow passionate love in the shower.

When they are done, they lay in bed in each other’s arms, both feeling at peace. Like they are where they should be. Neither of them wanting to let go.

“Can I ask you something. Its been on my mind for the whole three weeks.” Brian says.

“Sure. Ask me anything.” Elizabeth responds.

“Did you make love to your husband while you were home?” Brian asks.

“No, He tried but all I saw was you. I couldn’t. I wanted your touch. Not his.” Elizabeth states.

“I am so glad to hear that. It bothered me so much. That he was the one laying next to you and not me.” Brian answers

“I wrote you a bunch of letters. Letting you know everything that happened. I wanted to text you, I was just trying not to. It didn’t work as you know.” Elizabeth replies.

“I am glad it didn’t. I was so happy to hear from you. So many things went through my mind when we were apart. I was afraid you would go back to him.” Brian says.

“I don’t think I can. All I think about is you. I don’t want anyone but you.” Elizabeth states.

Brian was happy to hear this.

They lay there in each other’s arms, feeling content. Elizabeth falls asleep in his arms. Feeling happy and at peace.

While she is asleep in his arms. He reads each letter. Laughing at how she told her mother in law off. Proud of her that she took a stand. Loving the one that said she had a wet dream thinking about him. That makes his day. He turned her on so much, she even dreamed about it. You couldn’t ask for much more. He just smiles at her laying in his arms. This was all he ever wanted and more. He wasn’t going to lose it to Ethan or anyone else.

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