The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 377

Chapter 377

Brian just sits at his desk, wondering what the hell was going on now? Could this be? Or was it just another game, another mislead to keep whatever secret hidden? He had no idea, but he would do as Matt asked. There wouldn’t be any harm in it anyway.

Brian brings the samples down to his own lab where he knows this time, whatever it says will be correct. Adam and no one from the New York office had anything to do here. It was even an outside lab tec he hired. He just drops the samples off going back to work, fingering what will be, will be. There wasn’t any reason to sweat over it, why? It wasn’t going to change anything. Also at this point, Brian is happy with his life, with his real family. He hasn’t ever had a father, what was the rush to know who he was now? And if it was Adam, maybe that wasn’t that bad after all. He was giving and helping him all he could. It made a lot of sense.

For Sean, he just sits in his office, steaming from his nerves. Adam was their father or wasn’t? What the hell was going on? Sean wasn’t too fond of any on of these people, It just pisses him off.

Izzy saw that Sean was very upset, he flew past her going to his office not even stopping to let her know what was going on. Which wasn’t like him at all, in the time she has been there, Sean has opened up to her, and they talk. Spending a lot of time together. She was hoping he considered her a friend, and if he was in need he would go to her. She just sits in her office chair, feeling he needs someone. She gets up and heads to his office just walking in.

“Are you ok?” Izzy asks.

“No, I’m not,” Sean replies.

“I didn’t think so, you know you can talk to me. I am here to listen. You need someone to lean on, your always the one everyone else leans on. You need someone to.” Izzy answers.

“My brother wanted to find our father, to see who he is. After all, these damn years open a box that now I think should have been left closed.” Sean responds.

“I think Brian just wants closure, to know why and what happened. Don’t you?” Izzy asks.

“I don’t know. I really don’t know what I want anymore. The person who it’s leaning toward being our father I rather not know or have. He broke up my mother's marriage and left us fatherless. He was there for us in many ways don’t get me wrong, but we had no clue he was our real father. He could have told us, instead of being a coward.” Sean replies.

’Maybe he thought he was protecting you? Parents do that, thinking they are when sometimes it would be just better, to tell the truth. About your mother's marriage, if she was happy, she wouldn’t be with someone else in the first place. I learned that from my own mother and father. It’s not only on the one they cheated with, but it's also on them as well. It took two to do this. She wanted him, maybe she fell in love? Maybe they had better? You have to look at it, from an adult point of view, not as the child.” Izzy answers going over to console Sean.

“How did you get so smart? I saw what happened with my brother and your mother. I have been watching, I never thought it possible, to have what they do. I never cheated, on someone either. I also told him to keep his eyes open, and asked him what the hell he was doing? He was sure this was it, sure she was the one. I guess, my mother felt the same, because she was with this man till the day she died.” Sean comments.

“See, you can’t always judge, you haven’t walked in their shoes to know their situation. I am not saying its a nice thing to do to someone, but as you see, it happens often. Sometimes being the person, you were meant to really be with, and sometimes making a big mistake. It just depends. And when you do talk to your father, ask him. I am sure once confronted he will tell the truth.” Izzy states.

“You don’t know him, he would probably find a way to not let us know the truth. Brian thinks he is changing. I am not sure. I just have so many emotions running through me lately on many things. I don’t know what I am feeling. What is real at times. I have always played by the book, doing everything I needed to be. Always not wanting to do something wrong, I missed out on so many things. Where Brian just said fuck it and ran with it after leaving Victoria. I guess in a way, I am jealous of his freedom that way.” Sean says.

“You don’t need to be, its never to late to just go with it. To let yourself go.” Izzy answers.

“Yea I guess your right.” Sean responds looking at her lips. Feeling so many things inside of himself.

Izzy goes to hug him, putting her arms around him, and he goes around her. The warmth of her body pressing against his, makes him want her even more. The smell of her perfume fills his senses. He looks at her, holding her face in his hand, not able to hold back he places a long hot passionate kiss on her lips.

Izzy doesn't push him away as she has wanted this from the start. She was very attracted to him, and she couldn’t deny it. She kisses him back pushing herself up against him, her hands on his chest.

Sean realizes what he is doing, and pushes her back.

“I am sorry I shouldn’t have done that. I don’t know what i was thinking.” Sean says.

“Stop worrying about it, I wanted it just as much as you did. I have feelings for you, Sean.” Izzy answers.

“We can’t this isn’t right on any level. I am older than you. Your mother is married to my brother. It’s just fucked up.” Sean comments.

“it's not that messed up. It's not like we are related or anything. I am an adult Sean, you need to see that. You just stop yourself and you need to let go.” Izzy replies.

“I can’t. Please I have some work to do. I need some space.” Sean responds.

“Why are you doing this?” Izzy asks walking up to him closer.

“I just know better that's why,” Sean states walking out of the office so nothing more takes place.

Izzy stands in his office, knowing now he did feel the same, he was just frightened to act on it. She was hoping he would come around, let go. She just wasn’t sure if he would. At the moment she would let him calm down and deal with his feelings. He was going through a lot and she knew he was confused.

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