The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 382

Chapter 382

Izzy just watches Sean talk to Brian in the other room, seeing that he is trying his best to stay away from her, it bothers her to see this. She knew he was hiding not only from her but his feelings. He wasn’t being true to himself or his wants. She just tries to go on with the night, being happy for her mother and Brian. Hoping that Sean will see the light in at the end, and come to his senses.

Everyone sits down to a nice meal, talking and celebrating. Elizabeth made a roast lamb with sweet potatoes and broccoli lemon-garlic salad. Everyone digs in, while the chats keep coming.

“I am so happy for the both of you. It is wonderful to see all of you here, for this great occasion.” Joan states.

“I am glad you are here mom, it means the world to me. I am also happy that we are getting to share all this with each and every one of you. it took us a while but we got here, where we need to be.” Elizabeth says placing her hand on top of Brian’s, just smiling up at him.

“How big is this wedding going to be? Adam is flipping the bill, didn’t you take advantage of it?” Martha asks with a laugh.

“No, I didn’t take advantage of his kindness. I was very happy that he got to the venue we wanted. Without him, it wouldn’t be taking place. It’s not going to be huge, just family and friends. It's only about seventy-five people. We kept it small, but the venue is gorgeous and the decorations should be the best or at least I am hoping.” Elizabeth answers.

“I can’t wait to see, you did hire a wedding planner for this? To be honest we were not sure if you two were ever going to really get remarried. You guys seem to always put it off.” Martha says.

“Yes, I did. I knew I couldn’t do it all on my own. No time, and not really sure where to get everything I wanted. So we hired one to help us. Put some of the stress on her.” Elizabeth laughs. "We always had the intention of getting remarried, we just needed the right time, and this felt like it," Elizabeth adds.

“You two seem so different, so light,” Sean admits.

“We are, we both see what means most to us. Which is each other and our family. The outside influences mean nothing to us. We have to make each other happy, not them. We won't let anyone disturb our life or feelings as they have in the past.” Brian answers.

Sean just takes that in, seeing his brother has come a long way. He didn’t seem like an immature man, getting drunk in a bar, and trying to get laid every minute. He also knew what he just said was right. He had to make himself happy, not others. Just could Sean do this or not? He wasn't sure.

The evening goes on, everyone staying light and pleasant. Making the evening a success. When dinner is over, Sean goes outside in the garden just to get some air. Needing even more time to think, than before. At this point in his life, he was really unhappy with everything around him. Never even thinking he would be here, as in the past he thought he had everything he ever wanted until Izzy showed up and changed everything.

Izzy sees him and takes this as her chance to talk to him. Hoping he will listen and not run away again

“Hey, how have you been?” Izzy asks.

“Hey, not sure to be honest. I have been thinking about a lot of things. Just not getting anywhere with it.” Sean admits.

“I have missed you at the office, the place isn’t the same without you,” Izzy confesses.

“I am sorry, I just needed space. I miss our conversations also though. You're the only person I can be myself with and honest with. ” Sean says.

“I am always here for you no matter what you need. I am willing to be friends, but I want you to know I would like more than that. I can’t help how I feel about you.“Izzy states.

“I thank you for being honest with me, I will return the favor. I am not sure what I want at the moment. I think friends are great for now. To move on, would hurt a lot of people. I am not sure I want that.” Sean replies.

“It’s what you want, not them. Brian and mom would get over it. I am sure Martha would be hurt but glad you told her how you feel. Even if you don’t start anything with me, you don’t seem happy with her either. You need to see what you really want.” Izzy responds.

“I know, and I have been trying, it is just not that easy. I have been with her for ten years, I thought we would be together for always. I was comfy with her all this time until you showed up.” Sean explains.

“Maybe that is trying to tell you something.” Izzy comments.

“I honestly don’t know but I need to go slow. I hope you can understand that?” Sean asks.

“I have no choice Do I? But yes I do understand. I am just here no matter what you choose.” Izzy answers.

The night comes to an end, and everyone goes home leaving Elizabeth and Brian in their own world for the moment. They clean up together, talking about the evening that just took place, then head up to bed together. This was the life they wanted, each other. Finally getting it and not letting anyone or thing stop them.

Sean goes home with Martha, still not sure what is going on inside of him. He didn't want to make a wrong move, he didn't want to hurt anyone. In the end, he was hurting himself.

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