The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 366

Chapter 366 Firm Party.

A week goes by, and its time for the party that Adam is throwing for Brian. Brian had to admit, he was happy with all of this. Everything he ever wanted was finally coming to ahead. He had his own firm, a wonderful wife and family. He never thought he would have any of this, and now he had it all. He didn’t even mind Adam anymore. He knew without him, the firm part of his life wouldn’t be taking place. He didn’t have the money for all this on his own. It was nice that Adam was willing to help. He actually has gotten closer to him, while going through this. Actually having a friendship.

He saw that Adam was trying, wanting a relationship, he still wondered why? He just stayed quiet, even though still to this day so many questions were going around in his mind. Just if he asks them, will all this go away? Brian was scared to take that chance, not wanting to lose everything he was gaining.

Brian and Elizabeth get ready for the party upstairs in their bedroom. Brian just watches as she puts her dress on the bed, then sits at her vanity to put her makeup on. She was gorgeous to him, all he ever wanted and more. He just smiles. Taking in her beauty, and his life.

Elizabeth slides on a navy sequin knit one shoulder tight short dress. Hugging each and every curve she has. Sliding on a silver pair of high heel sandals, she looks great and very elegant.

“Babe you always manage to look perfect. I am one of the luckiest guys around.” Brian says.

“Thank you, You look pretty good yourself. Are you looking forward to tonight?” Elizabeth asks.

“Yes very much, I think Sean was also. He doesn't normally do this kind of thing. It’s something different, getting dressed up and being the main attraction. Not to mention being a big wig at a firm, that now belongs to us. I am still trying to believe all this belongs to us.“Brian states.

“Everything you have, you worked for, you earned. Enjoy it, love. How does Sean like working with Izzy? Is everything going ok with that?” Elizabeth asks.

“I believe so, I am not there much. When I am, they seem great together. I thought Sean would be in his own office more, but I see him out in the receptionist's area quite often.” Brian admits.

“Maybe he is just making sure she is doing what is needed and doesn’t need his help? She has been calling late at night, saying she just got done work. Is there that much work?” Elizabeth says.

“Yea, that was what was I thinking. Yea, there is a lot of files for her to file, and things to get together for the next day. It shouldn't be always this way. It's just we are new. Sean was doing all this on his own, at least now he has her, so it should go faster. We will need to get her some furniture for the apartment, as it didn’t come with much. It’s her first place, she should have something nice.” Brian responds.

“What does Martha think about all this? He doesn't get to spend that much time with her anymore. He is always at the firm. I think that's great. I will ask her what she needs most. Then we can get her something, and I am sure my mom will, she can also go into the basement and take anything she wants from our storage. I am sure she can find a lot of things from down there.” Elizabeth answers.

“I don't know, I haven't talked to her lately. I am sure she understands though. She has always been very supportive of anything he had to do. They get along great, so I am sure things will be fine. You can ask her yourself tonight. She will be at the party. I am sure she never thought, this was going to happen though. Sean was always against anything that involved Adam. Whatever Izzy needs she can take. Has she told Ethan yet?” Brian asks.

“I have no idea, I haven’t asked her, nor am I. That's between them, not me. I have no reason to care or talk to him. It’s been great being far away from his drama. I will see how Martha is tonight, she has always been a good friend. I can see why Sean didn't want anything to do with Adam, his track record isn't the greatest.” Elizabeth admits.

“You can say that again. I am sure Ethan is going to be pissed about it, and the fact she is working for me isn’t going to go over well. Ethan isn't ever happy with anything that involves me. For Adam, even he is maturing and getting better. I think he finally sees things the right way. Wanting to be in my life, but also Matt's.” Brian remarks.

“It was Izzy's choice, she asked you. Why should it matter anyway? He needs to get over himself. For Adam, I think you still shouldn't be so trusting, he is, who he is, just like Ethan. Some people just don't change, they just learn to cover their spots better.” Elizabeth says.

“Good luck with him getting over himself. I also see your point and will keep my eye out. Anyway, tonight is about us, all that we accomplished, everything we are going to accomplish. We have come a long way together. Sharing some wonderful moments, and I want to share many more.” Brian replies.

“Same here, I am glad we both stuck it out.” Elizabeth answers.

"Me too, I am glad my stupidness didn't break us. Just thinking back on what I did, I can't believe it. I am very sorry about that." Brian confides.

"At least you see it now, and we are getting over it," Elizabeth answers seeing a sense of sadness in Brian's face over it. "Hey, don't look that way, I am still here, and I intend on being here for a very long time," Elizabeth adds.

"That makes me feel good to hear, I just know I hurt you, which bothers me greatly," Brian admits.

"I can't deny that you did, but we can't go back, just forward. As long as it never happens again, we are good." Elizabeth says giving him a hug.

"It won't I swear. Now let's get Izzy and Joan and get out of here. Tonight is going to be about celebrating, looking towards the future." Brian answers.

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