The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 375

Chapter 375 Who Is He Mother?

Matt is home sitting in his study, just thinking about everything that Brian has told him, Adam, not really being his father? It all made sense now, of why Adam never really liked him very much. Looking back on his childhood, he saw that Adam wasn’t even close to him. Always pushing and being a bully to him. Not much has changed as he got older, he just wonders if Adam knows he isn’t his true son why he didn’t just state it and leave his mother?

He also thinks, who is his real father and not only his but Brians and Sean’s? Could this be? It made no sense to him, not this part anyway. Adam was too giving to Brian, why give him, all this and want to share his company with someone else’s son? That made him think of how he always felt Adam was trying to cut him out of getting any of the firm. Now making him really know why. Just why wasn’t Adam feeling the same about Brian? He always treated Brian differently. There were still a ton of unanswered questions.

Matt was going to keep his word and ask his mother. At this moment he didn’t hate Brian anymore, there was no reason to. He was in the same situation Matt was in, if not even a worse one. Matt just thinks, Margret always said Adam was a cheater, always going behind her back, Matt didn’t see her being any better. He needed answers and needed them now.

While he is sitting in the study, Margret walks in, being her normal self just taking a seat in front of the fireplace, grabbing a book before sitting down.

“Mother I want to talk to you,” Matt says.

“Of Course, What can I do for you? It’s such a lovely day, I thought you would be at work.” Margret answers.

“I have a lot on my mind lately, and it seems the only person that can answer my questions are you. I have plenty of time to work.” Matt states.

“Ok, I hope we are still not talking about Victoria, That is in the past and over with. I told you I had nothing to do with it in the end. Fate took over instead.” Margret replies.

“I am not caring about Victoria at the moment, Mother. I have bigger things to deal with than her.” Matt snaps.

“Well, then just ask. What is so important?” Margret asks.

“Who is my real father? I know Adam isn’t, you lied to me all these years. Making me feel that something was wrong with me, its why he didn’t want me as his son. When I am not his son!” Matt snaps.

“What are you talking about? Who told you this?” Margret responds.

“Brian told me, I have the report right here in front of me. Adam isn’t my father, but yet I am related to him in some way. The same goes for Brian and Sean. They are not his sons either. So who did you and Brian’s mother screw?” Matt comments bluntly.

“Wait, what? Give me that report, let me see it! It can’t be!” Margret stands up going over to Matt to get the report.

“What can’t be, mother? You are really going to lie to me? After everything, even having proof?” Matt remarks.

“No! I have no reason to lie to you. I know that Adam isn’t your father, but the part about him not being Brian’s and Seans. Isn’t true. Your father is NOT Theirs! He would never!” Marget says angrily.

“Then who is my father? And why are you so sure, he isn’t theirs?” Matt asks.

“Look, I will tell you all you need to know but first you need to do something for me. You need to take another test, one for Brian and Sean. Take it to a lab that has Nothing to do with Adam. Do you hear me? Do not let him know about anything that is going on. Take the test again and bring me those results.” Margret answers.

“Adam didn’t know anything about this test, and why would he do this? Why can’t you just tell me the facts instead of sending me on a wild goose chase?” Matt says.

“I am not sending you on any chase, do as I say. I promise you I will tell you everything. I just need the test first. The one in your hand is not true. Something is wrong! Your real father would never do that to me.” Margret admits.

“Whatever mother, all of you people are nothing by liars and cheaters. You all make me sick. All these years of making me think Adam was an ass when he had good reasons to be. You cheated on him! You had a child with another man. How was he supposed to treat me? I am lucky he even made me work at the firm.” Matt answers.

“Adam is far from innocent, he had his own role in this. Granted we both had our flings, he wasn’t any better. We both kept it secret for many reasons, letting you know wasn’t going to change anything, just let me and Adam look bad. So we both agreed to keep it hidden.” Margret states.

“So he does know about it all?” Matt asks.

“Yes, he does. He does know your not his son, his real son. Tell Brian to take a new clean test. I will get you, hair out of Adam’s brush so you won’t have to go near him or let him know anything that is going on. Take it and test it against the other two.” Margret replies.

“I will, but once I get the information, I want to know it all. No playing games!” Matt says.

“I promise you, no more games.” Margret answers.

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