The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 379

Chapter 379

The next few weeks go by super fast, Brian and Elizabeth getting ready for their wedding. Elizabeth spending this time very busy with things. She is also extremely happy, with everything taking place. This is the happiest time in her life. Finally being with someone who saw her for her, who loved her and respected her. She couldn't ask for anything more. She was remarrying the man, she loved dearly. After everything they went through they were still standing tall, still feeling the same way about each other even going on two years together.

Victoria is gone, and Ethan is blocked, which has made things easier for both of them. As far as Elizabeth is concerned at this point, Ethan doesn't exist to her. She put everything with him, in the past, moving on. Doing her best to try to see things fresh, instead of through the eyes of the past. This has really helped her to finally move on, and also open herself up even more to Brian.

Ethan has vented on his daughter, trying to let out all his frustration, and anger that has been building up all this time. Still not able to understand how these two still feel this way towards each other after two years. He truly felt it would be over by now, especially with all the things they have been through. Yet, here they were, getting remarried. It burned him, and at the same time, he sees he has to let go. It just isn't as easy as he would like it to be. It's not even her leaving him, its more her leaving and succeeding without him, that bothers him the most. How she was just this ordinary housewife with him and this strong, independent writer without him. Making it work, personally and career-wise.

Brian has put on the back burner who their father may be, the results being taken to an outside DNA facility so it's taking longer to process. Brian just felt this way, they would get the right results. Not being tampered with from anyone.

Sean, on the other hand, has gotten quiet and stays away, doing most of his work from home for the office. Not even showing up like he use to. Trying his best to stay away from Izzy and everything else. He feels he needs time to think, and process everything. Which is leaving Brian to wonder what is really going on? Even Martha wondering what is on his mind, he just hasn’t opened up to anyone at the moment, not even sure if they would be there for him, in this type of situation. Plus he isn’t sure what he wants, so he doesn’t want anyone to know what he is feeling or what is going on. It is driving him crazy in every way possible.

Izzy tries to text him, and ask what is going on. She only gets a few word responses, which makes her know he is avoiding his feelings. She feels sad and down from all of this, knowing she truly cares for him. Missing him being at the office with her, and doing their normal everyday things together, that they were doing for weeks before the kiss. Izzy isn’t sure if it was the kiss that is keeping him away or just everything in general. She can’t get heads or tails out of him, which makes her frustrated. She also keeps all this to herself, not wanting to disturb the life that he has with Martha. At the same time, needing him, and wanting to be there for him. She is at a loss, and it hurts her deeply.

Elizabeth is still out of the loop not knowing anything that took place with Izzy and Sean. Never even thinking that something would. She felt that Sean and Martha were happy together and would one day get married. She never saw Sean as the type to cheat or even think about it. Their relationship looked so happy and normal. She liked and trusted Martha, and Martha her.

Martha thinking their relationship was fine, and nothing has changed. Yet she sees that Sean is distant and not like himself lately. She just feels its because of work and is blaming Brian for it. Pushing him into this and also pushing him into finding out who their father was. She feels that Sean would do better if he would keep his distance from Brian at times. Not getting sucked up in Brian’s wants and needs. She knew that Sean was always there for him, and there were times, she wished he wasn’t. She knew that Brian and Sean were two different people. She just wishes things would go back to normal. There once a stable environment has changed. Sean spends most of his time in his home office working, paying no attention to her. He goes to the sofa at night to watch tv, and falls asleep on there, not even heading to their bedroom. Where before he always went to bed with her. After ten years, she sees things slipping, she just doesn’t know why.

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