The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 401

Chapter 401 Ten Years Later.

Ten years later, Elizabeth is getting ready to head on set to talk about her latest book. The book she wanted to write for a very long time. Her story, her real life and real reasons for leaving her first marriage. After all this time, it was due. After writing another love story and it hitting number one, she wanted to explain her side of things. Not To mention, the first book was turned into a movie and made Elizabeth and Brian famous in their own way.

With all that, people would still bring things up and ask questions. She wanted them answered truthfully. Her daughters were older now, being in their thirties. Tyler was now twenty-two and in college, and baby Zach was twelve. It was time.

“Babe are you ok with going on tv for this?” Brian asks.

“Yes, I knew after writing this, people would have more questions and it would come to this. I want to state the facts. ” Elizabeth replies.

“Ok, I will be right by your side. I didn’t think, I would ever be part of another book with you, yet here we go again. The last one was your solo, you made it skyrocket, I am so proud of what you have done.” Brian says.

“This time, you are on the stage with me, as yourself. My gorgeous blonde hair, blue-eyed, husband. Not as a person I made up in my mind because I needed to. You were there for the movie as well, just this time it's about our life, again not about just a book.” Elizabeth answers.

“Yes, I can be Zach for old time's sake if you want?” Brian chuckles.

“No, I don’t need him anymore. I have you and have had you for the last twelve years. My real fantasy come to life. When you have someone special for real, you don’t need fakes.” Elizabeth smiles.

“I love you, babe. Let’s do this.” Brian replies taking her by the arm.

They both walk out onto the set and take a seat in the large red plush chairs. The interviewer saying hi, as she takes her seat in hers.

If this was years ago Elizabeth would be nervous, now she is calm and ready for anything. She was her true self she was always meant to be but was trapped before. Not anymore.

“Welcome, Brian and Elizabeth Mcginnis to the show. It's great having you here with us today.” Emily says.

“Thank you for having us.” Elizabeth answers.

“We have you here today because of your new bestseller. Its been flying off the shelves. People for a long time wanting to know what really happened between you and Brian. Just now with the book out, we wonder has it lead to any problems with your ex-husband?” Emily asks.

“No, it hasn’t. Before writing this book, I talked to him extensively about it. Letting him know what I was planning on doing. Its been twelve years since our divorce. A lot has changed since then.” Elizabeth replies.

“We know he wasn’t happy with the divorce or with you marrying Brian back then. Is that the same? What has changed?” Emily asks.

" A lot. He wasn’t happy with many things back then. He took time away from all of us, finding himself. We didn’t talk for a long time, doing our best to stay out of each other's lives. Just we kept finding it a bit hard as our children, were having their own children and our youngest was getting married. A lot of important events were taking place. So it was either get along or be miserable around each other and why? We both have moved on for the better. Ethan has gotten himself a lovely woman and is finally happy. We get together to have family dinners with our children and grandchildren, making our significant others be there was well, as family.” Elizabeth responds.

“Brian, do you and him now get along?” Emily asks.

“To a degree, I don’t think we will ever be best friends but we are not enemies like we were either. We have come a long way.

“Your daughter married Brian's brother? Did that cause any problems?” Emily asks.

“No, at the time when they got married Ethan was pretty much moving on with his own life. He asked her if this was something she really wanted, she said yes. So he went along with it. He actually likes Sean a lot even joking that he can’t believe he is Brian’s brother. They have been married for five years and have a son together. There is nothing to be mad over.” Elizabeth states.

“Did you ever think you would get to be as big as you are today?” Emily asks.

“No, not really. I was happy with the first book series never thinking I would write more or a movie. I had intentions of it, I just also felt that nothing would compare or beat it. It took me a few years to write another, and now this one. I wanted to write this one for a long time, I wanted people to know Brian didn’t break up my marriage, it was already broken.” Elizabeth answers

“We have a special question from your daughter Sofia, she wanted me to ask you, its been ten years, do you regret being with Brian? Is there something behind that question?” Emily says.

“Actually there is when we were first starting out, she asked me would I regret this? I told her to ask me in ten years and I would like her no. To answer the question, No I don’t regret anything. Brian and I have had a wonderful marriage so far. He has shown me that, love can be real, can be happy. If your with someone who isn’t making you happy, and love hurts, then its time to move on.” Elizabeth replies.

“So you two still love each other the same?” Emily asks.

“I think more now than before, at first, I had a lot of trust issues. I had doubts, once I let go of them everything was better. Our love grew stronger.” Elizabeth says.

“I think after our big wedding things started to calm down and be what both of us wanted. We had more trust in each other as she said. I know for myself I finally felt she was mine, which took a lot of my own doubts away. We also had people that were toxic to our relationship no longer in the middle of it. That also helped a lot.” Brian adds holding her hand.

“So this love story has a happy ending?” Emily states.

Elizabeth smiling up at Brian. “Yes, it does.”

“Before we let you two go, is it true your father has gotten remarried, Brian?” Emily comments.

Brian laughs. “Yes, it's true. Its the funniest thing. ” Brian says.

“Why do you say that?” Emily asks.

“Because he married his ex-wife. They got divorced, staying away from each other for a few years. The met up in some country club and starting dating. I think this time getting to finally see the person in front of them. They fell in love and got remarried. They are actually very happy together.” Brian explains.

“That's wonderful. Your firm is doing very well as also. Are you going to let your sons take over one day?” Emily inquiries.

“Yes, Tyler is in law school and will be taking over when the time comes. My brother Matt’s son has a while to be able to take over as he is just five but I am sure one day he will also be in charge. Right now Matt and his wife are enjoying him being little. So is my Brother Sean for that matter. His son hopefully one day will join us.” Brian answers.

“That's wonderful. I am so glad for both of you. One last question, Elizabeth will you be writing more books?” Emily asks.

“I think I have at least one more in me if not two. I really do enjoy writing, and Brian gives me the freedom to be me, which helps.” Elizabeth answers.

“That's wonderful, We all can’t wait to read them. Thank you for joining us!” Emily states.

“You did a great job babe,” Brian says.

“You too. It was so nice having you by my side through this.” Elizabeth answers.

“By now, you should know I will always be by your side. I love you.” Brian replies.

Elizabeth just nods, taking him by the arm to walk off the set. “And I love you.”

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