The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 374

Chapter 374

Elizabeth gets off the phone, doing her best to calm down. It was such an enjoyable day, and then comes Ethan. She was determined this time, not to let anything, he said get under her skin. It was time to take things, he said as they were, meaningless, words to just hurt her. Not anymore. If this was months ago, what he said about Brian, and the next hot thing, would hit her like a ton of bricks making her rethink everything. Making her hurt and wonder, and sad. Not this time, She and Brian have already been through the hurdle, he passed it. It was rocky and hurt as well, but both of them came out on the outside together. She wasn’t going to let Ethans, suffering, and pettiness cut through her any more. It was time to grow and move on, in every sense of the way.

Elizabeth knew Ethan was still wounded, that the fact, that their daughter has now moved here, didn’t make it easier. She wasn’t trying to make things more detrimental, but at the same time, she couldn’t pitty patter around him to make things better. He was no longer her concern. He was a grown man that had to stand up for himself and find out, what he truly wanted for himself now.

It has now been two years, he should know it was finished. They said it to each other many times in the past, Ethan even saying it himself. He was just feeling sorry for himself and wanted to blame her, as he always has in the past. He needed to get over himself.

Elizabeth goes on her social media accounts and makes sure that Ethan is removed from everything that has to do with her. Blocking him from her phone, and anywhere else. No more feeling bad about what she did. She wasn’t happy, she left. It was now time for herself. She wanted nothing to do with him ever again. She knew she should have done this earlier, not waiting so long. She just always felt, she should keep in contact with him for the children. She no longer felt that way. Izzy was living here and was an adult, Sofia was with him, also an adult. It was time to break free from the chains, that held her down for longer than needed.

Elizabeth goes into the house, and goes on with the day, happy with all the plans, she has made for her upcoming wedding. Sharing every bit with Brian, texting him throughout the day. Their relationship is stronger than it has ever been. Which makes both of them very happy and content with each other.

Later that night after dinner, they both head up to bed, tucking their now nine and half month old son in. Brian just smiles down at Elizabeth, after looking at their son peacefully lay there in his bed. He kisses the back of her neck as he wraps his arms around her waist.

She just pushes herself back onto him, closing her eyes, letting all the stress of the day wash away in his arms. They both walk back into their own bedroom, taking a seat on the king-size bed.

“Today has been busy, I been looking forward to this bed all night,” Brian says.

“Same here, I got a lot done today. Tomorrow is cake testing. You are coming to that right?” Elizabeth asks.

“Yes, I have it on my calendar. This should be fun but you know, I like chocolate the most.” Brian smiles.

“I do, and we will have it. I just am finding all this fun. I never did any of this the first time around, so I want to do it all with you. No looking back and having any regrets about anything this time.” Elizabeth answers.

“I am glad that we get to share all this together and for the first time. It's nice having some firsts. Not to mention having something no one is messing up or coming between.” Brian states.

“I get that.” Elizabeth answers.

“Something wrong? It seemed like something was on your mind tonight at dinner.” Brian asks.

Elizabeth is torn whether to tell Brian about the conversation with Ethan today. It's not about what Ethan said, just that she was dumb enough to talk to him at all. Everything is going so well and she doesn’t want to ruin things. At the same time, she doesn’t want to keep anything from Brian. She just knows that in the past, talking about Ethan always lead Brian to get upset, not preferring what he said to her.

“Nothing really is wrong, Ethan found out that Izzy is staying here, he isn’t too fond of the idea,” Elizabeth says.

“I didn’t think he would be. To be honest, I have been waiting for him to call and start his shit. I was even thinking he might call me, to let me have it for hiring her.” Brain replies.

Elizabeth sees that Brian is just taking it so far in his stride. She lays down next to him to cuddle up.

“He is feeling sorry for himself, I am tired of hearing it. I told him its time to break free of each other. He wasn’t too happy about it, but there wasn’t anything he could do.” Elizabeth responds.

“I am sure he was his old nasty self. Did you tell him we are getting remarried?” Brian asks.

“Yes, I did.” Elizabeth comments.

“What did he say to that? Is he finally realizing that we are here to stay?” Brian asks.

“A few things, not very nice. I guess.” Elizabeth answers.

“Did he hurt you again? I swear he just can’t leave well enough alone. I understand about his daughter moving here, but our marriage he can get over. It's not like its a news flash, we have been together for two years and married going on one.” Brian snaps.

“It doesn’t matter anymore. Anything he says doesn’t affect me. I took him off of all my social media and also blocked him from my phone. I didn't take anything he said seriously.” Elizabeth remarks.

“I am glad about that. It's great you finally removed him. I am just not sure if that will get rid of him. He goes away then shows back up, when we least expect him to. I am just guessing at what he said. That we wouldn’t last and so on?” Brian comments relaxing in bed.

“More like our sex should be dying down now since we are together for two years, and you will probably want someone younger.” Elizabeth laughs.

“Oh really? The sex isn’t dying down at all, we take at least once a week to go on date night to be alone together. And I see now when I don’t go after you, you're after me, which I have to admit, I enjoy it a lot. We have already been there about someone else, I have no intention of doing that shit again. I learned my lesson. I hope what he said didn’t make you wonder or hurt you or bring all that up again.” Brian responds.

“No, it didn’t. I told you I am over it. He just wants me to hurt like he is. I am way too happy at the moment for that. I love being with you, talking to you. I love that we can have this conversation. I have to admit, I was a bit nervous to tell you. I didn’t want to ruin things.” Elizabeth admits.

“I am not going to let him get to me either. I did that in the past, letting him waste valuable time, and taking things that were special away from me. I will not do that anymore. He can Play his games somewhere else. I am over it. You don't have to be nervous about telling me anything. We can always talk about things, and I want that to stay. In the past, we worried about telling the other things trying to not hurt feelings, where I think we both learned we need to just say it. It's better the other knows what is going on, that way we can fix it together.” Brian says.

“Good. I am glad to hear that, I totally agree about that. It's great to see how far we have come.” Elizabeth answers curling up even more.

They both grew up, more and more from this. Now Ethan didn’t bother either of them, they just knew they wanted to stay away from him, even more than before, not getting either one of the railed up this time. They loved each other and knew no one was going to change that.

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