The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 372

Chapter 372 I Got What You Need.

On the way to the courthouse, Brian texts Elizabeth to let her know things will be done. He is excited to tell her, yet a bit nervous at the same time. Knowing she isn’t a huge fan of Adam. Just at the moment, they needed him. He was being real and doing his best to help them. Brian liked having someone to depend on like this, not having any real parent for a long time. It was nice. Just still so many things were going through his mind. He wasn’t his father, then why do all this?

Brian: 2:00: Babe, please let me know which venue you wanted the most. Adam says he can help get us in. He just needs to know where. He wants to help with everything, and I think its a wonderful idea.

Elizabeth: 2:05: It’s nice of him, but should we really take this? How much do you need to owe him for? Is this because he wants to help? Or just have you owe him for life?

Brian: 2:08: I know you're not trusting of him, but I see that he really means it. Something about him has changed. He is so different since Victoria passed. He is really trying to be family, I would like to give him that chance.

Elizabeth: 2:12: You know to make you happy I would do anything. I just don’t want to see you hurt. We don’t even know why he wants to do all this. There has to be a real reason behind it. Something doesn’t make sense.

Brian: 2:16: I agree with that. I am sure, we will find out soon. I am waiting for Matt to tell me what his mother knows, for now, I would like things to be calm. I want us to get remarried and have everyone there. I want to give you everything you want and more.

Elizabeth: 2:20: All I want is you, it’s all I ever wanted.

Brian:2:23: I know, You have me all of me. Even the parts you don’t want.

Elizabeth: 2:26: That's fine because the same goes for you.

Brian: 2:29: So which was the place you loved?

Elizabeth: 2:33 I really liked The Atelier Ballroom. The View itself was amazing, its what I fell in love with.

Brian: 2:35: I will let him know, I want you to get started on the rest. Pick anything you want, I am guessing we should get the invites out as soon as we can. Flowers, Cake, and so on. Whatever you want, don’t hold back.

Elizabeth: 2:37: I can’t just spend his money like that, I feel strange.

Brian: 2:39: I will ask him for a budget then, what he thinks is reasonable. I still want you to get whatever you want. This is the last time you will be getting married, Missy. So do everything you want.

Elizabeth: 2:43: Same goes for you, and I will get the invites out. I still want simple, just elegant.

Brian: 2:45: I am sure it will be, I will talk to you later. I am going into court.

Elizabeth: 2:46: Ok, kick some butt.

Brian: 2:47: I intend to.

Elizabeth puts the phone down, just wondering if this was a good idea? Adam wanting to be apart of everything they were doing lately. She also saw that Brian was enjoying it, she didn’t want to take that away from him. At the same time, wondering if this was going to be more trouble? She couldn’t help but to be suspicious, this whole family always lead to nothing but trouble.

Just at the moment, she was going to enjoy this. Brian and she earned it. Their first wedding was nice and very simple, just this time, she wanted to do things, she didn’t with Ethan. Their wedding was also small. They didn’t have any money and just had a small ceremony. So anything she would do this time with Brian would be her first time as well. She wanted to share that with him, give this to him, knowing he was never married before. And as he said this was the last time, she would be getting married. No matter if this worked or not, she would never do it again. She wouldn’t want to, no one would ever be able to fill Brian’s shoes. He was her one and only.

She also thought more about Adam, wanting to give this wedding to them. It was like he was a father, wanting to give his son everything. Could it be he was just a family member? Would an Uncle or cousin want to give so much and why? Things just didn't sit well with her, There was more to this story then beat the eye. Something still hiding in the dark, but why? What was the big secret?

Elizabeth didn't see just anyone wanting to build you a firm, pay for everything making sure you were on your feet, and then throwing you an expensive wedding. To be honest even real parents would be like what the hell? Only a parent that was trying to make up for everything would be so willing to give so much at one time. Or at least that is what Elizabeth was thinking. She just figured she would keep her thoughts to herself, wanting to wait for what Matt had to say.

Margret telling the truth? That was just as bad as Victoria......All these people had way too many secrets and lies. They were not typical either. Elizabeth wasn't used to any of this, her life before was boring, and normal to say the least, and she had to say in that she liked that part. It was better than having all these deceptive people around.

Then she thought about Ethan's seven-year affair, thinking about deceptive, that was right up there with the rest.

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