The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 392

Chapter 392 Relaxing.

Brian and Elizabeth enjoy their honeymoon, taking in the sites, and doing their best to relax, which was something neither of them was used to. They were finally learning how to let go some, and enjoy everything life was offering to them. Brian has matured a lot since he met Elizabeth, finally turning into the man he wanted to be. Having a woman he loved by his side and even a family.

They both enjoy the spa, pool, restaurants, bar and everything this hotel has to offer. Not missing out on one thing. It was even better than all the other hotels they ever spent the night in, this one meant something much more. It was the start of their new life together. One both of them were looking forward to.

They both knew once they would go home, their busy lifestyle would set back in. Brian had a lot of work, Elizabeth would continue looking for a new home, and also getting ready for the last book to come out. Brian also knew the test results would be back, and they would finally get the answers they needed. He just hoped this didn’t push Sean more over the edge then he was now. He knew Sean had a lot on his mind. Did he stay with Martha and play it safe? Or go with Izzy and start fresh? Brian wasn’t too sure what Sean would do, he just knew he wasn’t like him, who would have already gone for it. It was just the way Brian was, he does look back and think of all the overthinking he did with Elizabeth. How unsure he was how this was going to go, yet he knew he wanted it. He also knows a lot of people got hurt in the process. Just, in the end, it was worth it. He knew that Martha didn’t deserve this, she was nothing like Ethan at all. This would hurt her, and probably take her by surprise. Which made Brian feel bad, just there wasn’t anything he could do.

It just seemed to be happy someone always had to get hurt, at least Sean would talk to her first before acting on things. Maybe that would be better, being honest? Then Brian sits at the bar remembering when Victoria wanted to be open and honest with Matt. That didn’t go so well. Then does cheating on someone ever really go well? Yet so many people do it without thinking about there partner's feelings. At least Sean was overthinking where millions just act on things.

“Are you ok? Your mind seems so far away there.” Elizabeth asks.

“Sorry babe, I was just thinking about Martha. You are right, it's sad to hurt her. Just do you stay with someone you don’t have feelings for anymore just not to hurt them?” Brian says.

“I did that for a long time myself, it only builds resentment. It only makes things worse. Relationships are not easy no matter what, but at least Sean is thinking if this is something he wants or not. He really does need to just have a conversation with Martha, see how she feels and what she wants? I know sometimes it's hard to talk and let out how you feel, but in this situation, he really needs to.” Elizabeth answers.

“True, I see your point. I don’t want us to ever get here. I know I have done a lot of dumb things in the past, but I don’t want you to ever resent me, or stay because you feel you have to. I want you here because you love and want me.” Brian replies feeling a pain in his chest.

“This is them, not us. I love you Brian, when I say that, I honestly mean it. I don’t know what the future holds for us or for anyone. But I know that I will do everything I can to make this work and I know so will you. I don’t have the fears I had before and I don’t want you to either.” Elizabeth states.

“I am so glad you let go of them. I see how different you are, it's wonderful. I guess we both have grown a lot from all this. I am glad we have gotten this far.” Brian answers.

“So am I, it's nice to see things this way and not always overthink. I can’t say anything about your brother, there were times I overthought everything. Which just drove me crazy and made things a lot worse. He will see what he wants. I know Izzy isn’t like that and will just go for it like you. So I guess they will balance each other out if they get together. If not I do see them both hurting from it, even more than if they don’t. There were times Izzy came over and was really down.” Elizabeth admits.

“I saw the same from Sean, he has been down and even trying to stay away from her, hoping his feelings would change. I remember a certain someone doing that.” Brian looking at Elizabeth with a smile.

“Hey, as you saw it only made me want you more. So see it worked out pretty well.” Elizabeth giggles.

“Yes, it did. Enough about them, I am sorry to take up so much of our time with it. I want this to be just us. Let’s finish our drink and head up to our room and get in the sauna and relax.” Brian responds.

“Sounds good, don’t forget the champagne,” Elizabeth smirks.

“Hell, that was the first thing I am getting. I love when you drink. ” Brian laughs.

Elizabeth just shakes her head and smiles. She loves the playfulness between them. She knows Brian is a bit worried about Sean, she is just trying to see where life takes it and not interfere. It was something that Sean and Izzy needed to decide for themselves. She loved her and wanted the best for her, and most of all wanted her happy. Elizabeth lived too many years in an unhappy loveless marriage, she didn’t want to push that on to anyone.

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