The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 365

Chapter 365 First Day.

The next morning comes fast, Elizabeth downstairs, getting ready to get Tyler off to school. Brian and Izzy coming downstairs both ready to head to work. Elizabeth just looks at Izzy dressed in her white blouse and tight pencil skirt. How beautiful and mature she looks. She saw her baby, wasn’t really a baby any longer. It made her sad in one way and proud in another. She also saw how excited she was about this, which made her happy in return.

Brian goes up to her and gives her a kiss, getting his cup of morning coffee before he leaves.

“She will be fine, I promise you. She is riding with me and will be with Sean all day. She is safe.” Brian says.

“I know, have a great day, and thank you Brain.” Elizabeth answers.

“For what?” He asks.

“For just being you. You have been wonderful through this.” Elizabeth says.

“It’s nothing, you are there for Tyler, I am for your kids also. It’s the least I can do, for everything you do for me.” Brian replies with a smile.

The three of them walk out the door, leaving Elizabeth behind. She just hopes, they have a good day. Brian takes Tyler every morning to school. It was now on his way to work, and so much easier being only ten minutes from pretty much everything he needed. Izzy saw how involved Brian was trying to be in his son’s life. She also saw how Tylor even after everything he has been through was so well adjusted. She had to be honest, she didn’t think she would be, in a case like his. Then she felt did the kid have a choice? At least he had people who took him and wanted to be there for him. It was something.

Once they drop off Tyler from school it's only a few more minutes to get to the office.

“Izzy I won’t be around much of the day, here is the key to the apartment. Sean will show you around. He knows the place inside and out, so any questions you just ask. He has been multitasking, so he will be really happy with the help from you.” Brian states.

“That's fine, thank you for the job and everything else. It really means a lot to me. When I moved here, I knew I wanted to go to school, I just wasn’t sure about anything else until now.” Izzy answers.

“We all need someone to stand by us, and let our wishes come true. I wish I had someone like that when I was your age. I want to be there for my kids, and I know I am not your real father, but I hope you see me as a father figure or at least a friend.” Brian replies.

“I do, see you as a friend, and father figure. I am glad you listened to me. I do see that I have to ask my mom first though. ” Izzy Laughs.

“Yes, Sorry, I wasn’t getting caught in between that. I felt she needed to know and agree to it also. I didn’t want to jump over her. If she would have said no, I could have talked to her, about it, but I can’t just do it without her agreeing.” Brian responds.

“I understand, I didn't want to cause any friction between you two either. I am just glad she took it as she did.” Izzy comments.

“Me too,” Brian says.

They both get to the office, Brian parking the car. They both walk up to the large doors and walk in. Sean already there Answering the phone. Doing his best to do ten things at once.

“I am glad to see you. It's only eight in the morning and it's so freaking busy in here. How many people want to divorce each other? Not to mention, half of them hiring the detective to see if their spouse is cheating. Doesn’t anyone stay faithful anymore?” Sean asks.

“It depends.” Izzy answers.

“Sean, Izzy is going to be helping you out. She is taking the receptionist's job and the apartment. When you two have time please show her around. I am going to take the messages then head to the courthouse.” Brian comments.

“Great, I am glad for the help. Are you sure you want to step into this madhouse?” Sean asks.

“Yes, I am sure I can handle it,” Izzy says with a laugh.

Sean and Izzy knew each other but briefly. Never really talking or getting to know each other. Sean only seeing Izzy on a few occasions, he never really noticed her, just saw her as one of Elizabeth’s kids.

Just now looking at her standing across from him, he sees how mature she is. How beautiful.

They spend the morning, going over what she will be doing for work, what time she will need to be here, and even may have to stay at night when it's really busy. As Brian goes home for dinner, trying to make his relationship last, Sean stays making sure the firm lasts. Sean was in this more then he planned to be. Now that he saw what his brother saw, he wanted it to succeed.

After a while, he takes Izzy upstairs to her new apartment, showing her around, making her feel at home.

“If you need anything just let me know. I am normally downstairs late, making sure everything is in order for the next day.” Sean states.

“You won’t have to be doing that alone anymore. I work here, I will help out as much as I can.” Izzy answers.

“That sounds great. I have to say I didn’t see you like this before. I just saw you as one of the kids. I see, now you're far from that.” Sean admits.

“I just saw you like Brian’s brother, I see you are more than that as well.“She smiles.

The rest of the day goes uneventful, Izzy catching up with the work that was behind. Sean seeing she is better at this then he thought. Which makes him even more intrigued. They talk and hang out at lunch time getting to know each other a bit more. Seeing they will be spending a lof time together, in this firm.

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