The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 360

Chapter 360 Taking Control Of Your Need.

A few more weeks pass by, Brian working like hell to get everything together at the new office. Hiring people, getting office supplies, telling his clients this is his new place. He has been very busy. Even finally getting Sean on board with this. He was now helping the best he could without quitting his regular job as of yet.

When Brian comes home from work, he is beat from the long day. Trying his best to still sit at the dinner table and listen to all that happened to his family during the days. Even though he would like to go straight to bed at times. He knows that's not what to do. Just after dinner the last week, he just falls right to sleep. Not able to help himself, when Elizabeth gets done the dishes and locks up for bed. She finds Brian already out cold.

Elizabeth knows that he is working hard to get everything done. She is proud of him and sees everything he is doing for their family. She just also knows, if she lets it continue, things can get the way they were going, and she doesn’t want that. She knew in the past, they would let work or things going on in their lives, take over their relationship. She wasn’t about to let that happen again.

She didn’t want him going to anyone else, or for their marriage to get stale. Repeating what she had before. Their sex life was too hot for that. She lived half a lifetime, in a dull sexless relationship. She wasn’t willing to do that again, not when it was so full of life. So yearning, and felt so good.

She also knew in the past, when Brian wasn’t going for sex, she just let it go. Always leaving it to him to initiate it. She knew that was a bad thing, that she had to fix that. She now felt comfortable with him, to ask for what she wanted. She doubted, he would turn her away.

It’s now Friday night, Brian goes up to bed after dinner like he always does, putting Zach to bed. Then heading there himself. Elizabeth didn’t cook tonight, they just ordered some pizza’s making it easy for her, and not much clean up at all.

She makes it to the bedroom before Brian does since he had to tuck the baby in bed. When Brian does walk into the bedroom, he walks over to the bed, taking off his shoes, getting ready for bed. Elizabeth can see he is tired, that it's been a long week. She just wonders if she still should go along with her intentions, or just let him sleep. Then she remembers the past and knows better.

She gets up from her side, moving close to him, to help him undo his shirt. Brian just closes his eyes, letting her undo his buttons.

“It's been a crazy week babe, I am glad its the weekend. I need some rest.” Brian says.

“I am glad its the weekend also. I know your working hard, I am so very proud of you and all your accomplishing. I just do have to admit, I miss you.” Elizabeth answers.

“Miss me? I am here babe. I kept my word and come home at dinner time. I try not to stay over more than five minutes.” Brian answers.

“I know you do, and I am very thankful for that. We just don’t have alone time as much as we use to.” Elizabeth replies moving closer to him.

“I know, I am sorry for that. I have just been so tried it has nothing to do with you or us. ” Brian responds putting his arms around her.

“I didn’t think it did. I just know we can’t let things go as we have in the past. There were weeks at a time if not more, we didn’t make love. It seemed to just push us apart, I don’t want that again.” Elizabeth admits rubbing her hand on his crotch.

Brian likes the surprise feeling of her hand touching him. He sees she is going for it tonight, and he is going to let her. He knew she means, this anytime she is initiating it. He saw that she felt comfortable with him, finally. Finally letting go, asking for what she needed.

“I don’t either. I do want to make love more often, just this week I was so tired, I wouldn’t have been able to give you my all.” Brian answers. Now closing his eyes from her hand moving up and down on his dick.

“You don’t always have to, I can take charge. I don’t mind doing all the work as you enjoy it. You normally do all the work. I think its time we share it.” Elizabeth says pushing his body down onto the bed.

Brian can’t even believe this is happening. He thinks he is so tired he is dreaming about it. It just amazes him, how this woman, could always surprise him in the best ways. It was like when she let go in the club. Taking control and being herself. Brian loved it and hoped in time, she would do that without him being Zach or her trying to make him forget about Red. That she would just be herself all the time with him. He now saw that growing, and he loved it.

“Hmmm, I think I can get used to it. Does that mean you're going to ride me?” Brian answers in a seductive voice.

“Oh yea, ride you fast and hard,” Elizabeth states pulling his pants down and off his body.

Brian feels a tingle go through him from her words. He was going to let her do whatever she wanted. As tired as he was, she just brought him to life in more than one way.

Elizabeth places herself on top of his slender body, her lips going for his, as she lifts his hands above his head. She holds them there, so she is in full control, kissing down his neck, and chest. She flicks her tongue over his right nipple sending chills down his spine. She lightly pinches the other one, giving him another sensation. As she is doing this she rubs her core on top of his already hard member. Teasing him, with her wetness and lips sliding him up and down between them. The feel of her, just makes him harder, and throb wanting to be in her warm soft cave, but Elizabeth takes her time. She kisses him passionately and keeps teasing him. Even making his hard member rub against her tight hole. She plays, even more, letting just the head slightly in, and pulling out again. Making them both crave what is to come even more.

She keeps this up for a bit, letting Brian come to his brink. He is so turned on, he isn’t sure what to do. He just knows if he cums it's over and he doesn’t want that.

“Elizabeth I need more...I want inside of you.” Brian pants.

“Hmm, How badly?” Elizabeth teases.

“Damn, you sure in a frisky mood tonight aren’t you? I am about three minutes away from turning you over, and letting you have it.” He answers.

“Then you would miss out on all the fun that is come.” She replies, with a grin.

Brian’s hands go for her back, pushing her body closer to him and her mouth to his. Kissing her passionately, as his hands roam down her back. Her center still teasing the hell out of him. Her wetness covering his member, she now slowly slides him in taking more of him inside her. Brian moans from the pleasure he is feeling, needing her to keep it inside and give it to him. He holds her body still, not letting her slide him out of her this time. Yet, still trying to keep her in control of things as she wants.

“Not this time, girly,” Brian smirks sliding all the way inside.

Elizabeth closes her eyes, taking in the feel, just as hot as he is, and needing it just as badly. She just wanted to bring him to the brink, teasing him.

“So, you want more?“She whimpers.

“Yes, Give it to me. Give me all you got.” Brian comments, seeing its building inside of her as well.

Her hands entwine into his, as her body goes up and down slowly at first, then moving up the speed, faster and faster, harder and harder. There was no more teasing as she needed it. Feeling it build up inside of her. She rides him hard and fast, not being gentle, just taking what she needs. being in full control. She keeps going until they both let go, having the most intense orgasm they ever had together.

She just lays on top of him, with him still inside her. Holding him close.

“I think I want you in control more often.” Brian laughs.

" I guess, I did well not making you fall asleep on me.” She laughs in return.

“I was wide awake, nothing was going to make me sleep through that. You sure do know how to get to me. That made me totally crazy.” Brian answers.

“I told you I missed you. I wanted to show you just how much.” She replies kissing his chest lightly.

"Maybe the week away wasn't too bad if this is what we get when we get back to it." Brian laughs.

"True, no more than a week though. We have to make sure we don't lose this." Elizabeth answers.

"Deal, There are times we make up for it though, and I intend on doing that as well. I just need to get this office set up and opened." Brian replies.

"I know," She responds.

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