The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 381

Chapter 381 Rehearsal.

That night Izzy comes over for dinner, to be with her family. Sean and Martha are also invited, It was like a rehearsal dinner but with the only family. They wanted this to be with only people they truly cared about, and ones that truly cared about them. Izzy knows that Sean will be there, she is a bit nervous to see him. Wondering if he will even pay attention to her, its been at least a week he has stayed away from the office. She also knows that Martha and the whole family would be there, it wasn’t time to get personal. This was her mother's day. She saw happiness written all over her and wanted her to stay that way.

Once Izzy gets to the house, she goes to her sister, giving her a hug and kiss. Glad that she is here to spend time with them. She missed her, both of them being very close, from being very small. It just seemed that their lives took a different path now. Not letting them spend as much time as they use to.

“Hey Sis, what's up?” Izzy asks.

“Nothing much. I thought I would come to make mom happy. I know they are both already married and there isn’t anything much I can say or do to change it. It makes me sad in a way.” Sofia states.

“I felt that way at the beginning but I don’t anymore. You don’t live here, so you don’t see how these two are together. I never have seen anything like it and only can wish to have something like it. We only saw her and dad's relationship. It wasn’t the worse, but it was nothing like this. Hell she walks into a room, and he lights up, and vice versa. You can see they really do love each other.” Izzy replies.

“I am really glad she is happy, and that she found someone to give her all this. It’s just dad. He calls and complains all the time about all kinds of things. He is truly not happy.“Sofia comments.

“I know you're close to dad so you see it as it's all mom's fault. But if you would go back to our childhood, he always complained, he was never happy with anything. Everything mom did was wrong, or not up to his standards. He was always pretty negative if you think about it. It’s just dad.” Izzy responds.

“True, I remember that as well. It's just now you left and I am dealing with him.” Sofia answers.

“I think you should have a talk with him. He is pretty close to you, tell him to move on, tell him to find something he is really into and go for it. He always wanted to travel now is the time. Nothing is in his way.” Izzy says.

“That's a great idea. I will talk to him. I hope he just gets over things. Anyway, how do you like it here?” Sofia asks.

“I love it, School is good, my job is great. I love my new apartment. I even found someone I like.” Izzy admits.

“Oh, really who? Does mom know?” Sofia comments.

“No, no one knows. You are the first person I told. The only thing is its a bit complicated. He is scared to let go, and give in. Plus he has someone else. He is my first real crush.” Izzy states.

“He has to be something for you to be into him, you were never into anyone.” Sofia laughs. “I don’t know if its a good thing he has someone else though. If he isn't ready don’t push.” Sofia adds.

“I am trying not to, but it's hard. We have a great friendship but I want so much more with him. I am just not sure he can give me what I want.“Izzy states.

“Just take it slow. Time will tell.” Sofia answers.

“I’m trying,” Izzy replies.

Sean and Martha walk into the house, Martha going up to Elizabeth giving her a hug. Sean just goes over to Brian, trying not to look at Izzy or even in her direction. He feels very uncomfortable, with her even being in the same room. He just knew tonight she would be there, it was another reason he didn’t want to get into this. She was family if it tanked he would still always have to see her.

Not to mention, Martha and Elizabeth became good friends. Martha was a good woman and didn’t deserve it. Then he would think, he wanted more, was he so wrong for it? He would come and go with all kinds of thoughts. Just keeping it all to himself.

“Hey Bro, how have you been? You haven’t been in the office for a week? Everything ok?” Brian asks.

“Yea, everything is fine. I just needed time away. It was a lot for me to take in that, he might be our father. To be honest, this whole thing is a lot to take in.” Sean says.

“I know, I am sorry I know I opened a door. I just wanted to know the truth. I want you to come back to the office. We need you there, don't let Adam push you away. We still didn’t get the results. Matt’s mother could be lying for all we know. These people have a tendency to bullshit like crazy.” Brian replies.

“Yea I know, its why I didn’t want anything to do with them. I will be back after the honeymoon you two are on. This doesn’t seem to be bothering you like it did in the past. You seem so different.” Sean responds.

“I am different. I finally found what is important to me. My wife, My sons. I don't want to be the father ours was. No matter who he is. I want to be there for my family. I have a great life and I want to keep it that way.” Brian comments.

“I am glad you finally wised up,” Sean remarks.

Just thinking you wised up, and now I am the one rethinking everything right in my life.

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