The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 370

Chapter 370 Let's?

Elizabeth goes upstairs into her bedroom, seeing Brian already laying in bed. She just smiles as she takes off her heels walking over to him, and sitting on his lap.

“You need help with this dress?” Brian asks.

“If you like, I just couldn’t wait to be near you, or tell you, what I have on my mind,” Elizabeth says.

“Sounds important,” Brian answers unzipping her navy one-shoulder dress.

“In a way, it is. I have been thinking a lot about us getting remarried in front of our friends and family. How much it means to you, and at this moment, it means a lot to me also. I want them all to see how happy we are together.” Elizabeth comments.

“Really? You are really ready for this? I know we kept saying we were going to do it, but time has just gone on, and nothing. I didn’t want to press it, but I did wonder. I thought you may not be sure, since what happened.” Brian answers.

“Yes really, I am ready. I was always so scared if people saw us in person, and then what we had would be over. They would all say I told you so. I know that sounds dumb, but I always had a fear, which now I’m over. I want to walk down the aisle to you, say our vows to each other, cut the cake. I want to have the first dance with you. I want to do everything with you. Telling the world your mine and I love you.” Elizabeth replies.

Brian just sits there shocked and happy. She was letting go of the past, letting go of her fear. Finally being his in every way. It was what he waited for, what he hoped for.

“I would really love that Elizabeth, I wanted that the whole time. When do you want to do this?” Brian asks.

“On our first anniversary in March. I want to share it with everyone we hold dear. I want them to see we are here to stay.” Elizabeth responds.

“Babe, it's cutting it close, it's not even a month away. How can we do this?” Brian answers.

“We will hold something simple, I will start working on it tomorrow. I am sure we can pull it off.” Elizabeth states.

“Then let’s do it.” Brian laughs, taking her into his arms and kissing her passionately.

Her arms wrap around his neck, as his go around her waist. Their touches tender and gentle, falling into the kiss. He rolls her under him, having her now naked body with his on top. His hands greedily touch down her thighs, and up again. Wanting to feel every inch of her. He pulls her body closer to his, as he keeps kissing her, her legs wrapping around his waist, as he slowly enters her soft wet core. Their bodies moving in rhythm to each other, as they let go in each other's arms.

Brian pants trying to catch his breath, rolling over on his side of the bed, taking her with him, so that her head is on his chest and thigh is on top of his. He loved being this close to her, it wasn't even for sex, it was for the closeness it brought to each of them.

"Wow, tonight really ended on a bang." Brian laughs.

Elizabeth lightly slapping his chest. "Gezz, I guess it did though huh?" She laughs back. "You had to tell me something to, what was it?" Elizabeth asks.

"While we were at the party, Matt walked in. We were talking and he slipped about knowing that I am his brother." Brian replies.

"Oh, Does he know who your father is then?" Elizabeth asks.

"No, he thought Adam was both of ours. He didn't seem to care that he wasn't though. It made more sense to him that he wasn't." Brian answers.

"Where does this leave you two?" Elizabeth says.

"He is going to ask his mother what is going on. She is the only one besides Adam that knows. We both decided not to mention anything to Adam, in case he doesn't know, we will both lose everything. We have worked too hard for that."Brian states.

"And both of you think she is just going to give out this information? She doesn't seem like the type. She never told Matt the truth, in all these years, why would she now?" Elizabeth says.

"True, I thought the same. He said she wouldn't lie to him, so I guess we will see. Maybe we can learn something. Now that he knows, he can check the background better being actually part of the family. I think we can get some closure. Some answers." Brian responds.

"I hope so, for your sake. I just don't like these people. I would prefer not to bother with them." Elizabeth answers.

"I understand, I do have to say I have seen a different side to Adam lately. I think he is up to something on his own, I just don't know what. Matt brought something up, that made me think. Why would Adam want to give up his firm? Give up all he worked for to us now? He isn't that old, he doesn't have to retire or go." Brian states.

"I don't know what he end game is, just be careful. Maybe he just has had it with everything? Maybe he is playing you both? Anything can be with him, I guess we will find out though." Elizabeth comments.

"I guess we will. I can't wait for Matt to ask his mother. I want to know what she says." Brian replies.

"Do you two really think letting her in on this is a good thing?" Elizabeth responds.

"No matter which way we go it seems to suck. She has to tell him something that is true." Brian answers.

"I hope so," Elizabeth replies.

Elizabeth doesn't know what to say, she knows Brian needs to know where he came from, who his father was. Just with it being this family nothing was ever easy or normal. Things were always turned around. Elizabeth didn't trust Margret either, she could say anything to get herself out of this. She wouldn't want Matt, to lose his status, and if Adam didn't know, Elizabeth was sure Margret wouldn't want him to find out.

Elizabeth just lays in Brian's arms, hoping for the best. That this would be over once and for all.

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