The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 369

Chapter 369

Brian goes over to find Elizabeth standing next to Sean, Martha, and Izzy. She just gleams tonight. He sees how happy she is, how happy they both are. He doesn’t want anything to change that. He goes over to her holding her hand and taking her to the dance floor. Holding her close to him, their lips just touch and kiss without even thinking about it.

“Is that real? To have something like that?” Sean says out loud.

“I guess it is since they have it. When they are together, they see nothing else. To be honest nothing else matters. It’s kind of neat in away. It sure is a far cry from when she was with my father.” Izzy answers.

What was that like? I mean was it that bad?” Sean asks.

“I don’t know if it was bad. It was typical, or at least from what I see. They would just be together, there wasn’t any kissing or being close. They would talk here and there and try to be civil but that was it. I guess as you put it, it was being comfortable with each other. Being there because neither thought there was anything more out there. It just seems that she found more, he didn’t.” Izzy Admits.

“I think most relationships end up like your mother and father. Comfortable. Stuck in the same mindset for years, scared to move on or change. ” Sean confesses.

“I think so too, I just want more, now seeing it in front of me. Even if it doesn’t last, it would be nice to have even for a small amount of time.” Izzy replies.

“I see your point,” Sean responds, just watching his brother on the dance floor, holding Elizabeth close, smiling at her.

You could see the happiness course through both of them. It was nice, Sean for the first time, was second-guessing his own relationship. He was happy, and thought he was content, but was he? Were these new feelings he was feeling real? Or just maybe jealousy from watching his brother? He wasn’t sure, He just looks at Martha and says its time to go. Not wanting to watch anymore, needing to get away from Izzy.

There were times, it was just plain uncomfortable for him to be around her. They have a lot in common. Could talk for hours, and the sexual tension was there. He just knew better than to act on it. In the past, always feeling his brother was crazy for doing what he did. Now wondering, if he was the crazy one, for never wanting more. For never taking any chances.

Izzy just watches, Sean leave with Martha, wondering to herself are they really happy? Does he just see me as a child? Not a woman? Would it matter even if he did?

Meanwhile, Brian and Elizabeth enjoy their evening getting ready to go home as well. The night was a great success, everything going smoothly for everyone. Brian not even caring about what Matt said, that he would ask his mother. He was enjoying his evening with his family.

“Love, when we go home, I have something I want to discuss with you,” Elizabeth says smiling from ear to ear.

“Ok, I see how happy you are, it just makes me happier. I know that may sound cheesy but it's true. Tonight felt right in every way, and I am so glad you're by my side.” Brian answers.

“I love you, and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. I think we deserve this after everything we have been through. It has been a rough two years. It’s finally settling down.” Elizabeth replies.

“It may get a little crazier, I have something to tell you at home also. Nothing bad so don’t worry. I found it interesting. ” Brian comments.

“Oh boy, I can just imagine what now. ” Elizabeth laughs holding on to his arm.

Brian drops Izzy home to her apartment, then takes his wife and mother in law home to their house. Joan not saying much, which was new for her.

Brian going straight up to their bedroom, as Elizabeth stays a bit to talk to Joan, and check on Zach.

"Mom is everything ok? You have been awful quiet." Elizabeth asks.

"Oh yes, I had the most wonderful time. The food, drinks and the company were the best. I can't believe it, I see more and more now, why you moved here, why you wanted to change your life. I sat there thinking why couldn't you have had this from the start. Why did you have to suffer with Ethan all those years? I just look at you and Brain, how happy you are together. How you treat each other, its all a mother could wish for." Joan admits.

"I see it that without having the life with Ethan that I had, I wouldn't be the person I am now. Also from living that, I don't take any part of this for granted. Ethan wasn't the greatest husband in the world, but he wasn't the worse either. We just were not compatible, we grew apart. I just happen to get lucky this time." Elizabeth answers.

"You have grown so much, I am so proud of you. I am also happy to be here to see it all. " Joan replies.

"I am glad you are also. I am going to head to bed. I want to discuss something with Brian. I have been thinking about something for a bit now, and I want to ask what he thinks about it. I think I am finally ready to let go of the past, to let go of my fears." Elizabeth responds.

"I know that is hard for you to do. I hope our last discussion helped you. " Joan states.

"It did, so has the last month, seeing us so happy. How it is without Ethan and Victoria in our way. Without all the stress and craziness we have it very nice. Even with him setting up the new firm, he kept his word and came home. Giving me and his children time. He put us first which meant a lot to me." Elizabeth comments.

"He is a good man. Go tell him what you need to. I am going to bed as well. Good night sweety." Joan says.

"Night mom, see you in the morning," Elizabeth replies.

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