The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 385

Chapter 385 The Day Of.

The morning comes fast, Brian not getting much sleep. He was happy this day was finally here, the day he could let everyone know, that they were really married. It was also there one year anniversary, it was a very special day for both of them. They made it, beating all odds against them.

Brian gets up going back into the kitchen to get his cup of coffee before getting ready to head to the venue. He couldn’t wait to see Elizabeth and be together again. He just thought about what his brother told him last night, he was now feeling the same things Brian felt. Brian just hoped it ended the same. He wanted his brother to be happy and experience love as he has. He just knows that Izzy is a young girl, and might not want what Sean does. Would she be ready to settle down? Would Elizabeth be ok with this? Brian just tries to push these thoughts out of his mind. Today isn’t the day for this, it was a day of Celebration.

Back at their home, Elizabeth is up, bright and early, ready to get on with the day. It was nice having a girls night, but she wanted her family back. She was also happy about today, feeling proud and excited. She did it, she let go. Her past was behind her like it should have been the whole while. It was time to live the life she wanted, the life that she should have had the whole time.

Later in the afternoon, Elizabeth is dressed in her long, mermaid style cream lace long sleeve off the shoulder lace dress. She just looks at herself in the mirror and can’t believe this is her.

“Mom you look gorgeous. The dress is awesome.” Sofia says.

“Thank you, baby, I love it as well. Soon as I saw it I knew it was the right one.” Elizabeth answers.

Her long blonde hair up with curls hanging down her back, Joan helps her put on her veil, just staring at her in happiness.

“I am so happy for you two. Brian is a wonderful man, I am glad you're doing this today.” Joan says.

“Me to, I know it took me a while but I am fully in this all the way. I know no matter what comes our way, we can handle it and get through it. And like you told me before, I already landed on my face, if I do again, I just get up and dust myself off again.” Elizabeth states.

“That's right. I just don’t think you will have to this time. I think this is for good. You found a good one this time. Or I should say, one your compatible with. Ethan is a good man, in his own right, you two just were not good for each other.” Joan answers.

“Very true. I Don’t want to bring him up anymore though. That part of my life is over, I hope he moves on like I have and is happy.” Elizabeth replies.

“I think he will get there. He just needs to let go of the resentment he feels. Not to mention the self pity.” Joan responds.

“He is a big boy, he’s got this. ” Elizabeth comments.

Joan sees that Elizabeth really doesn’t care anymore. It made her happy to know she let go and has peace. She also hoped that Ethan would find the same.

They all get ready and head into the limo, parked outside their home, getting in and driving to the venue.

Brian and the rest of the guys already there, when Brian walks in his is amazed at the sight of everything. It's breathtaking.

There is gold-trimmed white brocade cushion chairs with pink/cream rose swags behind all lined up for the guests to sit on, the isle has cream candles lit with tall flowers matching the sways on the chairs, a long cream runner with gold trim on the floor. But what takes his breath away is the crystals hanging from the ceiling with lights, that glisten off of them, as if they are diamonds in the sky. Roses, in bunches, attached also falling from the ceiling. The site in front of him is gorgeous.

He looks at the alter, which has a huge arch, filled with pink and cream roses, with an overlay of pink sheer fabric. Everywhere you look roses filled the room. He knew Elizabeth must have thought about this a lot. It all looked well planned and gorgeous.

"Damn bro this place is awesome," Sean says.

"I know, she did it up, didn't she? It's as beautiful as she is. I was here when she planned some of this, I just didn't know it would look like this when finished." Brian answers.

"It's a woman thing, but I do have to say its nice. Who would have thought you would be having this? I never thought about it when you with Victoria. Or anyone. We didn't even have the money for any of this back then." Sean admits.

"Thanks to Adam we have all this, he came through when it really mattered didn't he?" Brian says.

"I have to admit, he did," Sean replies.

As they are standing there, their family and friends start taking a seat, people walking in, just gasping as the sight in front of them. Adam walks in, seeing it, and knowing the money that went towards this was worth it. He sees the large smile on Brian's face and knows he did the right thing. Money meant nothing if you couldn't be happy or make someone happy. Adam was learning the hard way, but he was still learning. Margret just looks around, in awe herself never thinking it would be a wedding like this. She was expecting a small, nothing. She was always the one to through the parties, the one to be over the top, now someone finally beat her.

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