The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 364

Chapter 364 Telling Elizabeth.

It’s now time for dinner, everyone sitting at the dining room table, Elizabeth putting out the food for everyone to eat. Brian just sits there knowing what is to come, wondering if Elizabeth will be ok with this. Either way, he would do as she wished. He did think it was a nice idea, she would be independent, and safe at the same time, being close to them. He just thought would Elizabeth see it that way?

“Everything looks delicious babe,” Brian says.

“Thank you, Enjoy,” Elizabeth answers with a smile.

“Mom, I have something to tell you. I have been thinking about it, and there is something I want to do. ” Izzy says.

“Ok, What is it, sweety?” Elizabeth replies.

“I want to take the job as Brian’s receptionist. I also want to take the apartment. I think it’s a great opportunity.” Izzy answer”s.

Elizabeth just looks at her, a little stunned.

“I think it's great you want to work and be independent, but what about school? You don’t need to move out, we are happy with you here. We talked about you not working for a bit what changed?” Elizabeth asks.

“I want to be a paralegal, and this will give me training. I can take the courses online and also learn from Brian. You are always saying he is so good at this, Why not learn from the best? Plus with the apartment upstairs, I can get my life together here sooner than later. I am not going back to Wisconsin. I have made up my mind, that I want to stay here. It offers me more opportunities. Plus I get to be around you, my brothers and even mom mom.” Izzy responds.

Joan just listens as she eats, not interfering in this. She was glad to hear she was staying as well.

“If you are really sure about this, I guess there isn’t anything to say but congratulations. I am really happy you are going to live here and start a life. I just want you to be careful. You are a young girl. If you need us please let us know.” Elizabeth replies.

“I am only ten minutes away mother, I am fine. I will still come for dinner, and be here often. I promise.” Izzy comments.

Elizabeth just looks at Brian.

“She will be fine babe, I will be there and so is Sean. He even stays later then I do, plus there are security cameras around. She should be fine.” Brian remarks.

Elizabeth doesn’t answer, she doesn’t know what to say, she knows her daughter isn’t a baby anymore. She can’t say you can not do this. Plus it really wasn’t anything bad at all. It was great, she wanted to be on her own. Elizabeth just worried, it was the way she was always. At least in Wisconsin, she lived with her father. Here she would be alone. Then it was bound to happen sooner or later, she was growing up. At least she would be in a safe apartment run by Brian. It was time to let go, at least a little.

After dinner, everyone goes there separate ways, Brian and Elizabeth heading upstairs to bed. Elizabeth is a little bit quiet from everything running through her mind.

“Babe are you ok? I hope it's ok if I let her work there? You're not mad at me?” Brian asks.

“I am fine, of course, I am not mad at you. It was her idea, not yours. It will just take some getting used to. I am glad to hear she is staying. She will be settled here and its a good thing. I see the benefits of it. It’s just hard to let go of her again. I just got her back.” Elizabeth admits.

“She will always be yours. She is just moving ten minutes away. I think it's very mature of her, to want to do this. I feel she will do great.” Brian states.

“I do too, she is a very good girl. She always was. I am glad to see she isn’t running to get married and is concentrating on her schooling and career.” Elizabeth confides.

“I am sure that will come to, just it is good that this is first. I will take her with me tomorrow and show her around. Sean will too since he is there more than me. I am at the courthouse, so he will show her the way. He is also very responsible, so they should be fine.” Brian replies.


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