The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 42 Home

.Chapter 42 Home

Elizabeth gets off the plane, grabbing her phone, and seeing that Brian is already home. She texts back to let him know she is off the plane and safe. She then goes to grab her bags, seeing her daughters and Ethan waiting for her.

“Mommy, I am so glad your home,” Sofia says.

“Me too baby. I am so proud of you. Tomorrow you graduate high school!” Elizabeth states.

“Yes, she does. I was thinking we would take her out to dinner tomorrow night, the whole family.” Ethan states.

“Sure, that’s fine. Anything she wants, it’s her day.” Elizabeth states.

Even though she knew that the whole family meant, Karen and Joe. She bites her tongue knowing it may be the last time she has to deal with them. That was one thing she wasn’t scared of losing. It would be great never having to see them again. Or at least maybe for the holidays. Elizabeth was sure she would have to deal with them on special occasions her children would have since both of them would want them there.

They head back to their house, spending the night together, getting ready for tomorrow. Joan over for the night, helping with the decorations.

“So, how is lover boy?” Joan asks.

“Mother, please.” Elizabeth answers.

“Oh please. I saw what he looked like. He is a very good looking boy. So what is going to take place? Are you staying in this dump or moving on?” Joan asks bluntly.

“I want to leave. I am just not sure. We will see after tomorrow. Just don’t bring this up again, I don’t want anyone overhearing.” Elizabeth replies.

“You’re going to have to tell the girls sooner or later. They are old enough, you don’t have to keep them in the dark. Do you think they don’t see how you and their father get along? That they don’t know?” Joan states.

“They may know that. They don’t know about the other. I don’t know how they would feel about that. I don’t want them to hate me for this.” Elizabeth comments.

“They are both grown. One is already leaving the house. Why hate you for not being happy here?” Joan answers.

“It’s not that easy and you know that mother,” Elizabeth remarks.

“I do. I just wouldn’t let it stop you. For once your doing something for you.” Joan admits.

“And if it bombs?” Elizabeth asks.

“So it bombs, you took a chance. This bombed, didn’t it? You survived. You will again, at least you can say you tried. You didn’t miss out on it. The other way you will always wonder what could have been, what would have been? That’s no way to live either. You will never be happy with thinking all that either.” Joan answers.

Elizabeth knowing her mother had a point. She just figured, she would keep her mouth closed till after tomorrow. Everything was nice and calm at the moment. She didn’t want to mess that up for her daughter. They had a great time decorating.

Elizabeth was getting a cake for tomorrow. They all sat down tonight to eat together, talking about their plans for the summer. How Sofia was going to go away for a few weeks with her boyfriend. How Izabella now had a boyfriend and even a job working at the mall. She saw they were growing up, not little girls anymore. They didn’t need her as they did before. If she stayed here, she would be alone anyway. They would move on in their life, leaving her alone with Ethan who never paid any mind to her anyway. That wasn’t something she wanted.

She did see Ethan was happy at the moment. Sitting at the head of the table, enjoying their dinner as a family. It was nice. Was this something she wanted or not? At the moment, she wasn’t sure.

After dinner, she cleans up and then headed upstairs to her room, taking off her clothes and getting ready for her shower. She takes her clothes and phone into the bathroom, so she can text Brian. She does miss him very much, she hopes he is ok. Their life together was so different than this.

What happens when it was the same? When the book tour would finally end for good. They would both be regular people, stuck in a regular life. Would they still like each other? Would the flame still be there? Or would they just turn into every other dull, boring relationship looking for something else to make them happy. Knowing that you needed more in your life than just a relationship to make you happy, she did have her writing. So if all else would fail, she still had that. She could write about it, using it for inspiration. She just hoped it went down in a good way.

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