The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 396

Chapter 396 Test Results.

The next day comes before you know it, Brian getting up to go to work, a bit nervous not sure what the test results are going to hold for him or for Sean. He just knew that no matter what, he needed the truth. They both lived in the dark for way too long, and too many things have been going around. It was time for the truth no matter what it was. Brian knew the results today would be true as no one knew about the tests, it was going through his own lab. It wasn’t being with Adam’s lab or anyone who would talk and tell him what was going on.

“Are you going to be ok?” Elizabeth asks.

“Yea, I will be fine babe. You're coming over this afternoon so it gives me something to look forward to. Go check out the house and let me know if it's worth going to check it out together. ” Brian answers getting his morning coffee.

“I will if you need me in the meantime please call me. I am here for you always. I love you.” Elizabeth answers.

“I know you are, and it makes things a lot easier. I love you too, and I will see you this afternoon.” Brian replies kissing her on her forehead.

Brian gets into the car and drives off to work, getting to the office in no time at all. He walks in seeing Izzy at the front desk, and Sean in his own office.

“Izzy, did the results come in?” Brian asks.

“Yes, they were here as soon as we opened. Sean went to his office, he is unsure how to feel about the results of these. He also isn’t sure if he wants it to be him or not at this point.” Izzy responds.

“I knew it would be harder on him than me now. We will deal with it together. Please ring Matt and tell him to come over so we can get this over with. ” Brian states.

“Will do that right now.” Izzy answers.

Brian goes to knock on Sean’s office door, hoping that he is ok. Normally he was the one holding it together just lately too many things were hitting him at once.

“Come in,” Sean says.

“Are you ok?” Brian asks.

“Yea, I am dealing like always. What do you want me to do? Just the thought of that sick prick being our father bothers me.” Sean comments.

“He isn’t that bad Sean, he has helped us when we really needed it. I think its all the hidden things we don’t know that makes us feel he is a bad person at times.” Brian remarks.

“True, There are so many things that are hidden. I am not sure why mom did this. She really loved him? Wanted him? Then I know he was always there for her, even when she died. I thought about a lot of things last night, how he stayed at her bedside while she was dying. How he paid for the nurse to take care of her, and also her funeral. He did watch us grow up, just in a different way. He was there, he just never admitted to us he was our father. Do you think he is now?” Sean asks.

“If the test proves that we are, how can he deny it? After all this why would he want to? I am more wondering if he isn’t Matt’s father then who is? That’s the big secret if you want to look at it.” Brian responds.

“I just can’t see Adam taking Matt when it wasn’t his. I want a sit down with him if this test proves he is our father. I want to know it all. No more bullshitting. Margret is only going to give bits and pieces if she gives anything at all to Matt. ” Sean replies.

“We will have your sit down, and I am sure Matt will get what he needs as well. He should be here any minute. I have Elizabeth coming for lunch she wants to be here for me afterward.” Brian answers.

“It's great you have her. Izzy said she would be there for me also. ” Sean says.

“Excuse me, but I wanted to let you both know that Matt is here in the waiting room,” Izzy says knocking then opening the office door.

“Great send him in, we will get this over with,” Brian replies.

A few minutes later, Matt is in the office taking a seat like it didn’t have anything to do with him.

“Well, I already know he isn’t my father, so I really don’t care. I have come to terms with it, from when I heard it first. I guess it is your turn.” Matt says.

“We thought he wasn’t ours either, so here goes nothing.” Sean answers.

Brian opens the envelope and pulls out the papers scanning down them as fast as he can.

“Again we are all related in some ways. Sean and I are true brothers. Adam is our father. Matt, you share DNA but Adam isn’t your father.“Brian admits.

“So my mother finally told the truth, on something. I will be damned. So we are not half brothers?” Matt says.

“No, we are not half brothers. Just the question still remains who is your father? We want to have a sit down with Adam, we want to hear his side of this.” Brian confesses.

“I also want to hear about my mother's side. This ought to be good. They both cheated on each other. What a freaking mess.” Matt comments.

“But he took you when he didn’t have to. That should count for something. I mean knowing Adam he could have through your mother out and made a scene.” Sean remarks.

“In some ways, yes, but that wouldn’t look very good on him, especially at the time. Plus whoever this mystery man is, I am sure didn’t want it out in the open either.” Matt replies.

“Well, the son of a bitch is our father. I thought I would have taken it worse, but I am not feeling anything.” Sean admits.

“We all kind of already figured he was. And why let it bother you? You are the person you are, without him. Don’t let who he is defi you. I did, and it only took me down, now I am rising above it. Finally being the person I want to be for me.” Matt reveals.

“I am glad you are. We all deserve peace here. We have been through enough.” Brian answers.

“We sure have.” Sean states.

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