The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 380

Chapter 380

A few days before the wedding Sofia and her husband Micheal come down to New Jersey. Elizabeth is happy she will be here for her wedding. It was nice having both her girls with her, plus her mother, Brian, and sons. It was everyone she loved in one place. For Elizabeth, this was the happiest time in her life.

Elizabeth goes to pick up Sofia from the airport when Sofia sees her mother she can tell she is very happy. She just knows that as happy as her mother is, her father is miserable. Which makes her sad to see. She was the one to stay behind, the one to see him crumble the most. It was a side of him she wished she never saw. Yet, she was stuck dealing with it.

Sofia saw that her sister moved on as well, settling down here and get a life. Even her Grandmother wasn’t going back. There were a lot of changes to go through, and Sofia wondered if it was all worth it. Was Brian this wonderful that everyone changed their life because of him? She still felt her mother was in a daydream not really seeing reality or all that could go wrong, even though its already been two years. Sofia thought like her father, feeling this wasn’t going to last and her mother was making a big mistake. She also still resentment Brian for making all this take place. If her mother never met him, her parents would still be together.

Once home to Elizabeth’s house, Sofia and Elizabeth go into the kitchen to talk and catch up.

“I am so glad you're here, I wanted you to come down so badly for this. We are so happy to share this with everyone that is special to us.” Elizabeth says.

“You're really going all out for this, aren’t you? “Sofia asks.

“Yes, I wasn’t into this before feeling so many things, but now I am so happy. It's been wonderful to plan this with Brian. We shared it all together even the small things. It has been very special so far.” Elizabeth answers.

“I know your really happy about all this, just are you sure?” Sofia replies.

“Yes, for the first time in my life I am sure. We are already married anyway, this is just a renewal in front of others.” Elizabeth responds.

“Mother, you gave up everything to be here, is this worth it? What is so wonderful about Brian? You had twenty years with daddy, a life, children a home. You had everything there.” Sofia comments.

“I know you're still upset about the breakup, I am sorry. But yes it is worth it. I am finally happy, finally being with someone who treats me the way I should be treated. Seeing me for me, all of me. Not just what is good for them. I did have all that with your father, but it meant nothing when I was miserable being with him.” Elizabeth states.

“You were not always that way. It happened when you met Brian.” Sofia says.

“Sweety, it was way before Brian. I was pretty down about our relationship for a while but just trying to pass through it, for you and your sister and also feeling that is what happens in a long term relationship. Brian just made me see there is more to life than just dealing. Your there because you want to be, you need to be.” Elizabeth remarks.

“Dad is having his moments, he misses you and your life together. He told me you blocked him and was rude to him. Telling him you were remarrying Brian and didn’t want to go to his cousin's funeral.” Sofia replies.

“Yea, that sounds like your father. I am not sure why he is coming to us with this. That was between us and he shouldn’t put you or your sister in the middle of it. I have moved on, I no longer need or want to talk to him. I have a new life, and he doesn’t want me back. He is just pissed he lost. He is feeling down because of a lot of things going on in his life. He could have made it work with his son’s mother, and he screwed that up as well.” Elizabeth answers.

“You really don’t care about him, do you? It’s like he never meant anything to you. I can see why he is upset about that.“Sofia huffs.

“Sweety, your father was part of my life for a very long time. We did share a lot, of good and bad times. The bad times, overtook the good, making you feel a sense of relief now that I am not with him. I could never go back to that. Even without Brian, I would never return back to your father.” Elizabeth says.

“I guess that is that. I can’t make you want to go back to him. I can’t fix any of this. I just feel sorry for him. ” Sofia explains.

“I know you do, he has cried to your sister also. I think that has a lot to do with this, he is feeling she left too. I know how he feels, it was very hard leaving both of you there. I just didn’t act the way he is. Then I guess everyone acts differently. I don’t mean to sound rude, but I don’t want to talk about your father anymore. I want these next few days to be perfect. The way they should be. I will no longer let anything your father does or say get to me. Which I have to say makes me feel free and at peace.” Elizabeth answers.

“I am glad your happy, I do see it. ” Sofia responds.

Sofia knows it is over, really over. Her mother wanted no part of Ethan or anything about him. Sofia saw a difference in her mother, she had grown in many ways, not being anything like the meek housewife. She had control of her life and was living the way she wanted.

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