The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 391

Chapter 391

Brian brushes her hair from her face so he can kiss her, Elizabeth places her arms around him kissing him deeply, his hand goes to her cheek as they kiss passionately. Elizabeth’s hand moves down his back, as she grips his ass. Brian’s breath skips mid-kiss at the unexpected but welcomed grip. Elizabeth just giggles, knowing that surprised him. She then rolls him over being on top of him. Brian just staring at the view in front of him loving it all. Seeing just how much he turns her on and makes her come undone, makes him even hotter. Seeing this beautiful sexy, sweaty woman laying there undone, because of his actions, makes him smirk to himself.

Elizabeth kisses his neck, down to his chest, going to his right nipple that she flicks with her wet tongue sucking on it gently, then going to the left giving it the same treatment. Wanting to give him all the attention she wanted to give him their first wedding night but couldn’t. She had every intention of fixing that tonight.

Brian’s hands just grazing her arms, not wanting to miss an opportunity to touch her in some way. The feeling of needing her builds inside of him. She kisses down his tummy, down his hairline, leaving her to breathe on his hard thick manhood. She Takes him lightly into her hands looking up at him, she licks around Brian’s head and down his shaft making it all wet with her mouth. He just closes his eyes for a second to enjoy the feeling.

She slides her tongue up and down his shaft going back to his head, she slowly slides his head into her mouth getting a large moan from Brian. Elizabeth takes it in, then going down, and up again. Sucking on him, her warm mouth wrapped around him. Brian feels his manhood grow inside her mouth, from the feeling of it. Not able to control how he responds.

Her hand going to rub his balls as she slides him in her mouth, in and out faster as her other hand goes up and down his shaft as well. Brian feels himself ready to explode. Elizabeth picks up the pace going faster and faster. Brian is not able to hold back any longer, exploding in her mouth, his member twitching with each stream he releases. Never feeling this hot in his whole life. She managed to completely get to him in every way making him lose control and he loved it.

Elizabeth works her way back up his body, kissing him. Brian welcoming the warmth of her body on top of his. Elizabeth sits up on top of him, with each leg on the side of his thighs. Brian sitting up to meet her arms wrapped around him, each hand finding a sexy ass to grasp. Elizabeth wraps her legs around him, as he feels himself start to rise again from the closeness of her body.

Elizabeth feels the excitement of his body and moves closer to him, moving her lower body on his. She keeps teasing him, rubbing him in between her wet lips. light moans escape her from the feel of his hard thick member. Brian’s hands go for her ass again wanting to hold on to it as she grinds her body on him. Making him grow harder with each grind. Until he can’t restrain himself and must feel himself inside her. With His hands on her ass, he lifts her up swiftly and slides her down onto him, not moving at first, just wanting to feel her wet hot core wrapped around him, while he kisses her.

Brian starts rocking slowly, as Elizabeth’s body moves with his, her hands going up and down his back. Brian kisses her neck as he begins to move his hips up and down, pushing himself deeper inside her. Elizabeth moves her body up and down with him, wanting to feel all of him inside of her. He makes her crazy with each of his touches and thrusts. She can’t believe just how much she needs him.

Brian whispers in her ear,” You don’t know how much I need you or how much I thought about this all day to be this close to you. ” As he thrusts into her harder

This just sets Elizabeth off more, moving her body up and down harder, going to kiss his neck. They both keep going until they both can’t hold it any longer. Elizabeth lets go, Brian feeling her spasm on him, he does the same. Both trying to catch their breaths, staying in each other’s arms. Brian hugging her tightly.

“Was that all that you thought it would be?” Brian asks.

“Even better, did you like?” Elizabeth asks.

“God yes, You seem to get me going even more than before, I didn’t think that was even possible but it is.” Brian answers.

“Good, I intend on keeping you surprised and wanting more all the time.” Elizabeth smiles.

“You’re doing a great job already. It’s been one hell of a ride so far babe.” Brian says.

“It sure has, but its just starting,” Elizabeth replies.

“It sure is, I am in this for the long haul. You are my everything. I have something that is on my mind, It’s hard to keep it from you this long.” Brian admits.

“What? Should I be worried?” Elizabeth asks.

“No, it has nothing to do with us, it’s just something I saw from a bit ago and it was confirmed to me last night.” Brian states.

“Ok, then tell me, I don’t want any secrets from each other. What is going on?” Elizabeth asks curling up to him.

“I don’t know how you’re going to take this. I think its nice, but then I am a man and I don’t see anything wrong with it.” Brian comments.

“Ok,” Elizabeth answers wondering what the hell is going on.

“I am not sure if you noticed but Sean has been different lately,” Brian asks.

“Yes, he has been. I noticed it for a while. If I am honest Izzy hasn’t been the same either since working at the firm.” Elizabeth replies.

“It’s because they both like each other and my brother doesn’t know how to deal with it,” Brian admits.

“Awww I thought so. Just where does this leave Martha? She is a good woman, she has been there for him, I don’t want to see her hurt.” Elizabeth answers.

“Wait, you knew?” Brian says sitting up in bed.

“I am not blind, I see how they look at each other. I saw the difference in them. They didn’t have to tell me, for me to notice. I look at you that way, so it’s easy to see in others.” Elizabeth laughs.

“I saw it as well but my brother is in love with her. Just for him to take the next step is hard for him. Plus he is worried you would hate him for dating your daughter. He is overthinking everything like he always does.” Brian says.

“I would never hate him, he is a good guy. If this is something Izzy wants to, I am not going to say no. It wouldn’t work anyway just push them together more and make me the bad guy. How do I know if this would work or not? How does anyone, all they can do is try? Look at us, we had everything stacked against us, and here we are. I just feel bad for Martha but if we saw it, she didn’t? She isn’t dumb at all.” Elizabeth replies.

“I am so glad you are taking it like this. I don’t know what is going through Martha’s mind. Sean said he would talk to her, and even you, I just couldn’t keep this from you. I didn’t want to.” Brian responds.

“I am glad you didn’t. I am also happy he will talk to her before doing anything. I know I should have done that myself, just being that close to you, I couldn’t help myself. It just built up where I needed to be with you and I thought of nothing else. I was selfish.” Elizabeth confesses.

“It was about time you were selfish and took what you wanted in life. I know we hurt him but at the same time, I am glad you did something for yourself. I just hope my brother does the same and doesn’t let his overthinking push him back from being with someone he really loves. It doesn’t happen often, he needs to let go.“Brian says.

“Let him do what he needs to. This is between them not us. I will stand by whatever choices they make. I will be there for Martha as well if she will still want to be my friend after this.” Elizabeth responds.

“I guess we will find out. For now, I just want to enjoy our honeymoon. We waited for this for a long time. I want to enjoy every second with you.” Brian comments.

“I feel the same.” Elizabeth answers.

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