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Chapter 39 Book Signing

Chapter 39 Book Signing

Elizabeth and Brian leave, going into the car that Monica had rented for them to use. Brian being the driver like he was before on the last tour, not minding at all. He was with Elizabeth and he loved that. He did catch her the whole car ride staring at him. He knew when he was dressed up in character, it turned her on even more. He knew it was her fantasy man. He didn’t mind, as he knew she cared for him either way. It just made the sex hotter, adding to the desire. Giving it flare, which made them both want more of each other. With sex, this hot and intense no one was going to complain.

They get to the bookstore early, almost an hour and a half earlier, just so they can get ready. They even have a little time to themselves, which Brian was hoping for. They see a really long line standing outside the bookstore as they pull up, not believing their eyes.

The book was drawing in more and more fans. Which was wonderful. This would keep them afloat for part two. Giving Elizabeth funds to be her own person for a while. Which made her happy. Not to mention, she saw that others enjoyed reading her book. It made her happy to know people liked it.

After being at the bookstore for a short time, Brian grabs Elizabeth’s hand. Taking her into the back of the bookstore, where no one else was.

“What are you doing? We really shouldn’t be back here.” Elizabeth says.

“That’s the fun of it.” He replies.

Pulling her close to him, kissing her passionately. She just moans, as all night she was feeling very frisky. Just watching him makes her wet and dripping with anticipation. The man in front of her drove her desires insane.

He doesn’t take off any of her clothes. He just rubs himself up against her. Making her feel even more heated, even more, want, if that was even possible.

“You know when you’re in this outfit, I can’t resist you. This isn’t fair.” Elizabeth moans.

“I caught you staring. I know you want me.” He replies with a grin.

Having both his hands on her ass, rubbing her center up against his hard long member. His hands roam her entire body, moving over her soft sensuous breasts, and down to her firm supple ass. She moves as she feels his hard member touch her up against her clit, rubbing up and down across it.

As they keep rubbing up against each other, their kisses getting more and more intense. Elizabeth moans inside of each kiss, not able to contain herself or her body. Just his touch could set her aflame, and he knew it. He uses his hand sliding it down her pants, into her pink cotton underwear. Rubbing her now hot wet core. Driving her crazy, as he places kisses down her neck, letting his tongue lick up and down as he then nibbles her earlobe. Her arms wrap around him tighter and she pushes her body up against him needing more. Feeling the passion build deep inside her, taking over every part of her being.

Her hand gently caresses the outside of his pants where his member was almost breaking out, making his body quake with want. He keeps his eye on the prize knowing what he is after.

He keeps rubbing until she starts shuddering in his arms. He got what he was after. He got her so turned on, he got her to climax without even entering her. He knew he drove her wild.

He smiles at her with great satisfaction.

“What about you?” Elizabeth asks.

“I’m fine. I am going to go to the bathroom and wash up. You go out there. I will be right there.” Brian says.

Elizabeth fixing herself. Brian tries to take a step away, Elizabeth grabbing him by his Lavender tie, placing another hot deep kiss on his lips, before letting him go. He just looks up at her, happy.

When she heads back into the main bookstore, it’s about time to start. Seeing Ethan, the girls and her mother in the crowd, she gives them a little wave before sitting down. Getting ready to sign books. As Ethan is waiting for his turn, he sees Brian come and sit next to Elizabeth. Smiling at her, touching her hand as he sits down. Ethan sees a tenderness in Elizabeth’s smile back to him.

Ethan feeling something isn’t right while Joan was seeing the same thing, a light bulb going off in her mind. Seeing how different she is with Brian than she is with Ethan. Joan keeps her comments to herself for once, as she knows her daughter confided in her. Just seeing why she liked Brian so much. He was really easy on the eyes.

When it’s their turn to get their books signed, they go up to the table. Elizabeth hugging her kids and her mother, Ethan going in for a hug as well. She hugs back while Brian just watches.

“I would like you to meet Brian. He is my partner on my book signings.” Elizabeth states.

“Hello, So you’re with her all the time?” Ethan asks.

“Yes pretty much. I was hired as her bodyguard as well as to play the part of Zach.” Brian answers.

“I see.” Ethan comments.

The girls going up to him and saying hello. Not really noticing anything. Which Elizabeth was happy for.

She wanted to keep them in the dark for now.

“We are taking you out to dinner after this,” Joan says.

“Oh, Mother that is nice of you. We will be tired though.” Elizabeth states.

“That’s ok. You still need to eat.” Joan replies.

“Brian will be coming with me then.” Elizabeth answers.

Ethan just turns his head to look at her. Trying to make sure he heard that right.

“That’s fine. I would like to get to know him better anyway.” Joan responds. Figuring this may be her new son in law soon.

After the signing, they meet up to go to dinner, Brian not saying a word. Brian and Elizabeth driving in their own car to get to the restaurant.

“Babe, you didn’t have to invite me,” Brian says.

“Yes, I did. I wasn’t going to let you go back to the hotel alone.” Elizabeth answers.

“Ok, thank you. I do appreciate it. I just think it might bring some suspicions to your husband’s eye.”Brian comments.

“I guess. It’s not really going to matter. It won’t come to him as a surprise when I leave him in June.”Elizabeth remarks.

“If that is what you want. I think your mother knows.” Brian replies.

“I already told her. So it’s not a surprise to her.” Elizabeth admits.

“Oh, wow. She was cool about it?” Brian answers.

“She doesn’t care. She knows how Ethan is, how he treats me, she wants me to be happy. She knows I’m not with him.”

They get to the restaurant and go inside, sitting at a large table. Elizabeth sits between her daughters,

Brian on the other side of the table next to Joan, with Ethan at the head. Ethan just watching to see how

these two get along. At the moment, there was nothing to watch. Elizabeth was paying more attention to the girls. With Joan taking over Brian’s interest, asking him all the questions.

Ethan still felt something wasn’t right. She spent most of her time with this man. Day in, day out. Was there something going on? Was this why she was so different? He just sat there engaging when he can. Eating his food and watching, with tons of questions floating throughout his mind.

“So Brian, What did you do before this?” Ethan asks.

“I was a bodyguard for a few years. A bouncer at a club for a few. I have been here and there.” Brian answers.

“I bet you have,” Ethan replies quietly to himself.

“How do you like being with my wife all the time?” Ethan asks.

“I like it. She is a very smart woman. I have enjoyed our time together.” Brian states.

“You don’t mind being just a character in her book to her?” Ethan spats.

“No, not at all. It’s just playing a part. Just as if it was a TV show. I would be anyone she wanted me to

be.” Brian says, smiling at Elizabeth.

“I guess you two are pretty close then.” Ethan inquires.

“We are friends. I am here if she needs me for anything.” Brian answers.

Ethan just gives him a dirty look. Seeing how they both just smiled at each other, knowing it was more than just friends. Who was this guy bullshitting? Ethan just stares at Brian, him being younger than them both, seeing he isn’t bad on the eyes. Which just gave him more questions and thoughts.

Even though Ethan is flaming hot, he keeps his conclusions to himself. Not wanting to say anything in front of his kids. This wasn’t the time nor the place to start something. So he kept quiet, just watching. As he saw his marriage flush down the toilet, just now knowing why. Seeing it wasn’t just the new job, new clothes. It was Brain, this explained a lot to him now. All the sudden changes in her life, and not wanting or feeling at home with him anymore.

When dinner was over, they all say their goodbyes. Elizabeth getting into the car with Brian. Ethan just watching as she drove off with her lover. He knew he was in a lot of trouble. He also wasn’t sure it was anything he could fix at this moment.

“I am so glad that it is over.” Elizabeth sighs.

“Yea, I bet. Your husband knows. He wouldn’t take his eyes off of me the whole night. He was waiting for

us to do something wrong. Every time I talked he just eyed me up and down.” Brian answers.

“Even if we were not doing anything, he would believe we were. It’s just how he is. He never had a lot of confidence in himself in that.” Elizabeth answers.

“I think he only shut up because of your kids. Otherwise, I believe he would have let me have it, maybe

even you. I saw the flames, I can’t blame him, I wouldn’t like it either. I can’t imagine anyone else

touching you the way I do.” Brian says.

“It doesn’t matter. He knows that I don’t feel the same. That I am having thoughts of leaving. We talked a

little about it before I left. I just didn’t say I was leaving yet. I guess, now he knows why and you don’t

have anything to worry about. No one has ever touched me the way you do. No one ever made me feel

like you do.” Elizabeth answers.

“I guess. I wouldn’t want to be on the other side of this. I feel sorry for him. I really didn’t want to ruin a

marriage. I am glad you feel that way towards me though, I can’t deny that.” Brian says.

“You didn’t. It was ruined way before you entered my life. You just helped me to see it more.” Elizabeth admits.

Brian just nods in return.

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