The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 387

Chapter 387 Cocktail Hour.

Everyone gets up and heads to the cocktail hour, they enter a room that is just as fancy as the one they left. Little tables covered in gold sparkle table covers with pink, and cream rose flower centers in each of them. With Candles that illuminate the room. There is an open bar to go up to get your drinks, as waiters come around holding little gold plates filled with food.

Tuna tartar on a cracker with caviar, shrimp wrapped in bacon, calms casino, for the non-seafood eaters, mini sliders, mac n cheese balls, and meatballs stuffed with mozzarella. The food keeps coming out more and more, not to mention the people ordering drinks. Filling up on both.

Elizabeth and Brian picking at the food as well, engaging with family and friends. Izzy takes pics and posts them to her Facebook, sharing it with everyone, just how happy she is about this marriage. So glad to see her mother this happy.

“Your posting already?” Sean asks.

“Yes, I can’t wait. These two inspire me.” Izzy answers.

“They are good at doing that aren’t they? I look at my brother and I want, what he has. I was never jealous of my brother, but I have to say today I am.” Sean admits.

“You don’t need to be, just find what he has for yourself,” Izzy replies.

“What do you want Izzy? I mean where do you see us going? IS this just a fling to you? Just your first crush?” Sean asks not able to hold back.

“Is that what you think I want? A Fling?” Izzy responds.

“I don’t know what you want, its why I am asking. I don’t want to through my life away for a fling. Your just a child, you haven’t experienced much yet.” Sean confesses.

“Well, thanks. I may be a child But I think I know more about what I want then you do. I am not looking for a fling. I am looking for something like my mom has. Something real, something lasting.” Izzy comments.

“Your young, your not looking to get married and settle down...” Sean states.

“You need to see me as a woman, not a child Sean. I am younger than you but that means nothing. I do want to get married and have a family. I would like to finish my degree and work at your brother's firm. I don’t want to stay at home as my mother has, but the rest I would like. I really care about you, I have from the moment I met you. If we don’t take the chance we will regret it.” Izzy replies.

“I am scared if we take the chance we will regret it. I don’t want you to hate me as Brian and Victoria did at the end. They were very young when they started out. I don’t want you to feel pushed to stay.” Sean comments.

“We are not them, it's way different. They were stuck because of a child. We don’t have any, and wouldn’t until we were married. I miss you, I miss talking to you, being with you. I am miserable without you.” Izzy admits.

“I feel the same, just I don’t want to start this relationship until I talk to Martha. I want to do this the right way. I owe that to her.” Sean says.

" That just makes me love you more, to see how much you care about her feelings.” Izzy answers.

“It’s only fair. I am not my brother in a lot of ways Izzy. ” Sean states.

“You don’t have to be, you need to be you. Its who I want, who I love.” Izzy explains.

“Good, I love you too. Just in the meantime, let's keep this to ourselves, Especially for tonight. Let them have their night.” Sean replies.

“Deal, as long you are thinking about it, and coming out of your box, I am good with it.” Izzy smiles.

“YOu seem to make me want to do all kinds of things I never did before. I finally see what my brother meant. I use to think he was crazy. He ran after your mother like a chicken without a head. She ruled his emotions, I now see when you care so much it just happens like that, without your trying or even in control of it.” Sean answers.

“It seems to be doing them well, so I am sure it will for us too.” Izzy states.

“I hope so,” Sean responds.

They go back to enjoying the cocktail hour, then turning into dinner, where they all go into the other room which has now been turned into the reception room. Tables with pale pink table covers and gold runners, with large tall rose, flowers in the centers. Dripping with crystal beading and hanging candles. The seats draped in gold. Everything shimmered and shined. It is gorgeous.

They all sit down to a sit-down meal, your choice of flounder stuffed with crabmeat, Prime rib, or duck. People were amazed at how great everything tastes. Monica sitting down eating, and enjoying herself, just smiling at Brian and Elizabeth knowing she saw this from the start. She would never forget when Elizabeth entered that conference room and saw no one else but Brian. The funny thing was, it was two years later, and she still saw no one else by him.

The night goes on with more food and dancing. Brian and Elizabeth dancing arm and arm just holding on to each other. Anyone watching could tell how much they loved one another. It just radiated off of each other.

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