The Fantasy Affair

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“What about you? Are you married? Kids?” Elizabeth asks.

“No, I am not married. I do have an eleven year old son,

from my high school sweetheart. We just never panned out.” Brian states.

“Oh Sorry. Never found anyone else you wanted to marry?” Elizabeth asks.

“No. I was too busy with other things. I didn’t pay that much mind. I figured I had plenty of time. Plus after our relationship, I wasn’t looking to get right into another. It was crazy. I don’t need crazy.” Brian answers.

“I so understand.” She answers.

They spend about an hour in the gym. Talking and getting to know each other. When the hour is up, they both go back to their rooms. Getting ready to go back to the agency, to see what they will be doing. Both of them knowing a little more about the other. Still very intrigued.

Brian knew her being married wasn’t a good thing, but the way she talked about it. He felt she wasn’t happy, and if her husband really cared and wanted her. He would be here with her, not him.

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