The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 389

Chapter 389

The reception keeps going, Brian and Elizabeth dancing close together just enjoying their night. Both only seeing each other and no one else at times during this whole thing. Brian finally felt at ease, that no one could ever take her away from him. All the stress from the last two years just seemed to vanished today. As he dances with her close to him, he looks around seeing their sons enjoying the party. Elizabeth’s family and his joining together enjoying themselves. He couldn’t ask for anything more.

“You are really happy today aren’t you my love?” Elizabeth says.

“More than you could ever imagine. I am with the woman I love more than life, and all my family and friends got to witness it. Not to mention I am just happy being with you.” Brian answers.

“I feel the same way. Today and Tonight have been perfect.” Elizabeth replies.

“Tonight only gets better my dear.” Brian winks.

“What am I going to do with you?” Elizabeth asks with a laugh.

“Anything you want for the rest of our lives.” Brian answers.

“I love you.“Elizabeth states.

“I love you too,” Brian responds.

They both continue their dance as the night is winding down. When the dance is over, Elizabeth heads to the sweet treat table, to take some chocolate-covered strawberries, as Brian just stands and waits for her. Matt comes up wanting to talk to him.

“Congratulations. The wedding was very nice.” Matt says.

“Thank you, I hope you enjoyed your dinner also. Brian asks.

“I did, everything here is something. I think my mother has some competition when it comes to parties. Elizabeth outdid herself. Then Father was paying why not? Btw, have the results come back yet?” Matt asks.

“Not yet, they should be back the time I get back from our little getaway. I will call you when they get there, so we can open it together. I think we need to do this in front of each other.” Brian states.

“Thank you, That means a lot to me. Adam seems different, he is very happy lately. At the same time he seems up to something and I don’t know what.” Matt responds.

“I noticed he seemed very happy today, I haven’t been around him like I used to be. I do my best not to go to the New York firm much. Only when I have to. I am very comfy in my own firm.” Brian replies.

“I see him every day. He never seems to let on that he isn’t my father. He has been telling me I am doing a wonderful job. He keeps giving me more and more responsibility. It’s like he is handing it over, he doesn’t even take jobs anymore. Hell, there are days at a time he doesn’t come in.” Matt comments.

“He said he would hand it over to us,” Brian says.

“Yes, but why? He isn’t old, he isn’t ready to retire. He has all his marbles and is very active. I know something is going on but I don’t know what.” Matt admits.

“I guess whatever it really is we will find out. Enjoy what he is offering. I am glad he sees you finally. I was worried in a way him giving me all this, you would be jealous.” Brian confesses.

“At first I was, but not anymore. He has been giving to me in a different manner, plus when I got married he did it all up also. I had everything. The wedding was huge, ten times bigger than this one. Your wife did things gorgeously, but at the same time, kept he quest list down. Where Victoria had a huge list, and it wasn’t even as beautiful as this. Adam did give me, I thought about him knowing all these years that I wasn’t his son, how that must make him feel. I know when I found out the child Victoria was carrying wasn’t mine, it hurt like hell.“Matt blurts out.

“Yea, I am sure that was hard on you. The detective did everything he could to hurt all of us. That test wasn’t necessary. He was sure it was mine, and it wasn’t. I am sorry for going behind your back, just once I was with Elizabeth, I never looked at her again. She came on to me, and you pushed it then.” Brian states.

“I know, I did things I shouldn’t have, so did she. It was a big mess. I guess we are even for everything we both did to each other now. I really didn’t have to push her to go after you, she did that no matter what. I guess in a way that is what I get. I knew how she felt about you. I went for it anyway.” Matt comments.

“We both were to blame, not just you, not just me. I didn’t want her anymore, and I should have stayed away. I should have valued your vows. I see that now. I didn’t then. For that I am sorry. I know I wouldn’t want anyone to be with Elizabeth. I’m sure you felt the same about Victoria even though I didn’t.” Brian admits.

“Wow, you sure have changed didn’t you? No, I didn’t I really did care about her. If we think about it, we might have been to blame, but she sure wasn’t an angel in the matter. She loved to play us against each other. If she cared for me the way she should have, she wouldn’t have slept with you. She was married to me, not you.” Matt states.

“That makes a lot of sense. There really isn’t a point in rehashing any of this. We can’t fix it, it's all in the past. We just move on to the future and do better.” Brain says.

“Very true. If Adam is going to give both of us the firm, we need to work together. There was a time we were best friends, I would like to try to at least be friends now.” Matt replies.

“Same, there shouldn’t be anything in our way this time of us being friends. No woman, no Adam no nothing, and soon we should know the truth on other matters. It should help us mend all fences.” Brian answers.

“Yes, it should. Here comes your wife, enjoy your evening, and congratulations again.“Matt says.

“Thank you, you too.” Brian answers.

Elizabeth walks up to Brian as Matt walks away.

“Everything ok?” Elizabeth asks.

“Yes, everything is great. Are you about ready to ditch this place?” Brian asks.

“Yes, I can’t wait to get you alone.” Elizabeth answers.

“Same here, it will be nice to relax to.” Brian says holding Elizabeth’s hand.”

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