The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 361

Chapter 361 Date Nights.

A few more weeks go by, Brian still working on the firm, as Elizabeth goes looking around for their new home. Brian took into account, everything that Elizabeth told him weeks ago, about them not waiting too long to have sex and be together. He didn’t want her to miss or long for him. So he has been taking her out once a week, just the two of them for a date night, leaving the kids with Joan.

They go into the City, to eat and spend time together. Even once and awhile getting a hotel room. So they can be alone, and spend some quality time together. Both of them keeping their word, to try to make this last, and stay fresh. So far it's working, no huge fights, no staying away from each other. Also no one in the way of them like it has been in the past. At the moment, it’s just them. The way it's supposed to be.

As Izzy is sitting at her desk working on her homework, she gets a phone call from her father.

“Izzy it’s been weeks, how are you?” Ethan asks.

“I am fine dad, I have just been so busy with school, I haven’t had much time to check-in. I am sorry about that. How are you doing? How is grandma?” Izzy asks.

" We are ok. How is school going? How do you like living there so far?” Ethan says.

“School is great, it's only been a short time though, so I am hoping it stays the same. I don’t mind living here so far, that is nice as well.” Izzy answers.

“How is it with Him? Does he treat you ok?” Ethan responds.

“Yes, Brian is great. I am always invited to everything they do. We did a lot together for the Christmas holiday.” Izzy comments.

“Like what? He and your mother, not over each other yet?” Ethan snaps.

“No, they seem very much still into each other. They are so different than you two were together. We went out to a Tree farm together as a family, then came home to decorate the tree. It was very nice. Brian helped with a lot of the outdoor decorating. Mom and Him did it together.” Izzy responds.

“What do you mean by different? So they got a tree, we always had a tree every year. You and your mother would put it up.” Ethan remarks.

“Yes, dad. Mom, Sofia and I would put it together. Here we all did. You never wanted to be apart of things like that. It was all mom’s doing. Where here, they do things together. He helps with Zach all the time, even getting up in the middle of the night with him. He also is the one to bathe and put him to sleep every night, while mom cleans up and takes her bath. They do things as a team.” Izzy comments.

“I had to go to work, I couldn’t get up in the middle of the night. That was your mother’s job. She also put you guys to bed, I was there. I was there for things, we use to do all kinds of things together when we first got married, then after having your sister, your mother didn’t come anymore. She was busy with her. I wouldn’t have minded if she did come, she just didn’t want to. She was the stay at home mom, she did the decorating and taking care of the house. I went to work.” Ethan replies.

“She is here as well, just he helps. He doesn’t see it as only mom’s job. He also works a lot also dad. He is opening his own firm.” Izzy states.

“That should make him busy enough, they don’t spend much time together now.” Ethan laughs.

“Actually, it hasn’t. I overheard them talking in the kitchen, how they didn’t want it to get in the way of them. Brian has been taking her out once a week for date night. Mom-Mom takes care of the boys, while they go out to dinner or whatever. They seem closer than ever. He comes home from work, goes straight into the kitchen to see her. They kiss, and he puts his arms around her, talks to her a few minutes before getting changed. I had to admit it's very different, then when you came home and would walk right by mom, not even saying hello.” Izzy confides.

“I had a hard day at work, all I wanted was a nice cold beer, and to relax. I needed to unwind before taking on anyone. Good for him, if he doesn’t. They are both still only in the young stages of a relationship. Plus they have Joan to take care of the boys. Wait till she comes home.” Ethan jokes.

“She isn’t going home dad, they are looking for a new home, that is big enough for all of us. Brian wants to give mom-mom her own space. He talked it into her, to stay. Even willing to make her stay for free. I don’t want to hurt you, but I don’t think this is going to fade as you think. I am here watching it first hand. I am the first to be sarcastic and rude about things, but there isn’t anything to be either of those things about. Hell, even mom-mom can’t believe it. And we both know how she is.” Izzy admits.

“Well, I am will be damned. That bastard even got to Joan. What do you mean big enough for all of you? You are coming home after this aren’t you? I don’t care about Joan, she is nothing to me. Sofia will miss her, but I could care less. I do miss you and want you home. ” Ethan demands.

“Dad, I am not coming home any time soon. I really like it here. Even after I am finished with school, I want to stay here. There are more opportunities here, then back where we live. I am not sure about living with mom, the whole time, but for now, I want to stay here. She wants me to concentrate on my schooling, not even worried about me working right now. She said I can do that during summer, for right now, my grades are important. Brian is fine with it also.” Izzy answers.

“Brian is ok with it also? What the fuck does he matter? He isn’t your father. I am! It's bad enough he took over your mother, he doesn’t need to do that to you too. What is so perfect about him? Even Joan giving into his shit? I knew he wanted her to move there, I just never thought she would give in to it. She is set in her ways, all she knows is here. Now all of a sudden she wants to move there?” Ethan Shouts.

“Dad, I love you, but everyone is growing. Changing. I think you should as well. I know your not over mom leaving you for Brian. Or her leaving you at all. I just think you need to see she isn’t going to come back. Even without Brian, she is a totally different person. I am proud of her, she has matured and has shown great strength.” Izzy comments.

“Leaving you and your sister was maturing? I also see she went back to being just a stay at home mom, wasn’t that the thing she was trying to run away from? It just looks like its fine, that she can be to his kids. One that isn’t even her own! What happened to the great novelist?” Ethan huffs.

“Her books are doing wonderful dad, they even threw her a party giving her an award. The third book will be coming out soon. She doesn’t need to work, she is making a good amount of money from it. She needs a break, it’s not that easy to always write stories. Plus she wants to watch Zach grow up as she did us. You're just still holding resentment. I know it's not easy for you dad, and I’m sorry. I need to get back to my homework. I will do my best to keep in touch more often.” Izzy answers.

“Yea, Please do that. I love you.” Ethan says.

“I love you too Dad, that will never change,” Izzy responds.

Izzy knows her father is falling back into a hole, he was doing ok for a bit but now it seems it's back. He just couldn’t seem to get over that Elizabeth left him, left her life and moved on so quickly with Brian. He was wallowing in his own self-pity. Izzy felt bad for him, but she also saw why her mother needed to leave.

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