The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 399

Chapter 399 Life Goes On.

A few days go by, Brian going to see the house a few afternoons ago, and liking what he saw also. Not to mention the smile it brought to Elizabeth’s face. They put a bid in and got the house without a fight, the owners taking their bid. Brian was happy that Elizabeth found something she really wanted and liked. He didn’t think she would go through with it, but he sees that she has opened up a lot during their relationship. He also knew this would be the last home they would buy, both wanting to make it a family house where the kids would come home to when they grew up. Brian saw and wanted everything that Elizabeth wanted also, he just knew that the other house at the moment was just too small to accommodated them at the moment.

This makes him think back to two years ago, when they just started out, never thinking they would come this far. The old house was fine for just the two of them, its why they picked it at the time, just now their family has grown. Which just makes Brian smile to himself, he had more than he ever had hoped for. A beautiful wife, two sons, a great job and home to call his own. Yes, some baggage came along with getting all this, but nothing that was worth letting go of it for. They were both at the point where they were happy, and nothing was in their way anymore.

Brain knew there was just one more thing for him to do, and that was talking to Adam, today was the day to hear and see what Adam would say and do. Would he admit to everything that Margart said? Or would he deny it all and say she was crazy? Brian really wasn’t sure of which he would pick. Even with Adam being open and different lately he knew he had a lot to lose and after all this, he didn’t feel he wanted to. They would just have to wait and see what would take place.

Sean, Matt, and Brian go to the New York office, wanting to meet Adam in his own territory. Brian calling him days ago to schedule this meeting, just Adam was not sure what it was all about yet. He just feels its a meeting about work. Never imaging it was to tell him all they found out.

The three men walk into Adam’s office. Sean and Matt taking a seat in the large brown plush chairs, sitting in the front of Adam's extra large dark wood desk, As Brian stands on the side, not wanting to sit.

“So what do I owe this meeting to?” Adam asks sitting at his desk.

“We want to talk to you. We found out a few things, we feel you should know.” Brian says.

“Ok, What is going on? I hope everything is ok with your marriage and the firm?” Adam replies.

“Everything is great with them both. It just seems that we found out who our real fathers are.” Brian answers.

“Aww, I see you are all still chasing that aren't’ you? I thought after the last test you were going to let it go.” Adam reveals.

“Last test? You mean the one you changed the results on?” Sean states.

“Yes that one, so many things took place around that time, you didn’t get to confront me. I thought you all dropped it.” Adam admits.

“No, we didn’t drop anything, we had the test done over to reveal the truth. With the help of your wife.“Brian answers.

“Of course, I knew sooner or later, she would give in and finally tell the truth. Or I was hoping she would. So Matt how do you feel that I am not your real father?” Adam asks.

“Actually, I feel great about it, not to be rude. I just now know why we never connected the way we should have. I also see that living with the fact I wasn’t your son all these years must have been hard for you. I am not really sure how you and mom did it all these years.” Matt explains.

“When money is involved you can do anything when you put your mind down to it. Not that it was right, but we did it now. It was hard looking at you, knowing you were my brothers and my real two sons I couldn’t tell the truth to.” Adam confesses.

“You could have told us, we would have kept the secret but at least we would have known.” Sean huffs.

“Yes but it wasn’t your secret to keep all these years, it was mind. I didn’t want to taint your mother’s reputation. No matter what you think of me, I loved her wholeheartedly. I told her many times, that I would leave for her, and she told me no. She actually liked it the way it was. We were still together for everything just not married and no one knew about us.” Adam announces.

“She probably didn’t want you to lose out on all you were working for. To be honest I thought you were going to deny it all. ” Sean states.

“Why? I am glad it’s out in the open now. I do love each and every one of you. That does include you, Matt. I just was harder on you, not really because you were not my real son, but because I didn’t want you to wind up like my brother. As much as he loved your mother, he wasn’t stable enough for her to take the leap and be with him. He loved to party. He loved to drink and it killed it.” Adam responds.

My mother says they had a fight and he drank too much and got into a car accident.” Matt replies.

“Yes, but he was drinking heavy for months before that. I am not sure if it was because she married me, or just himself at that point. We offered him a place at the firm, and he took it lightly never being here or working hard. He could have changed and been what your mother needed, but that wasn’t him. He wasn’t ready for responsibly. I didn’t want you to do the same.” Adam comments.

“You have your own ways, that is no better. I also found out that half this company is mine no matter what you do. My grandfather made sure of it.” Matt says.

“Yes, its true, and I wanted you ready for it. Which all three of you are now. I can finally let go.” Adam answers.

“But Why? You love it here, worked so hard, why want to give it up so early?” Brian asks.

“Because I was a slave to it all my life. I never was able to be me, or do what I wanted because of it, and before I am too old to enjoy my life, I want out. I got the name, power, and money. I did everything I wanted to do and succeed at it very well. Now its time to pass it on. I just hope that your three, don’t let it consume you as I did. It’s a job, not a life.“Adam admits.

“So you’re leaving the firm?” Sean asks.

“Yes, I set up a contract where half is Matt’s and the other half is Brian’s and Sean’s. The New York firm needs all three of you to work together to make it last. I thought it was a good thing when Brian got his own firm, I could give that to you fully. Where this one has to be split, The old man knew I would work my real sons into the business so he protected his own grandson, which I admire and have no problem with. I just want my other two sons to enjoy all I worked for. Matt has been handling things on his own for the last six months. I have to say Matt you have done a great job, and I am proud of you, as I am of you other two, building your own firm from scratch. I feel you all will do extremely well.” Adam answers.

“What will you be doing while we run this?” Brian asks.

“Enjoying my life, I am divorcing Margart and moving on. I will be here if any of you need me, I just won’t be part of the firm anymore. My personal decisions will no longer matter to the firm. I want to travel and just relax. Mostly just be free.” Adam admits.

“You seem so different, is Margart going to be ok with this?” Matt asks.

“Yes, she already knew what my thoughts were. She wanted the same to be free. We both have enough money to live for decades to come without lifting any fingers. We made a new agreement that works for both of us. We are both tired of living a lie.” Adam states.

" I am glad you two can be what you finally want to be,” Matt says.

“We are too, I want to be in your lives as your father. I am here when any of you need me for anything. I want to make up for the years that I wasn’t able to be that and I don’t care who knows I am your father now. ” Adam answers.

“We have seen that more lately that you are here for us, we are happy with that. We do wish it didn’t have to be this way but I guess its been then never.” Brian remarks.

“Yes, it is.” Adam answers.

Brian and Sean leave the office, both feeling at peace. They finally knew the truth, the whole truth. They also just left richer than they ever had been, without even trying.

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