The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 395

Chapter 395

Its now time for Brian to head home from work, All he has been thinking about today is Elizabeth. He missed spending so much time with her. He was happy it was time to go home and be with his family. He also couldn’t wait to tell her about Sean. He also did look forward to telling her things, more now than ever. He loved their closeness and he didn’t want to ever lose it.

Brian was glad to see Sean happy today, yet at the same time he was sad about Martha He had known her for a long time, she was part of the family. Will the relationship with all of them now change because of this? Brian figured it would. He was also glad to see his brother took a stand for what he really wanted. He was wondering if he would do so or just walk away because he was too scared of what may happen. Knowing that Sean had to overthink everything, just this time, he didn’t let it stand in his way. Brian was proud.

Brian goes home to see Tylor watching tv on the sofa and Zach playing in his playpen while Elizabeth is in the kitchen making dinner. Brian walks in the kitchen and kisses Elizabeth on the head.

“Hey babe, how was your day?” Brian asks.

“It was good, It took me a bit to get back into the swing of things though. I got so used to the room service, just here I am the room service. ” Elizabeth laughs.

“I know what you mean babe. Took me some time to get into it at work too. I missed you. I do have to say that Sean is in better spirits though.” Brian replies.

“I missed you too. Oh, that's great, he came back to work?” Elizabeth asks.

“Yes, he did. Izzy and he seemed very happy together today. Sean let me know that he told Martha and it was over. She went back home to her parents.” Brian states.

“Oh, I am sorry to hear that. I hope she is ok? Should I call her? I wonder if she will even want to talk to me now. We were good friends, she is a good person. I just don’t know if she will want to be my friend now.” Elizabeth responds.

“I thought the same thing on the way home. But we didn’t have anything to do with this. Its really between them, but I know it will cause some problems. He is happier than I ever saw him though so I guess it was the right choice.” Brian comments.

“I am the mother of the girl he wants to date, I am sure that will bother her some. I am glad in a way he told her so he didn’t go behind her back, I am just sure that didn’t make anything better. It still hurts.” Elizabeth says.

“She knew Sean was feeling that way towards Izzy. She saw it like the rest of us. I am sure that didn’t help either. There is no nice way out of these types of situations. People fall out of love, things happen. It's not fair but it is life.” Brian answers.

“I know it is, sadly it happens too often. I am not one to judge. I was no angel.” Elizabeth replies.

“You don’t regret it, do you?” Brian asks forgetting about his brother for the moment.

“Of course not. I love you dearly, you are the best thing that ever happened to me. I do wish I didn’t have to hurt anyone to be able to be this happy.” Elizabeth remarks.

“My brother wants to come here on Sunday and talk to you. He wants to make sure your ok with them being together. I know he doesn’t want to start any problems.” Brian says.

“I think that is very nice of him. He really has nothing to worry about. This is their choice as long as they are happy. Izzy has always been very mature in her age. She knows what she wants. Your brother is the one in for it.” Elizabeth laughs.

“I think at this moment he doesn’t care. He is so intrigued by her. He finally sees how I felt when I was chasing you.” Brian chuckles.

“Felt?” Elizabeth teases.

“You know what I mean. He always made fun of me. Now he is there.” Brian says wrapping his arms around Elizabeth’s waist.

“Yes, I know what you meant. I think we are all there at least once in our life. That special someone that doesn’t make you think rationally. Makes your heart skip a beat when they are near. It's great and scary at the same time.” Elizabeth answers.

“It is, but I wouldn’t change it for anything,” Brian says with a smile.

“Me either. Oh, I have something to tell you.” Elizabeth replies.

“Ok, What happened?” Brian asks.

“While we were away a house went up for sale practically around the corner from the firm. The location is wonderful. It is a lot bigger than this place and not much more money. It has four bedrooms, a finished basement, a large eat-in kitchen, and best yet, a little guest house in the back with a pool!” Elizabeth says happily.

“Wow, that is a lot and sounds wonderful. We will need to check it out. If we like it we will put a bid on it. That does mean we will have to sell this one. You are ok with that?” Brian asks.

“I think I am. I mean I will miss living here, it was our first everything. It means a lot to me. Then we are starting over again without all the issues we had the first time around. We will always have the memories.” Elizabeth responds.

“No one can ever take the memories babe. They are ours. Plus with it being that close to work it will be great. The and Izzy will be close to us too.” Brian answers.

“Yes and it keeps Tylor in the same area as well, so not many changes for him. I think he has had enough changes in his life this last year. I don’t want to uproot him. We just need more space and I am sure he will be happy with his own room again. I am also sure the pool won’t hurt. ” Elizabeth giggles.

“I am sure he will love it. We sure have done a lot in the last few months. I am hoping this is the last of the big changes for a while. Its all been great, though, but it will be nice to settle down. Moving will be a pain.” Brian comments.

“I know it will be but we can do it. I also hope its the last of the big changes. Oh, I forgot to ask did you get the results?” Elizabeth asks.

“No, I called they said they should be in tomorrow. I guess there goes another change. I have been going back and forth with wanting to know.” Brian says.

“It will be fine, Do you want me to be there?” Elizabeth replies.

“Maybe stop by in the afternoon. I told Matt to be there. I think Matt, Sean and I all should be there. Sean will have Izzy there for him, which I think is a good thing. He will need her. ” Brian states.

“Matt will need someone as well. I am sure all this isn’t easy on him either. His mother needs to tell him who his father is. It's only fair.” Elizabeth responds.

“She knows it all and needs to open up but I guess we will find out,” Brian says.

“I guess so. ” Elizabeth replies.

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