The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 367

Chapter 366 Firm Party.

Elizabeth and Brian walk downstairs to Joan and Izzy waiting for them. Izzy looking stunning in a black tight v neck short cocktail dress, her brown hair flowing down her back. Elizabeth just smiles at her. So proud this is her daughter.

“Mom, what's wrong?” Izzy asks.

“Nothing, Nothing at all, you are a gorgeous young lady. You have grown up so much in the last few months. It is just amazing to see.” Elizabeth responds.

“I am not a baby any more mom. I am nineteen, I haven’t been a baby in a long time. When you moved here, I learned to take care of myself even more, as dad was doing his best to try to pick up the pieces of his own life. He had a really hard time with that.” Izzy admits.

“I am sorry you had to deal with that. None of that was your fault.” Elizabeth answers.

“I know, and it’s fine. I see how happy you are now. It was worth it. I am looking forward to tonight. It’s nice being part of something good.” Izzy replies.

“Yes, it is. I am glad your here to share this with.” Elizabeth responds, giving her daughter a hug.

Everyone gets into the car and heads to the restaurant that is holding the party. Adam wanted it to be at the best restaurant around. Having them close down a room just for them. Inviting all of his partners, and friends. Making this a huge event that no one would want to miss.

When they get to the restaurant the room itself is packed with people, half of them Brian doesn’t even know yet. He just walks in with Elizabeth on his arm, happy as can be.

Brian spots Sean and Martha right off the back, walking up to them to say hi. Brian loved to be able to share this with Sean, that was the best part yet. Before Elizabeth and his sons, Sean was his only true family.

“So what do you think about this?” Brian jokes.

“I can’t believe it, this place is packed, all these people came out to see this? What is the big deal? Sean says.

“It’s part of Adam’s firm, of course, they did. He didn’t get where he is today for nothing. He is quite the smooth character.” Brian answers.

“I guess so,” Sean responds taking a look at Izzy, seeing a woman in front of him, not a child.

She takes his breath away, he just tries not to let on, or let anyone else notice, especially Martha. Not even knowing why he is thinking this, he knows he shouldn’t. That was so not like him, he was happy with Martha and happy where he was. He just shrugs it off, to mean nothing, going back to his evening.

“Martha it's wonderful to see you,” Elizabeth says giving her a hug.

“Same here, what a wonderful turnout.” Martha answers.

“Yes, I didn’t think there would be this many people here. How are you doing with all this?” Elizabeth asks.

“Ok, I didn’t think Sean would be so into this, he never has been before. He was fine with his regular job. He spends hours and hours at that firm, I barely see him. I wish he would do what Brian does, and go home before six. I never saw him like this before.” Martha remarks.

“I am sure it will get to that, it's just because it's new and just starting, he wants to make sure everything is in order. I notice how Sean wants everything to be perfect and in order.” Elizabeth replies.

“He has always been that way, I am used to that. I am sure it will settle down also. It is great to see him so into something in a way, and it is with Brian. These two are so close, it's unreal, but it's a good thing. They always have each other's back.” Martha responds.

“Sean is a great guy, He has always been there for us. I owe him a lot just for that night, he went to pick Brian up from the bar. My nerves were on end and he helped me a lot.” Elizabeth says.

“I remember that night, I was hoping that Brian wouldn’t do something dumb. Sean is so different than Brain. He always thinks before he acts.” Martha states.

“Normally Brian does, just that night he was going through some things. We have worked past it now.” Elizabeth answers.

“Your a better woman than me. I don’t know if I would have been able to deal with it. Then I do see he was going through a lot. I guess you can’t judge till your in it yourself right?” Martha comments.

“So true, I would have never thought, I would have stayed, yet there was a part of me when it happened that couldn’t leave. I care too deeply for him, which makes things hard in so many ways.” Elizabeth responds.

“Love makes us do crazy things right?” Martha jokes.

“It sure does!” Elizabeth laughs.

“How is Izzy with working at the firm now? ” Martha asks.

“She seems to love it. I haven’t really gotten the chance to talk to her much. What does Sean say about it?” Elizabeth asks.

“Please, he is so happy to have help. He was talking about her doing so much work the other day, she got it all done the time he went to look. He was so glad Brian hired her. He said she is a smart young lady and should go far.” Martha responds.

“I am glad she is doing well and helping them out. I guess in a way they are helping each other out.” Elizabeth answers.

“Yes, they are,” Martha says with a smile.

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