The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 376

Chapter 376 Still Baffled.

Matt gets ready to go to the office, wondering more now then earlier what the hell was going on? Why would his mother be so animate about taking the test again? She didn’t hide the fact that he wasn’t Adam’s, but she didn’t believe that Adam wasn’t Brian and Sean's father. Also not believing whoever she slept with would sleep with Brian’s mother.

He knew his mother was a lot of things, but he would do as she said. He would go to Brian and get the test now wanting to know even more what the hell was going on? He figures he would go to Brian’s office today to talk to him, to let him know what was going on. He knew that Brian was getting ready for the wedding as he was invited. It didn’t surprise him at all, he knew how Elizabeth and Brian felt about each other. In the past even being jealous of it. For now, his feelings have changed, seeing everyone just thrown into this mess.

Matt drives to Brian’s new office in New Jersey, seeing everything calm and nice when he walks in. He sees Izzy and Sean at the front desk talking. He just goes up to them to see where Brian is.

“Hey, man could I have a word with Brian?” Matt asks.

“Yea, sure he is in his office, you can go right in.” Sean answers.

" If you don’t mind I think maybe you should come in and listen to. It affects all of us.” Matt says.

“What now? I can only imagine.” Sean replies looking at Izzy.

“Same old crap as always,” Matt responds walking to Brian’s office.

“Hey bro, Matt is here to let us know something, he says it affects both of us?” Sean comments.

“Yes, I told him about Adam, that he isn’t our father. He was going to look into it with his own mother and ask questions to see what was going on. I was going to tell you after I knew something, but I guess this works as well if you hear it for yourself.” Brian states.

“So what did your mother have to say about all this?” Sean asks.

“Not much, but enough in some ways. She didn’t deny that I am not Adam’s son, but that part that you two aren’t she can’t seem to believe. She has given me a piece of his hair to take another DNA test away from his office. She stated bluntly to make sure it was nowhere near him. She also said she would explain everything, once the new test results were in.” Matt responds.

“So she is stalling? Why take the test again? It makes no sense.” Brian answers.

“She is pretty sure the other tests are not correct. She stated that the man she was with, wouldn’t do this to her. Whoever he was, or is, she seems to care for. Adam also knows that I am not his son, which explains a lot.” Matt remarks.

“I don’t see how the tests were wrong? I a mean Adam had no way of knowing I was taking them, did he?” Brian says.

“It was in his own office, the lab tech could have figured it out, and told him. Adam making the tech mess with the results. Anything is possible, taking another test isn’t a bad idea, either way, we will see what is up.” Matt states.

“Why would Adam want us not to know? Go through all this?” Sean asks.

“Who knows, this is been a lie for so long, I have no idea what the hell is going through either of their minds. I just know it had to be something anytime he knew I wasn’t his son, and kept it quiet. Not to mention if you are his sons, my mother stayed quiet as well.” Matt replies.

“I just want to know who the mystery man is? I don’t really care if Adam is my father or not.” Sean responds.

“At this point, I don’t think any of us do,” Brian admits.

“I understand how both of you feel, I am grateful that you told me the truth. At least someone is telling the truth. This has been going on for way too long. It's just getting old now. You run tests here? Adam has nothing to do with this place, here is his hair, run them against yours and see what comes up. I also gave you my DNA to run again, just in case my mother is playing more games.” Matt admits.

“Ok, I will get it to the lab here asap. I will let you know what it says as soon as it comes back.” Brian replies.

“Great and thank you. I am going to head back to the main office to take care of a few things. For how long I will be in charge since I am not his rightful son, who knows.” Matt confesses.

“Look, I am sure if he knew all this time, he would have already taken it away if he wanted to. He has been different in the last few months. I think he is trying.” Brian claims.

“I have no idea, I guess we will find that out as well. I know you're really busy with planning your wedding, I don’t want this to get in the way of it. I know how you two feel about each other and it seems your finally on track.” Matt states.

“Nothing is getting in the way of our wedding or our relationship. I have learned the hard way about that. None of this means anything without her in my life. She is my one stable throughout all of this mess.” Brian explains.

“It’s great you have that.” Matt states.

“Yes, and I wish the same for you.” Brian answers.

Sean just stays quiet, knowing that the last few weeks Izzy has been that person for him. Listening to him, being there for him. He just couldn’t let anyone know that.

“Thank you. I will be going. I will talk to you soon though.” Matt responds.

“Ok,” Brian says.

Matt walks out of the door, and Sean just looks at Brian.

“What? What is wrong?” Brian says.

“What is wrong? What the hell isn’t? These people are crazy. We thought he wasn’t our father, that we got lucky and now he still might be? What the hell?“Sean shouts.

“I know, I am just as lost as you are. We will see what the test says. “Brian answers.

“Yeah whatever,” Sean says walking out the door, not even going to Izzy just walking straight to his own office.

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