The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 371

Chapter 271

The next day, Brian is at the office, sitting there working on some files that needed to be done. Sean and Izzy out in the front doing their own job. While Brian is sitting there, he gets a text from Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: 11:00: I have been calling everywhere today trying to get a place for our wedding. So far no one has an opening that is close to the date.

Brian: 11:05: Babe, I am sure we can find somewhere. I know it's going to be a little hard, but we will find a place.

Elizabeth: 11:07: I hope so, I really would like for this to take place. I normally never wait this long to do something.

Brian: 11:10: Stop worrying, I will see what I can do. It will take place, I promise you that.

Elizabeth: 11:13: I am sorry to be bothering you with this, I just needed to vent. I hope your day is going well.

Brian: 11:15: You can come to me with anything. My day is well so far, I need to finish up here and head to the courthouse.

Elizabeth: 11:18: I love you, I will talk to you later.

Brian: 11:20 Go look for a dress, find something you love. I will get the place. I love you too.

Elizabeth: 11:22 Ok, I will.

Brian puts the phone down to get the rest of his work done, at the same time wondering, where they are going to hold this event. He knew this meant a lot to Elizabeth, he wanted to give it to her, and he would.

“Excuse me, Brian, Adam is here to see you again,” Izzy says walking into his office.

“Let him in, and thank you.” Brian answers.

“Hey my boy, I just wanted to say that last night everything was wonderful. I was so happy to see you in your element. The Party is the talk of the town today, we both should get even more clients from it.” Adam says.

“Thank you, it was a great night. The Phone has been ringing off the hook all morning. Who would think so many needed a divorce? Or to be honest, someone to see if their loved one is cheating?” Brian replies a bit distracted.

“People are people, sometimes the other isn't cheating, yet their partner suspects they are for some reason. Then sadly when you do have a feeling they are, they are. You picked a great field, there is always someone looking for one or the other. Anyway, What's up? Something seems to be on your mind?” Adam asks.

“My wife wants us to get remarried on our anniversary, which is in March, in front of all our family and friends. It just seems no one has any openings for the event to be held. She texted me a few minutes ago a bit down about it. I want to give her what she wants. I want it as well. It means a lot to us. I just know its kind of cutting it close.” Brian admits.

“Oh, that's not a problem. I can get you guys a wonderful venue. It would be my pleasure to give you both the wedding of your dreams.” Adam answers.

“That's wonderful of you, but I can’t accept. You just gave me all this money to open up this place. I can’t take anymore.” Brian responds.

“Look, I want to. This would make me very happy to give you a wedding. A real wedding. The office building was nothing, what good is having all this money if I can’t help people I want to?“Adam replies.

“Are you sure? I mean, you don’t have to. Just getting us the venue would be enough.” Brian states.

“Its never enough, your wife is going to want flowers and the best food. One thing leads to another. The money you don’t have yet. Where I do, I see that both of you really care, you both deserve to have a great wedding.” Adam says.

“Thank you, I will have to talk it over with my wife. I will agree on you getting the venue for now though, we really need one, I will check for the rest.” Brian answers.

“Ok, Please tell her, Its something I really want to do. She can pick anything she wants. ” Adam comments.

“I know she wants something small, nothing over the top,” Brian remarks.

“That’s fine, she is in control of it all, all I do is pay.” Adam laughs. “Just like when my wife plans something,” Adam adds.

“I will let her know. Thank you for everything you have been doing for us. I really do see things changing.” Brian admits.

“I had time to think about things. A lot will be changing in the months ahead. There are just some things, I need to take care of first.” Adam confesses.

“I hope everything is ok?” Brian asks.

“Things will be, I just need time. I am also glad to hear you guys are doing this in front of us. It's great to see you two like this. I know things have been hard for both of you.” Adam replies.

“Yea, it sure has been. If I am all honest with you, I didn’t think this would take place.” Brian answers.

“What do you mean?” Adam asks.

“I know we were saying we wanted to get remarried in front of everyone, but it’s like it was just that. Saying. I would bring it up, and she never really went into it, never wanting to. So I dropped it after the last time, figuring if and when she wanted to, she would. Plus things were going on, that I felt would make her not really want to. That would just put more doubt in her mind.” Brian admits.

“And see, she did. Marriage is a hard and complicated thing. It can offer you a lot if you put in a lot. And once hurt, you try to protect yourself. She is letting go some, and will more at her own pace. What you two have, is special. Don't let it go, it will be something you will regret your whole life, trust me.” Adam remarks.

“I know, I see she is and it makes me feel great. She let go and wants this. It’s why I need for it to happen. I have no intention of ever letting her go, she is the love of my life. For the first time in my life, I have someone true, I am stable in every aspect of my life.” Brian says.

“And it will. I am glad I stopped in. Let me know which place your wife wanted this to be held at, that turned her down. It's great to see you stable, now only If I can see Matt that way.” Adam replies.

“I will, and thank you again. How is Matt doing?” Brian states.

“No problem, he is doing well with the firm. It's his personal life I worry about, but that is a whole new story and I must be going." Adam says opening the office door.

"Thank you for stopping by," Brian says.

"No problem," Adam says walking out the door.

Adam was happy, he could help, happy to be there for Brian. He had so many secrets he was hiding, everything is all mixed up for so many reasons. Just his feelings for Brian were real, the relationship he wanted with him, was also. He wasn’t going to make or let anything get in the middle of that. Not anymore.

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