The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 41 Departure

Chapter 41 Departure.

The month that Elizabeth and Brian just shared was incredible. The book tour was amazing. People from all over are now flocking to the bookstores for the signings. She is even reading a piece from the book to the people who show up. It has grown a lot, being more than she ever could imagine. Her relationship has as well. Brian and she have been extremely close, Getting along wonderfully. They had so much in common. They enjoyed there time together, As much as they did the time passed so fast. The month was over. It was now June. They would have to separate again.

This time Brian wasn’t feeling as worried. Since she had told him, she was going to leave Ethan. He just hopes, she feels the same. That she doesn’t go back on her word. That Ethan doesn’t do something to change her mind. All that does run through his mind, from time to time.

“Will you be texting me this time?” Brian asks.

“Yes. I will let you know every step of the way. I am going to go to the graduation and take it from there. Brian are you sure about this?” Elizabeth asks. Unsure of all this.

“Of course, I am. Why are you asking that? Are you changing your mind?” Brian asks with a panic in his voice.

“My feelings for you are very strong. I can’t deny that. It’s just I am scared.” Elizabeth admits.

“Scared of what?” Brian asks.

“I know how relationships change. Once together you might not want me anymore. You may change your mind. I am ten years older than you. I will age and not be young and pretty anymore. Not to mention kids, I don’t think I can give you any. Not even sure I want anymore. There is so much we haven’t really talked about Brian. We are just caught up in the romance.” Elizabeth admits.

“I don’t care that you’re older. I am fine with just having my one son. That’s not things to stop our relationship. I understand they change. I have been there as well. We just will have to make sure it doesn’t. We will figure it all out together. You have to trust me, you have to trust us” Brian states.

Elizabeth smiles at him, placing a kiss on his lips. Still not very sure. There was a lot to give up. Even as it was, she knew once she opened this door. She couldn’t go back. She didn’t want to wind up in the same place she was already in.

Brian knew she was having second thoughts. That she was scared. There wasn’t much, he could do. Just try to text her and talk to her. Making her feel at ease. It was time to board their flights and say goodbye.

“I Love you Elizabeth. I will text you soon, as I am off the plane. Please do so also.” Brian asks.

“I will. Be safe.“She says with a big hug and kisses. Not really wanting to let go of him. Taking a long look at his beautiful face before he walks away.

She gets on her own plane still unsure, just now missing him. She knew her life without him would never be the same. She craved him. He was her drug of choice. She just couldn’t help the fear she felt inside take over. This was a very big step for her. She would be leaving her husband and children to be with him. She didn’t mind, as long as it would be a successful relationship. Then it would be worth it. She found true love If it turned into what she had. It would be awful. She just knew if it did, that would be it for her. No more of this. How many times could you lose at love?

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