The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 43 Graduation

Chapter 43 Graduation

Elizabeth wakes up early and starts getting ready for her daughter’s graduation. She tidies up the place for when her in-laws would come over to take pictures. She wasn’t looking forward to it. Yet, she would stay quiet for her daughter’s sake.

This wasn’t the day to start fights. She wanted her daughter to have a nice peaceful day. Not to mention, what was coming after today. She knew in the back of her mind, she wanted to leave for good. Yet as much as she did, there was always something in the back of her mind, asking “are you doing the right thing? Is this something you will regret?” It was driving her crazy. But when she was home with her family, she was always missing Brian. Feeling that none of this was the same or could even compare to what they had. Was she just scared? All thoughts she would think to herself, most likely.

As the day progresses on, her daughter is ready to leave. Elizabeth, Ethan, Joan, and her in-laws are all ready to go. After taking at least an hour of pictures of Sofia all dressed up in her cap and gown, Elizabeth was prouder than you could imagine.

They all leave for the school, Ethan wanting to talk to Elizabeth just not having the right time to do so. He has been thinking about this the whole month she has been away. Last night they were busy and she went to bed late. Today is no time, he just sits next to her in the car wondering if this will be the last time they are together as a family. Not really liking that idea of that in his mind but there was just not much he could do about it at the moment.

They get to the school, all the family sitting together to watch Sofia get her diploma. She was a very smart young lady, she had a 4.0 GPA. Elizabeth knew she could be anything she wanted to be. She just hoped she didn’t fall in love and make that take over her life. She wanted more for her daughters. Love was good, but you needed to be independent, to go for your dreams. She just hoped they both would not get stuck with a husband and kids way too young before seeing anything about life. While she is sitting there, Brian sends her a text.

3:00, Brian: Hope everything goes well today. I love you. Hope to see you soon.

303, Elizabeth: So far everything is great. I will message you later tonight. We are going to dinner after this. So I won’t be able to message you back. Can’t wait to see you either.

Elizabeth shut off her phone, not wanting anything to take over today. She also noticed, she never told Brian she loved him yet. Was that what she was scared of? Not knowing if she really loved him the way he loved her?

She pushed all that in the back of her mind, looking up to see her girl get her diploma. Watching her walk on the stage brought tears to Elizabeth’s eyes. Her first born was all grown up. Where did the time go? Where did that small little baby who needed her go? All that was gone. Before you knew it, they both would have their own children. Not needing her like they did when they were small. That hurt Elizabeth as well, she just knew they needed to grow up and be themselves.

Afterward, they take more pictures, all the family is happy and proud and getting in their cars to go eat dinner. So far no one said anything out of turn. Even Ethan’s mom was behaving herself, which was something new. Joan kept all her thoughts to herself knowing her daughter had her own plans up her sleeve. Not really knowing if it was a good choice or not, just feeling if she didn’t act, she would regret it. She could regret it either way. It was just a chance to take.

This was no time for her to make a scene, she was sure one would be made if Elizabeth really did wind up leaving.

They get to an expensive Italian restaurant, all sitting down at a large table. The waiter bringing out all kinds of delicious foods as Elizabeth had everything pre-ordered. The waiter taking out a very large antipasto salad. All kinds of meats, cheeses, olives, and more. For their main entree, they would have a choice of lasanga, meatballs, chicken parmesan with spaghetti, or veal scaloppini. Which all three were taken to the table. You got to have a little of everything to get everyone filled up. The dishes were huge, the meatballs were the size of oranges filled with mozzarella cheese that would ooze out of the middle when cut into.

Even Karen shut up. Too enwrapped in the food to even complain. Not to mention, her husband told her to shut up tonight. He knew since he talked to his son that things were not looking good for their marriage. He didn’t want Karen to bring more problems, even he wanted today to go smoothly, which it did. Everyone ate and enjoyed themselves. A large Cake brought out at the end to say Congratulations to Sofia. Her mother and father standing behind her, as everyone took pictures.

Even Elizabeth had to say it was a great day and evening. She wished that it could be like this more often, knowing that it wasn’t. Ethan never paid attention to her, they would go home and Sofia would go away. There wasn’t anything left.

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