The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 37 Getaway

Chapter 37 Getaway.

The day turns to night, as Elizabeth lays in Brians’ arms.

“Do you have to leave?” Brian asks.

“No, I told them I will be busy getting ready for the book tour. I knew I would never be able to go back home tonight. I couldn’t leave you. I hate being away from you.” Elizabeth states.

“I am so happy to hear that. Will you be leaving him? I mean really leave him?” Brian asks.

“I intend to. I just want to do it after my eldest Graduation. I want that day to be good for her.” Elizabeth says.

“Ok. I understand that. I just want to make sure you are really going to do this?” Brian states.

“I promise you, I am. I really do want to be with you.” Elizabeth answers.

Brian is glad she feels that way. Just worried because he knows there is a lot to leave behind. He also knows she is scared, which worries him. He doesn’t want anything to stand in the way of them being together.

They spend the rest of the evening in bed. Eating and watching TV together. The feeling of calm over both of them. For the last three weeks, they have been full of nervousness and anxiety. Not knowing how the other one felt. If this was going somewhere or not. Now just lying peacefully in each other’s arms, feeling this is where they should be. They enjoy their evening together, not wanting it to end.

They spend the next morning together going to the gym. Working out together like they were before, enjoying the time. Elizabeth showing Brian around Wisconsin and wearing the black short wig so no one would notice her. She didn’t want to take any chances. It was fun for them both to sneak around. It built up the excitement of being together. Both knew once they tell, and it was out in the open that aspect of their relationship wouldn’t be there anymore. Would it still be as hot?

Elizabeth thought about all these things, making her wonder if this would really work. Was she doing the right thing? She still would come and go. Knowing what happens to a long term relationship, it made her on edge. She didn’t want the same thing she was already in. She was looking for better, for love and happiness. Having it right now, just hoping it didn’t fade in time. She also would think that Brian was ten years younger than her. Would he get tired of her? Would she look older than him in time, and he wouldn’t want her?

What about the children? She was forty. She didn’t think she could have more children. Figuring that time in her life was over. She had two already, would he want more? If so, in a short time she wouldn’t be able to give him any. Would that cause a problem?

Where would they live? He had a young son, who needed him. He couldn’t go that far away. So many things ran through her mind. That at times it killed the happiness, killed the calmness. Just not mentioning it to him yet. Figuring they had some time. Elizabeth wanted to see what would happen between now and June. Only a month away, yet... she was going slow. Figuring she should see if after the month they still felt the same.

Later that night, she goes home wanting to eat dinner with her girls. As much as she didn’t want to leave Brian alone in the hotel room, she wanted to see her children. She went home making dinner for them. Sitting at the table with both Sofia and Izabella, Ethan came home from work and sat with them, eating as a family. Elizabeth knowing that this time would be coming to an end. There wouldn’t be any more family dinners once she called this quits.

“So how is work going?” Ethan asks.

“Great. We got a lot done yesterday.” Elizabeth answers.

“Good. I am glad to see you’re back today. I wasn’t sure if you were coming back or not. I saw you took your luggage.” Ethan states.

“Yes, I did. I won’t be staying long. So I wanted everything all ready, so I didn’t have to drag the luggage around with me.” Elizabeth comments.

“You will be back in June after this?” Ethan inquires.

“Yes, at least for Sofia’s graduation. We will see after that.” She answers.

Ethan just looks at his plate. Feeling this isn’t working. How could you try? How could you make something work? When you never saw each other, now not even being in the same state.

“I would like to come to your Wisconsin Book signing. I can take the girls and your mother. I think it would be nice for your family to be there.” Ethan states.

“That would be nice. I will text you the address.” Elizabeth answers. Not really into it, but not saying no. It would look bad if she did. Plus she did want her children to see her. She would just have to tell Brian.

After dinner, she cleans up, going to bed. Still feeling like she is in a different world, one she didn’t want to be in. This house and life didn’t make her happy at all. All she would think about was Brian. Being with him, being on the book signings. Being free from this. She would think to herself, If she didn’t ever meet Brian would she leave? Not sure of the answer. He was the one giving her the courage to do so.

She laid there in bed just thinking. Not able to wait until morning. When she would go back to Brian. They had a few more days till the week was up. Then work really started even though she knew she should spend the remaining time with her children. She wanted out of here, feeling in the morning she would get the rest of her things... And not come back.

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