The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 40 Confide

Chapter 40 Confide

Ethan goes home that night, trying to keep his composure. Just knowing deep down something wasn’t right. He didn’t want to say anything in front of his daughters, the less they knew the better. He didn’t really know how this was going to turn out. Maybe she would get bored and come home, he hoped. Not really wanting his marriage to come to an end. Even though it was rocky, to say the least.

He waited till morning for the girls to be off to school. Instead of heading straight to work, he headed a few blocks away from his house to his parent’s home. A small one floor two-bedroom home. He needed someone to talk to. No one was better than his father Joe. He would listen to him and give good advice.

“Hey, Dad. I thought I would stop by before work.” Ethan says.

“Hey, my boy. How was last night? Did two people show up?” Joe says with a laugh.

“Actually, there was a good amount of people there. We had to wait outside to enter the bookstore.” Ethan admits.

“You have to be shitting me? Who is reading her crap?” Joe asks.

“Dad, it’s really not bad, and doing better than I thought it would. I did get to meet her sidekick last night.” Ethan states.

“Who the hell is that?” Joe asks.

“The guy they have as her partner in signing the books.” Ethan answers.

“Whatever. So how was he, and why would they give her someone to help sign the books? Doesn’t just the author do that?” Joe asks.

“I think it’s some other way of drawing in attention for the book, making him look like the male main lead. It does seem as if they were close. A little too close. The way he smiles at her. The way he touched her hand.” Ethan admits.

“You think she is cheating? Her?” Joe asks.

“Maybe yes. She isn’t the same person she used to be. I saw a big difference in her. When she was home, I tried to get close. She pushed me away. Saying she wasn’t sure she wanted me in that way anymore, I think he may be the reason for all this.“Ethan confesses.

“That doesn’t sound or look good son. What are you going to do? She doesn’t even know what you did and she is doing this.” Joe answers.

“I really didn’t want our marriage to end. I was hoping she would get over whatever is taking place, and come home. I am just not so sure with everything I saw last night.” Ethan states.

“Maybe it’s better she doesn’t. Maybe it’s time for you both to move on. She hasn’t found out anything yet. Keep it that way. You can file for alimony. You paid for her all these years, get something back from this mess. I told you not to marry her.” Joe comments.

“She has been a good wife dad, a good mother. Its been twenty years. It’s a lot to wash away.” Ethan replies.

“I know. I have been with your mother for forty-five years. You get used to someone. Even if you’re not happy with them. Your mother is no saint. She has her moments.” Joe responds.

“We all do. What do I tell our children?” Ethan replies.

“Nothing. She has a bit to be away. When she comes back, see what she says. Maybe it’s just something she is getting out of her system. Maybe it will go away. Fizzle out. You’re not even sure yet. She hasn’t told you anything.” Joe remarks.

“The way she was talking before she left was enough. Nothing seemed to make her happy the last time she was home. She couldn’t wait to get out of that house. Away from me, and everything here.” Ethan states.

“You kept her too boxed up, too sheltered. Now she is breaking out, you let her be free now. What did you expect? She is making her own money and she doesn’t need you anymore.” Joe remarks.

“I don’t mind her working. I just wish it was a regular job. Not with him, He is younger than her, tall, looks like he works out.” Ethan comments.

“Look, I am going, to be honest with you. Your wife isn’t ugly. She has a cute shape on her. Of course, he is going to look and want to touch. He is a man and he’s going to try to get her in bed. It’s what we do. She only has been with you and this is something new to her. When she comes home, talk to her. Maybe you can work it out, maybe you can’t. Either way, move on. You’re no angel, Ethan.” Joe responds.

“I never said I was. I just never left her. I had no plans to. Our children are growing up. I wanted to share all their occasions together. Like you and mom did. I was in this for life.” Ethan comments.

“You were not the best husband Ethan. You always took her for granted. Always said a lot of things maybe you shouldn’t. You will need to change some of that if you want this to work if she still wants it to. If she can get over it, plus not find out the rest.” Joe admits.

“I know. I just don’t think I am going to get that chance now, It may be too late.” Ethan answers.

“I guess, after the next few weeks we’ll find out,” Joe replies.

Ethan leaves his parent’s house no happier than when he got there. He knew things were coming to a head. As his father said, he was no angel either. He had things he hid away. That he didn’t want anyone to find out, his father knowing it all. He always told him everything, trusting him. It’s why he went there today, he knew his father would keep it to himself. If he kept the rest to himself this was nothing. His mother, on the other hand, knew nothing. They always kept her in the dark. She was one to always make a stink about small things. This she would use against Elizabeth, saying she was a tramp among other things. Ethan didn’t need that right now. He was hoping they could get over this hurdle, if it was even possible.

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