The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 398

Chapter 398 News.

Elizabeth pulls up to the firm, just wondering how Brian is taking the news. She knows that he has been waiting for this for a while now. There have been so many things coming up with this, and just when she thought they put it in the past about Adam being his father, here they go again. She just knew she had to be there for Brian. He needed her and she would do anything for him to make this go smoother. She just hopes that it ends soon, and things can return to the normal, and most of all maybe Brian and Sean could get the father they both have been longing for. No matter what they say otherwise.

Elizabeth walks into the office seeing Izzy at the front desk and Sean right behind her. This doesn’t surprise her at all. She just smiles, to herself knowing these two real affections for each other.

“Hey sweety I am here to see Brian,” Elizabeth Says giving Izzy and Sean a hug.

“He is in his office mom, he has been waiting for you,” Izzy replies.

“Great thank you. Sean are you ok? I hope the news set in for you?” Elizabeth asks.

“Yea I am fine, Izzy is here helping me deal. We talked about it for a while. I can’t change the fact that Adam is our father. Brian and I just want the whole truth so we can be done with this. Sometimes at this point, I wonder why even bother?” Sean admits.

“I know this has been hard on both of you. I am really sorry you have to deal with all this. I think you two just need to talk to Adam and find out the truth. I think it wouldn’t be as hard as either of you feels it would be. Adam has come a long way from when I first met him until now. I think he really cares about both of you. You just need to give him a chance.” Elizabeth remarks.

“I guess your right. Brian will set it up, he is good at this shit. Plus he has been closer to Adam than I have been. I always kept my distance. Brian is his favorite anyway.” Sean responds.

“I am sure he cares for both of you equally. Just sometimes you have more in common with one child then you do with the other. After he knows that you both know the truth maybe that will change? Hopefully, your relationship can grow, if that's what you want.” Elizabeth comments.

“We will see. I want to see his reaction to this. If he tries to squirm his way out of it, or tells the truth.......or at least his version of the truth.” Sean answers.

“I feel he may tell the truth, there isn’t any point in lying.” Elizabeth states.

“We will see,” Sean remarks.

Elizabeth nods and heads to Brian's office, seeing Brian sitting in his chair on the phone with Matt. She just goes over to him, kissing his cheek, then taking a seat in the brown armchair in front of the desk.

“Thanks for letting me know everything Matt, I can't believe it. It makes a lot of sense to me now though and I can understand the situation.” Brian answers.

“Same here, I don't know if Adam will have the same version of what my mother told me, but if it's even half true its something else isn’t it? They were just an arrangement nothing more.” Matt replies.

“It's not the oddest thing I have heard, people do all kinds of things for money and power. It's just sad that neither of them got to be truly happy with the ones they really loved.” Brian responds.

“When you pick money over everything else, this is what happens.” Matt states.

“True, do you want to be there for that as well?” Brian asks.

“Yes, I would love to see what Adam has to say to all this. Not to mention, me not being his son. I have nothing to worry about he has to give me my share of the firm. My grandfather made sure of it. So that means that Adam doesn’t rule over me anymore. Even though I have to say lately he hasn’t. He changed a lot and let go. I think he may see it wasn’t worth it after all.” Matt admits.

“Better late than never. I will let you know when we schedule the meeting. Elizabeth just walked in and I have to go. Thank you for everything. I guess this makes us Cousins?” Brian says.

“ Yea, I guess it does. No problem at all, and thank you as well. It's been nice being friends again instead of fighting each other over bullshit. Enjoy your afternoon with your wife.” Matt responds.

“Same,” Brian answers hanging up.

“Are you ok? I know today has been a lot for you.” Elizabeth asks, going up to Brian and sitting on his lap.

“I am fine babe. It wasn’t really that much, from what I am seeing its not really that bad to have him as a father it could be worse. Matt called and let me know about what his mother said. It seems that it was just an arrangement for Margret and Adam to get married. Never love. She was in love with Adam’s brother Micheal, but he was supposedly not what Margret's father was looking for in a spouse for her.” Brian explains.

“Aww, so he is Matt’s father?” Elizabeth asks.

“Yes, he is his father, but it seems he passed away and everything was hushed over. Adam still hung out with my mother and had Sean. Keeping their relationship until she died.” Brian says.

“So he was true to her?” Elizabeth replies.

“Yes, very. He loved her dearly even Margret admitted to it. I will tell Sean after lunch so he knows everything as well. ” Brian answers.

“So now you know the real reason behind everything. It is nice to know that he really cared for your mother, he also was trying to be a father to you both.” Elizabeth replies.

“Yes, I also can understand Margret now. It put a lot of pieces together. Now to see What Adam says about it.” Brian comments.

“I am sure it will be the same. So you feel better now?” Elizabeth asks.

“Yes, a lot. How was your morning? How was the house?” Brian remarks.

“It was gorgeous. I think its the one. When you have time we can go see it together. I am also glad your feeling better.” Elizabeth comments giving him a hug.

“I think we should go see it now, if this is something you really want, then no waiting. We will put a bid on it and see what we can do. ” Brian answers.

“Are you sure? We don’t have to rush it, I know you have things you're going through as well.” Elizabeth replies.

“I am fine, really, more than you know. It’s over for me. I have my answers. I want our life to continue and grow. We need a bigger home and I know it was taking you time to get ok with the Idea. So if you finally found something you like, I need to see it. I want to make you happy, the way you make me happy.” Brian admits.

“I love you, and living anywhere as long as it's with you, makes me happy,” Elizabeth says with a smile.

“Same, let’s go take a look,” Brian responds with his own smile.

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