The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 390

Chapter 390 Ponoco Trip.

Elizabeth and Brian go into the back to change to get ready to drive to their honeymoon destination, which is in the Ponoco Mountains. Neither of them couldn’t wait to get there, knowing it was going to take at least an hour and a half to drive there, but neither caring as long as they were together.

They get changed and head out telling everyone goodbye, the family and friends throwing traditional rice at them as they leave the venue getting into their car. They both just smile at each other, knowing this took a while, but they have gotten where they wanted to go. They beat all the odds and made it here today. They were both proud of their relationship and all it has endured.

“Are you excited about our honeymoon?” Elizabeth asks.

“Of course, I been thinking about it all day, alone with you in a cozy warm bed. I can’t wait.” Brian smiles

“Its supposed to be the most romantic place there. I can’t wait to see. I want to check out everything not only the bed.“She laughs.

“I intend to also. The French Manor inn and Spa...sounds so fancy. On a serious note, I really think we can use the spa to our advantage. We need to get away from it all and just relax. I think this will be great for us. ” Brian answers.

“I feel the same, I love to get to experience all this with you. Our wedding was beautiful, it was everything I ever wanted and more. To see it come to life was special.” Elizabeth says.

“When you told the planner all you wanted, I didn’t really envision it all, when I walked in today it took my breath away. It’s a day to remember always. They will all be talking about that for years to come, It will be hard to beat.” Brian responds.

“I didn’t do it for them, I did it for us. It was something I wanted to give us, that we deserved. We have been through so much. I wanted this to be a rebirth.” Elizabeth replies.

“You accomplished it very well, I feel so free from the last two years. All the bad seemed to just wash away today.” Brian admits.

“Same here, It was all worth it to get here.” Elizabeth states.

Elizabeth just sits back and relaxes as Brian drives. They listen to the radio and just remain peaceful for the rest of the drive. It starts to snow, as they enter the mountains giving off a glow and even more peacefulness. The hour and a half just seem to fly by enjoying every minute of it.

They pull up and stop the car in front of This French-inspired stone chateau in the Poconos with imported Spanish slate roofs, Romanesque-arched entryway, and impressive stone fireplaces.

Brian and Elizabeth just look at each other, they were no strangers to staying in Hotels, but this one was different. It was calm and romantic and everything they were looking for.

They enter their room with a huge King size bed, private fireplace, and Jacuzzi. They couldn’t wait to check out it all.

“I am going to go take a shower and change. I will be right back.” Elizabeth states.

“Take your time, we have all night to do what I plan on,” Brian says.

“I bet, open that bottle of champagne for us. It’s a special night and I would like to have some. “Elizabeth says.

“Last time you had some, I have to say it was a very fun night,” Brian smirks.

“It’s going to be a very fun night. I couldn’t give you everything I wanted to on our real honeymoon. I was too pregnant. I want to make that up to you this time around.” Elizabeth answers.

“Babe, it was special. You were carrying my child. It was perfect, I enjoyed every minute with you.” Brian replies.

“I’m glad, just this time, I want to make it better,” Elizabeth responds walking into the bathroom.

When Elizabeth’s shower is done she walks into the room wearing just the towel, Brian sees her as soon as she walks into the room. Elizabeth puts the towel down on a chair, wanting to slide on her nightie, Brian gives her no chance to as he uses the towel as a lasso bringing her close to him. Her body light falling into his arms.

Brian catches her, enjoying the feeling of Elizabeth’s soft skin as his hands slide down her back. Elizabeth wraps her arms around his neck and kisses his sexy lips as she gives out a light moan from his light touch on her back. Brian plants hands firmly on her sexy firm ass, pulling her tightly to him, as he kisses back. Elizabeth kisses him as her hand slides down to his chest, rubbing it lightly up and down, the passion just building inside them both. Elizabeth goes to remove Brian’s Shirt wanting to make it a bit even since she is in his arms stark naked. Elizabeth then goes to unbutton his pants sliding them down his legs Brian kicks them off to the side.

Elizabeth looks down to see that Brian clearly enjoyed her being naked in front of him, and removing his clothes piece by piece for him. She just smiles to herself knowing they still have it.

Brian starts to massage her breasts, lightly kneading her nipples between his fingers, Elizabeth just moans into the kiss she started, her own hands running over his nipples, her fingers flicking over them, sending shivers down his back. Her other hand goes for his hair pushing him deeper into the kiss. Their tounges meet and twirl around each other’s in a desperate need.

Elizabeth’s body moves closer to his as his hands move slowly down her side, finding the small of her back, to meet her and pull her closer to him. Elizabeth’s lips go for his neck, nibbling on his ear lobe, as her hand goes up and down his back wanting to feel every part of him like it was the first time.

Brian buries his face into her neck. kissing slowly around her neck, down her shoulder and back up, which gains him a bigger moan, as her lower body moves closer to his, needing to feel him. Elizabeth’s moans only excite him further, allowing her lower body in close enough to begin feeling her effects on him. Feeling his throbbing member on her thighs.

Elizabeth rubs up against his lower body, wanting to feel the effect she is having on him, also making him feel how wet he makes her, just from his light touches. Brian kisses her as his hands travel down her body and over her stomach finding her lower lips. Elizabeth kisses him back passionately letting Brian have full access to her body, her own hands sliding down his tummy to touch his swollen member. His hand slides down to her pussy, and ack up, his finger sliding between her wet lips rubbing and circling her clit teasing her before sliding back down. Elizabeth’s body moves into his hand as she lightly touches over his head and his shaft to give him the same attention she is getting. Brian keeps going as he rubes up and down again, this time letting his middle finger slide into her wet hot core, slowly wiggling it within.

This just makes Elizabeth hotter wanting even more of him. He slides his ring finger in too, his mouth finds her breast as his fingers move faster inside her. Brian’s tongue circling, sucking on her nipple, making her come undone in his arms. Brian backs her up into the king-size bed, laying her back kissing her down her neck, down her chest and stomach. He lowers himself in front of her kissing up her right inner thigh, his nose brushing her lips as he kisses down her left inner thigh. Spreading her legs slightly sliding his tongue up her sweet wet lips.

Elizabeth just lays back and closes her eyes taking in the feel of him. He slides his full flattened tongue from just under her lips slowly dragging it up her lips until his mouth engulfs her clit. His tongue flicking and circling it before starting over. This time his hands on either side of her spreading her slightly as his tongue slides inside her.

Elizabeth can’t help but moan, not able to keep herself still, the excitement just builds inside of her. Brian moves Elizabeth’s right leg over his shoulder as he starts to suck on her clit, his tongue flicking it from inside his mouth, while his fingers, slightly curved up begin to slide in and out of at a steadying pace. His free hand reaching up to find her breast giving it a light squeeze.

Elizabeth can’t stay still, she is close to just losing it.

“Brian, I am going to cum.” She says.

“Just let go, babe, Cum for me. ” Brian answers.

Brian’s fingers meeting her body’s movements, sliding faster in and out, wanting to make her release. Just the sound of his voice and his movements let her let go right there. Elizabeth tries to catch her breath, as she pulls Brian up to her lips kissing him passionately.

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