The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 384

Chapter 384 Sean's Turn.

In the middle of the night Brian wakes up wanting a glass of water, he has to admit to himself sleeping alone isn’t fun like it used to be. He was now used to having Elizabeth next to him. He got to like it, and it made him feel secure. He just shrugs it off since its only one night. It wouldn’t kill anyone, just would make them stronger and even make him see just how lost he would be without her. Which in a way made him a bit nervous to need someone this much. To love someone this much. It was new to him, but he likes it, knowing she felt the same exact way about him. He laid there before getting up to get his water, thinking about the last two years and everything they have been through. How if it was anyone else, they wouldn’t be here today. They would have given up a long time ago, but that wasn’t them. He thought about how she forgave him, for doing the stupidest thing, he ever could have done. Right there he knew she loved him, and he would spend the rest of his life making that up to her.

He also sat there and thought about, how she let go of the past. It took her a long time, but she finally did. Not feeling that marriage would be a disaster. Not letting her track record with Ethan determine how it would be with him anymore. He saw that even though he hurt her badly she stood up, and got over it. Growing more and more as a person. He was so proud of her and glad she was his. Brian also saw how much he has grown as well, in a short time. Not wanting anyone to change how he felt or rule him. What they said, or felt didn’t matter. He knew he wanted no one else but her. No one could ever make him feel the way she does. It just brings a smile to his face.

Brian finally gets up heading into the kitchen, seeing Sean sitting there at the island having a drink. He knew something has been on his mind, and he wished he would open up about it more. As he saw his brother sliding down a hole. One he never thought he would see. Sean was always the one to hold things together. To make serious decisions, and always keep Brian on the straight path. Now it was time for him to do the same. He just needed to know what was really going on.

“Hey bro, what are you doing up this late?” Brian asks.

“I can ask the same of you?” Sean replies.

“I just needed a drink of water. I can’t really sleep, I miss Elizabeth and my own bed.” Brian admits.

“It’s just one night and you feel this way?” Sean responds.

“Yes, I am happy being with her and having the family that we do. I know I have made some really bad decisions in my past but they made me see what I really want. This is what I really want. I am happy, content and very comfortable being married.” Brian answers.

“So you keep saying. I have to say, I think it's wonderful that you from the start always knew she was the one. You doubted yourself at times but never her. I wish I felt that way.” Sean states.

“I know something is going on, it has been for weeks. Tell me, you know you can tell me anything. IS something going on with you and Martha I don’t know?” Brian asks.

“Martha is fine I guess. I mean she didn’t do anything to me. I am just not sure if I want to be with her for the rest of my life.” Sean admits.

“Well, that is natural. I felt that way with Victoria, I always felt something was off. I didn’t feel that with Elizabeth, it felt right.” Brian comments.

“How about if you meet the person you want to be with but there are too many things in the way to be together?” Sean replies.

“Are you kidding me? Have you watched any of our relationship for the last two years? You can’t have any more against you then we have. It was like the shit kept flying no matter what we tried. If it wasn’t one it was another. We didn’t make any of that stop us. We got through it, and tomorrow is proof it can work if you make it work.” Brian responds.

“For you two it was ex’s in the way, this would be more family in the way. Age in the way...I am not sure if it would even work, or if it's just the infatuation.” Sean says.

“First does this woman feel the same about you? Who is she? To have you going through this? I never seen you like this, I thought you and Martha were happy.” Brian confesses.

“I thought were happy too until I met this person. She makes me feel alive. We have so much in common and the sexual tension between us could start a fire. Yes, she claims she feels the same, but she is young. It could just be a game or just something new to her.” Sean admits.

“I know too well how that goes, the great conversations, the feelings of lust and desire going through you, and you stop it. I guess you finally see how I felt? I think you need to have a conversation with the person your feeling this way about. Make sure you are both on the same page of what you're wanting. Then you do what both of you want, not what others want. I do say to make sure you want this, it will hurt Martha. From what your saying you haven’t taken it any further than talking so there is no affair. Maybe you should tell Martha how your feeling and figure that out first. Before doing what Elizabeth and I did. Going behind Ethan’s back. I know she regretted that, just things took a turn and we couldn’t help ourselves.” Brian replies.

“Yea I see where you were, I understand now why you were acting the way you did. I guess I should talk to Martha and the girl. I just don’t want to hurt people. I also don’t want to make trouble for people who are getting along wonderfully. They don’t need this as added stress because I finally have a desire for someone.” Sean answers.

“Do you have more than a desire for this person? I mean can you see yourself with them long term? Or just sleeping with them?” Brian asks bluntly.

“It's more than sex like you were always telling me before. She gets me. I could see myself marrying her, but she is much younger than me and might not want that.” Sean answers.

“Then you need to ask Izzy how she feels about you if she wants more then just a fling,” Brian replies with a grin.

“Huh? Damn, you figured it out.” Sean responds.

“I am not that dumb bro, I see how you two look at each other. How the nights you would stay late sitting at her doing paperwork. Since when have you been that interested in paperwork? Or staying late at work?” Brian laughs.

“You're not mad? I don’t want to hurt Elizabeth, She will probably be pissed at me, and I don’t want to start fights with you and her because of this.” Sean comments.

“If this is something you both want, don't think of anyone but you two. Elizabeth is pretty opened minded. She knows your a great guy. We can’t say too much about the age difference, we have our own. Age is just a number. I would suggest talking to her like you are me. So it's not a big shock to her. She hasn’t witnessed what I have so she would be in the dark. Just before you do anything make sure of what you want.” Brian states.

“Will do, and thank you for listening. Its been on my mind, driving me crazy.” Sean answers.

“You have always been there for me, and I am here for you the same,” Brian replies.

“Thanks,” Sean responds.

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