The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 388

Chapter 388

Ethan knows that today is the day that Elizabeth and Brian are having their wedding. He sits down on his mother’s sofa and looks through his phone, seeing all the posts that Izzy is sharing on her Facebook page. Elizabeth might have blocked him, but Izzy didn’t. Which meant Ethan still saw everything and was up to date with some things.

He just looks at all the photos, how happy Elizabeth is. How close she is to Brian and after two years it hasn’t changed. He knows now it never will, seeing the time they were together was finally over. Nothing was going to make Elizabeth go back, and if Ethan was really honest with himself, he didn’t want her back. It was all to just prove a point, or break them up, which never seemed to work.

“What are you looking at?” Karen asks taking a seat next to him.

“I am looking at their wedding photos. They redid it today. Izzy is posting everything. We never had a wedding like this. They have everything.” Ethan admits.

“You were poor, you had a small wedding, which neither of you seemed to care about. You were both just happy getting married. She seemed like she changed in that too. With this big ass wedding.” Karen says.

“She changed in a lot of ways. I think she is finally herself. She is finally happy, I can see that. I know he makes her happy.” Ethan admits.

“Are you over it by now? It’s been two years, if you really loved her, maybe you wouldn’t have cheated in the first place. I may not have liked her much for you, but as a woman, I can say that was not something to do. I know first hand from your father Ethan. What would have happened if she would have found out, and never cheated on you? It would have ruined anything that you did have even though it wasn’t much. ” Karen reveals.

“Since when you thinking like this about her? I know what I did was wrong, at the time, I was lonely and needing someone. She wasn’t there for me, as I wasn’t there for her. I have been over things for a while until Izzy said she was going to move there. It made me relive it all over again, wishing things would be different, that my family would all be together like it was supposed to be. Instead of this disaster. Just now seeing the photos it makes it real, it’s over. We all went our different ways, and I have to live with that.” Ethan comments.

“She moved, its not the end of the world Ethan. She will come to visit, Izzy is a strong-willed girl. She wants what she wants. I am sure she will be fine, she has her mother there if she needs anything. Sofia will always be the one to be by your side.” Karen answers.

“Yea, because she feels bad for me, and I don’t want that. I also don’t want to hold her back. Its what makes this situation so hard. I have been thinking about a lot of things. I have made some decisions about my own life.” Ethan replies.

“Like what? I am glad you are moving on, I am curious about what you want to do now.” Karen responds.

“First I am getting my own apartment mom. I can’t live here anymore. I think it makes me feel worse. I want my own place, Not really a home again but a small apartment to call my own. I also always wanted to travel, and now is the time. I have money saved from selling the house, and I am going to use it to travel to all the places I wanted to see. Taking time just for myself.” Ethan says.

“I think that’s a great idea, but what about me? I can’t live here alone Ethan. ” Karen states.

“Well, either you move in with Patrica or move into assisted living. It’s your choice. I know that Patrica’s husband wouldn’t be too happy with you moving in, so maybe the latter would be a better thing. It would also give you people to interact with.” Ethan answers.

“I guess, It’s not the end of the world, I been thinking about it too, it might be best for the both of us. I think traveling would be great for you. It would get you out of here. She is doing well because she also isn’t in the same place to remember everything. You’re the one in the same spot, reliving it all.” Karen responds.

“Yes, it’s another reason why I want to move on out of here for a while. I am also glad you are thinking about this too. I think we both need to move on from our pasts.” Ethan states.

“True, I don't really want to live with your sister either. We will never get along. I like things my way she does her way and her husband just works on my nervous. He likes to say shit about me when he isn’t any better. I will pass on all that bullshit. I just know that I can’t live here alone, I need help with things, and I am tired of having all the responsibility on me. So maybe into assisted living is a good thing. ” Karen replies.

“Well mom, you are hard to get along with. I am no fan of her husband either, but you have your ways. Together you two just clash. So it is better with what your thinking.” Ethan says.

“I know, I want you to keep your heart open Ethan. I know this closed you off more then you were before, but don’t let it. You're a young man, with your whole life ahead of you. I am sure you can be happy with someone.” Karen comments.

“At the moment, I am not looking for that. I rather just travel and be on my own. I think it's for the best I stay alone. I feel better when I am." Ethan admits.

"Ok, just don't keep the idea of it out of your mind. You two just didn't work, it means nothing. I didn't really work with your father either, we just stayed because. So if you think about it, it's better that you two didn't. Why stay miserable?" Karen replies.

"You sure have changed your tune," Ethan responds.

"Yes, I had a lot to think about, I feel so free now that your father is no longer here. At first, I missed him and only saw the good parts of our marriage, or at least I tried to. Then all I saw was bad, and I was filled with rage with all I did put up with. Now I just feel free. I want to live the rest of my life for me. Doing what I want, and no putting up with anyone anymore." Karen reveals.

"I guess we all have learned these last few years. I am glad to see you this way." Ethan says.

"Me too," Karen replies.

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