The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 397

Chapter 397 Going For The Rest.

Matt leaves the office now knowing parts of the truth. He really wasn’t Adam’s son, and they were. Was that good? Or was that bad? He had no idea at the moment. He just knew his mother had some explaining to do. He wanted the real full truth and he wanted it now. All these years, of lies and betrayal and him, stuck in the middle of it, had to end. He was finally picking up the pieces of his life, that were destroyed from it. Yet, he still needed to know what was fully going on.

Matt drives to his family home, not going back to the office, wanting to talk to Margret now that he had the papers in his hands. He knew she had known that Adam was Brian and Sean's father. She was sure of it. This only meant, Adam or someone else messed up the other test, on purpose, still trying to hide the facts from everyone. Letting them all think for some reason they were brothers.

Matt walks into his home, going into the study where his mother spent most of her time.

“Matt your home early today, is everything ok?” Margret asks.

“Yes, I have the results that you wanted. You were right, Brian and Sean are his, and I am not. So who is my father, mother? What is all the secrecy about?” Matt says.

“I knew those other results were not right. Adam and Brian’s mother liked each other from the moment they met. Her husband couldn’t have children, which drove a wedge in their relationship. It drove her into Adam’s bed, not that he was arguing about it. I believe it was the first time in his life, he truly loved someone. He would give her anything she wanted, and children was it. They planned to have Brian, spending more and more time together as time went on. She captured his soul and his heart.” Margret confesses.

“What about you Mother?” Matt asks.

“Adam knew I never loved him the way I should have. There was another I loved deeply and always have. Just my father wouldn’t let me marry him. He wasn’t a go-getter like Adam, he didn’t want in the firm or anything to really do with it. He was a bit of a bad boy always wanting to do what he wanted.” Margret answers.

“Go on,” Matt says.

“I was seeing him before I married Adam and continued afterward. Not really able to stop or leave him behind. Even though I knew my father was right. Adam would hang out with Ron and his wife often, while I would hang out with Micheal. We both got pregnant at the same time, and Adam knew it wasn’t his due to the fact we were not having sex. The marriage was an arrangement from the start. ” Margret reveals.

“Who is this Micheal mother? So Adam knew about this from the start and didn’t care?” Matt asks.

Micheal was Adam's younger brother. We all met while in college, but Micheal was the party boy. Who I fell madly in love with. Where Adam was the one who wanted the firm and to become a lawyer taking over the world just like my own father. So a deal was set in place, We would get married, but I could still see Micheal as long as we kept it discreet. Adam could do the same, just at the time he didn’t have anyone to mess with until after we have gotten married. I think at the beginning it did bother Adam until he started with Brian’s mother. Then he didn’t care about anything else.” Margret states.

“Brother? There was never any mention of Adam having a brother? Where is he?” Matt asks.

“He is dead, he wanted me to leave Adam when he found out I was pregnant with you, I couldn’t and we got into a fight. He left here drinking way too much and go into a car crash. He died immediately. Everyone hushed it up, Adam taking you as his own, so we could keep the lifestyle and agreement we had in place. Adam had to shut up about Brian and Sean all these years to make things seem like we had it all. When my father died he left him everything, the firm, money, power, it all. In exchange, he would never tell about you, and when the time came you would have part of the firm as well.” Margret answers.

“Aww, So he has no choice but to give me part of the firm. I knew there was a reason he didn’t throw me out. I also know now why he looks at me the way he does.” Matt replies.

“Your grandfather made sure you were protected. He knew that somehow, someway, Adam would work his bastards into his firm. No matter who your father truly was, you are his rightful grandson and air. So he protected that.” Margret responds.

“Did you ever care for Adam?” Matt comments.

“We have tried to move past our indiscretions. It’s just hard when both of us are in love with different people. His lasted a lot longer than mine did. He was with her for years, even getting to raise his sons in a way. If she didn’t pass away he would still be with her. It was hard to watch, not because I loved Adam but because the man I did love was no longer here. It’s why We never had a child together, we couldn’t. That was something we only wanted with our real love. We both let money and power guide our way, I hope you never let that happen.” Margret admits.

“I never have seen you so real before.” Matt answers.

“I have nothing to hide from you anymore. I love you, you have always been very special to me, just my choices got in the way of your happiness at times and I am sorry. There just wasn’t any point in leaving Adam after your real father died. I just figured to keep the agreement in place, so it worked out for all of us. My only reason for leaving it was no longer.” Margret admits.

“I always thought that Adam was a bastard where he was just stuck where he didn’t want to be all these years,” Matt responds.

“He wasn’t the only one stuck, but in the end we made it work. You know everything now, I am just sorry you never got to meet your father. Or see how much we loved one another. It was why I hated Victoria with you. I saw how you loved her, and she didn’t feel the same. I want you to experience what it is like for a woman to love you back the way you do. It’s the most incredible feeling. ” Margret answers.

“Like what Brian and Elizabeth share?” Matt says.

“Yes, it only happens once Matt. That certain someone who knocks you off your feet takes your breath away. It may not always last or work but while it’s happening its worth all the pain in the end.” Margret reveals taking a sip of her red wine.

“I never pegged you for a softy mother,” Matt says.

“You never got to witness that part of me. Only your father made me feel that no other, but it was mutual. And it was for Adam and Brian’s mother as well. Just death got in the way where no one else could. Unforntitally, the same will happen to Brian and Elizabeth one day. One will pass leaving the other alone and heartbroken. Unless life steps in before that, and breaks them, which after everything they have been through I don't think so.” Margret admits.

“You seem jealous.” Matt comments.

“My dear son, its what everyone looks for. True love. I have had it, I just wish it would have lasted longer. ” Margret responds.

“So I am just supposed to keep this to myself and act like Adam is the daddy of the year?” Matt replies.

“You do whatever you see fit with the information I provided you. I am done keeping my end of the agreement, I am sure Adam is in ways also. I think its time for all of us to live life the way we should have from the start.” Margret explains.

“Maybe.” Matt states.

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