The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 38 Honesty

Chapter 38 Honestly

Once Elizabeth left her home, she stayed away. Not going back there for the rest of the week, not even the weekend. She stayed at the hotel with Brian. They did do a few things to get ready for the tour they were having. Since this time they had a lot of places to go to, and in very little time.

That still wasn’t the reason she stayed away. She was happy with her new life. Not only with Brian, he was just part of it. She was happy with freedom, with being herself. With being able to provide for herself. She also didn’t mind traveling. She enjoyed seeing the different parts. It was something new to her. Something fun. She wasn’t trapped inside her home, doing housework. Hurrying to make dinner, doing homework. She was doing things for herself. Things she liked, being the woman she felt she should have always been.

It was now the following week, when the book signings were starting. Their first one was coming up. It was in her own home state. She knew that Ethan was coming and going to bring the kids. She wasn’t very excited about him being there. Only because Brian was there, It would mean she would have to behave. Which it was just natural for her and Brian to just touch, be close. Their relationship was very different than the one she shared with her husband. It was written all over each of them how much they cared for each other. This would be hard to hide.

“Brian, I have to tell you something. I should have told you earlier but I was hoping he would have changed his mind, but he hasn’t. He just texted me for details. Ethan is taking the girls and my mother to tonight’s signing.” Elizabeth confesses.

“That’s fine. I think it would be nice for your girls to see how far you have come. To see what they can do themselves.” Brian answers.

“You’re not mad? Or upset? You know we will have to watch what we are doing.” Elizabeth responds.

“I think for one evening we can. We have the rest of our lives together babe. I know its hard to keep our hands off of each other, but It will be fine. Might have some fun before they get there though.” Brian says with an evil grin.

“What am I going to do with you? Thank you for understanding. You’re always there for me. I am just not used to this.” She replies.

“I want us to be able to talk to each other. We have a friendship, among the rest of what we have. I want us to keep that. I never had that with Victoria. Every time I wanted to tell her something she was too busy. Or didn’t want to hear it, we did a lot of fighting. Over things that made no sense. I don’t want that again.” Brian comments.

“Why did you stay so long?” Elizabeth asks.

“I was used to her. We were together since we were sixteen. I knew nothing else. I was also busy with school, So, I didn’t really pay attention. Not to mention, she had my son. So I was trying to make it work. After my mother died, I couldn’t take it anymore. I wasn’t into anything. I just broke it off. Doing my own thing. I want you to know, you will hear that I was no angel. I have a past. After I left her, I was moving around. From one woman to another. I did all the things I missed when I was a teenager. Strapped down to one woman.” Brian admits.

“I know how you felt. I did the same, not going around with man after man though. Just being in the same relationship with the one person for a very long time. You grow apart. You’re not the same person you were when you met. You grow up. Or at least I did. It was just too late.” Elizabeth states.

“Its never too late. We found each other. I really do love you Elizabeth.” Brian remarks.

“I feel the same.” Elizabeth answers.

“Plus I will get to meet your girls,” Brian replies.

“I would like that very much. I am sure they will love you.” Elizabeth states.

Elizabeth and Brian get ready for tonight. Brian getting into his outfit. Elizabeth just watches as Brian puts on his white crisp shirt, black dress pants, black vest, and lavender tie. His Silver Grey hair in his eyes as he buttons his shirt. She feels the heat from her body rise. Just looking at him. This man was everything to her. He was her actual dream come true. At least in looks. His personality wasn’t bad either. She just feared, how long will this last? She couldn’t help but stare at him. He notices and just smiles at her.

“Anything wrong?” Brian asks.

“No, you’re gorgeous you know that? I can see why you had a lot of women sleep with you. You’re hard to resist.” Elizabeth confesses.

“Is that so?” Brian answers. With a gleaming smile. He sees the passion in her burn. Which only makes him want her more. He has a little plan for her. Always trying to keep it fresh. Keep it hot. Trying to never let the relationship fizzle.

Brian didn’t care about Ethan. He knew he didn’t make her feel this way. He had that on his side. Not that a strong relationship was built on sex alone, you needed more than that. Brian just felt that would help. He did like that they were friends besides lovers. Wanting to keep that always alive also. Wanting to take this relationship to the fullest.

Elizabeth wasn’t just some woman he wanted to have sex with. He wanted to have much more. A family. This was the first woman ever, that he really wanted to marry. To spend the rest of his life with. He was going to do everything he could to make that come true. To make her happy and himself, it was something he truly wanted.

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