The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 378

Chapter 378 Playing It Safe.

Brian notices that Sean leaves the office without even saying goodbye, it's not even time to leave and he is gone. Brian also knows that Sean isn’t happy with Adam maybe being their real father after all. He just didn’t think he would just walk out, he knew something else had to be on his mind, he just wasn't talking about it. Brian figured he would let him cool down and talk to him tomorrow. Knowing that sometimes, Sean was an overthinker, needing time to adjust to things. He wasn't like Brian, who in the past just jumped into things. Sean always had to think and think some more. Always playing it safe.

Brian couldn’t wait to go home himself. He wanted to talk to Elizabeth and just be at home with his family. He walks out of his office, at the regular time, walking pass Izzy on his way out. He notices she is down and not sure why.

“Hey, everything ok? Brian asks.

“Yea everything is fine. I am going to leave a bit earlier tonight. I am a bit tired. It's just been a long day.” Izzy says.

“No problem it seems everyone is leaving a bit earlier today. Did you talk to Sean today? I noticed he wasn't himself when he left my office and I didn't get a chance to talk to him.” Brian asks.

“Yes I have, he is a bit upset about whatever you and Matt talked to him about in your office. Whoever you may think your father seems to be his issue.” Izzy answers.

“I figured he would be. I guess he needed some air so he went home. He should be fine tomorrow. He just seems so distracted lately. That's so not him. He is always on top of his game.” Brian replies.

“He has a lot on his mind,” Izzy responds.

“Yea it was stressful opening this place, I know he wasn’t sure if he wanted to work here or not, just once he did, he seemed to love it. He spends more time here than he does at home. Which is new as well, he always had a regular job, going home to Martha at a regular time.” Brian comments.

“He is excited about being here with you. He enjoys working with you. He is really good at what he does. He is putting a lot of pressure on himself to be what is needed. I think in a lot of ways, he wants to be more like you, just doesn't know how to be.” Izzy states.

“I know he is excited about. It’s why I wanted him to be part of here. I am also glad you are too. Your mother is happy your doing well here. Also that you're staying. He doesn't need to put pressure on himself, I asked him to do this because I know he can. He also doesn't need to be like me, he is fine as he is. He just overthinks things.” Brian remarks.

“I am enjoying myself here. It’s nice, and also different. Yea, I have seen that he does overthink. He also takes things too seriously at times.” Izzy admits.

“I know it must be a big change for you to be here? I am sure you miss your sister and father. Yea that's my brother for sure.” Brian asks.

“It is very different being here, but I am thankful to you for giving me a chance. I miss them, but at the same time, I am really enjoying my time here. My sister is into her husband, and my father needs time to heal. He has been dealing with a lot since mom left. This wasn't very easy on him.” Izzy States.

“No problem at all. You have proved to be great at your job. I am sorry about your father, I didn't mean to break up a family. Do you talk to him regularly?” Brian replies.

“Thank you. I know you didn't mean to, I don't hold any resentment towards you. I see how happy you and my mother are together. I think everyone does. I do feel sorry for my father though, but there isn't much I can do. I talk to him here and there, every time I do, its more and more of when am I going home? Or is your mother tired yet and coming home? He still thinks this is going to fade or disappear where everyone else knows it's not. He was doing well, to be honest, then I moved here and things seem to have gone back to before. He told me he called mom, and she told him it was over and you two were getting married again." Izzy answers.

"I am sorry you have to listen to all that. I know about the conversation with your father. Your mother told me. I am sure he didn't like hearing we were getting remarried." Brian says.

"No, he didn't, he was hoping you would tire of her. You are younger than her and he thinks that will help in your demise. Also, she blocked him on everything and he had a fit with that also. Blaming you for it all. He just needs to get over it. I think him living with my grandmother isn't helping him much. It just lets him dwell and see how much he did lose from this. I think selling the house wasn't all a good idea, or at least moving in my grandmother." Izzy replies.

"Maybe you should tell him that? I had nothing to do with your mother blocking him. She did that on her own. She needs peace in her life and I am sorry to say this but your father isn't that to her. I understand he is upset, placing myself in his shoes so would I, but he needs to let go."Brian states.

"I know he does, I will tell him more next time he calls. He was too busy on his rant for me to even talk this time. I know my mother is happier without him. He just needs to be happy without her." Izzy remarks.

"Yea, True." Brian answers.

Not really sure what else to say about it, Ethan was always in the way of things. Now that he couldn't bother Elizabeth he was bothering their daughter, which wasn't fair. Ethan needed to grown-up, people break up every day, it's not the end of the world. Then Brian thinks, if it was him, he would be lost. To have a life without her now, he wouldn't be able to survive. Not like he is now, she was his everything. It just made him see even more how he could have lost it. He just happened to get a bit luckier than Ethan.

Brian walks out the door, wanting to go home. He would find himself doing that more and more lately. He was happy to go home to his family. He did hope that Sean would feel better, and not let all this get under his skin, as for him, he was letting things go. His personal life was great, it took over everything else. He was learning more and more what mattered most to him.

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