The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 368

Chapter 368 Feelings Growing?

While Brian and Sean are standing at the bar getting a drink, talking, Izzy walks up to them.

“This party is something else. I hope you're enjoying your evening.” She says.

“Yes, Adam always knew how to overdo things.” Sean answers.

“I think it's very nice of him to through the party. I am going to go look for my wife. If you two will please excuse me.” Brian says walking away.

“There he goes running after your mother again.” Sean laughs.

“They have a really great relationship. I inspire to have one like that. Someone to lift me up, make me feel like there isn’t anyone else.” Izzy comments.

“They do have something special. It doesn’t happen very often. To be honest, I never have to see anything like it. I thought he was crazy when he first got into this. I figured it was something he couldn’t have, so that was why he wanted it so badly. I guess I was wrong.” Sean replies.

“I thought she just saw someone give her some attention, it was something new and would wear off. So I guess we both were wrong. I am glad, that I was though. You seem to be happy with Martha. Don’t you have that with her?” Izzy asks.

“Martha and I have been together for a long time. At least ten years, she is there for me, and we get along very well. It’s not like Your mother and Brian’s in the desired part or in some other ways either.” Sean says thinking about it.

“What do you mean? You have been together for ten years, you should know if you want this to be forever or not? If she is the one you want to marry have a family with?” Izzy asks.

“I think I just feel comfortable with her, use to her. If you can understand that. I haven’t thought about marriage or kids. To be honest, at the moment I have gotten so into this firm, its all I think about. I have never been like this before, it's just now I see Brian’s thought process, and it's coming to life before me. We can build this to be something. To be ours. I don’t even care that Adam helped us start it.” Sean admits.

“I know you're really into this, I am glad you are. You are great at it. You are great at a lot of things. I think you shouldn’t just feel comfortable with a person though, there should be so much more. ” Izzy comments.

Sean just looks at her, feeling maybe she was right? He never really thought about it before. He was happy where he was. He always played it safe.

“Would you like to dance?” Izzy asks.

“Sure why not?” Sean replies.

Taking her by the hand to the dance floor, taking her in his arms a feeling of heat washes through him that never has before. He didn’t know what it was, but he liked it.

“You know, I don’t know why everyone always says Brian’s so hot. I think your the hotter brother.” Izzy says looking into his blue eyes.

“Thanks, I have to say that's a first. He has always been the one to get the girls.” Sean replies with a blush.

“I am sure you can as well, you just never tried.” She responds.

Sean isn’t sure what is going on, is this just a flirtation? She is just a kid, and this must be something for fun. He needed to not take this seriously or get involved, but even though he thinks that he has to admit, being with her and close to her feels good. Feels different. Like nothing, he has felt before. He just knew he wasn’t looking for this, it wasn’t a good time, or with the right person. She was his brother’s stepdaughter.

He just shakes it off, feeling she is just playing with him, going back to stand next to Martha keeping his own feelings deep inside. Figuring it was better that way.

Adam goes up to Brian, shaking his hand and introducing him to other people from the different firms. Showing Brian off, and telling them how wonderful of a layer he was. Also saying that he felt the new firm would do wonders an already was, not even being fully opened yet.

Matt just walks in taking a look, at all the people which doesn't surprise him at all. He goes right up to Brian.

"Well, I guess daddy dearest is proud of you, yet again. " Matt snears.

"He is proud of the both of us. I have seen a big change in him."Brian answers.

"Good for you, I guess I do have to say, he has let me run the rains at the law firm. He is giving me a chance, I just see him going back on his word. He isn't going to leave this to either of us. Him, give it up? Why? It doesn't make any sense to me. He isn't that old, to want to just let go. I don't see the point. Just maybe him pushing us against each other like he always does. You know one great son, one loser one." Matt slips.

"You know?" Brian says.

"Damn I'm sorry......I didn't mean it." Matt replies.

"I already know, there is no need to be sorry. I just would like to know what do you really know? How much of it?"Brian asks.

"Just that he is your father, having an affair with your mother on mine. That's as far as it goes. That he always wished he was there for you and has been trying to make it up ever since, but yet has been with me my whole life, and hasn't really done shit." Matt answers.

"The only part about what you said that is correct, is that we are brothers. The rest isn't." Brian confesses.

"What the hell do you mean?" Matt says.

Brian takes him to a quiet room outside the party room. Matt going without hesitation, now intrigued to the fullest.

"So what do you know?" Matt asks.

"I know something that will change your life, and if you're not ready for it, you need to tell me." Brian comments.

"Oh hell just tell me, What more can that bastard do to me?" Matt snaps.

"He isn't your father," Brian admits.

"What do you mean? How do you know that?" Matt asks innocently.

"I had a conversation with my mothers, ex-husband. He said that we were not his sons, that my mother was having an affair with Adam. He believed what you thought. I wanted a DNA test to prove it, and I got a sample of each of us, including you. The test results prove that we are all siblings, just he isn't our father, just related to us some way." Brian admits.

"First, you sneaky son of a bitch, getting our DNA without our approval. Second, if that asshole isn't my father then who is? That Means my mother cheated on him? And the same guy slept with yours? What the fuck is wrong with this family? Why can't they just be normal, and why would Adam of all people keep this secret? " Matt shouts.

"I have no idea, I have already thought about all this. If Adam doesn't know, that your not his son or even that I am not. We lose all we are working for. Its why I haven't asked him. It's even why I didn't come to tell you. I knew it would change things even more. I know we haven't gotten along, but you are my real brother and I would like that to change." Brian confesses.

"I been hating you all these years and the bastard isn't even my father or yours. Look, don't tell him anything. There is one more person that knows the truth I can ask, without either of us losing anything." Matt states.

"Do you really think she is going to tell you? The truth anyway? It Doesn't make her look too good." Brian answers.

"She has done way worse and has told me the truth. So I am hoping she does that now. Adam is a lot of things, but a dummy isn't one of them. I guess now I see why he never really took to me, always saw me as someone else's." Matt says in a low voice.

"That may be, but why think I am his? When I am not? Things are really complicated and I am not sure why." Brian says.

"Everything about this family is, the longer your around them, the more you see. Let's just keep this to ourselves. I will let you know what my mother tells me." Matt states.

"Thank you. I am not going to tell Sean until I hear from you. That way I can tell him all at once." Brian answers.

"So we are really brothers, just who is this guy that is our father. Leave it to my mother to do this, to be honest with you, the more I see, It's my mother that is worse than Adam. I think he just stays to keep her quiet. She has screwed him over, even more than he has her." Matt remarks.

"I hope we just get the answers we need, so this can be over with," Brian replies.

"We will get them one way or another. I promise you that." Matt responds.

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