The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 45 Daughters

Chapter 45 Daughters

She sits there and waits, her nerves taking the best of her. How could this be happening?

“Ok, I know the last few months I haven’t been an angel. But all this? A child? An affair for close to seven years of our marriage? How could he? I guess he was just as miserable as I was. It just took me longer to act on it. He should have just told me the truth. We could have started new lives earlier. Maybe be happy.” Elizabeth thinks.

Her daughters come in, seeing her at the table with her bags packed and ready to go. Both looking at each other, not knowing what is going on.

“Mom, what’s wrong? Why do you have your bags? I thought you were going to be home for at least a month or two?” Sofia asks.

“I have to talk to you both. I need you to sit down and listen to me.” Elizabeth states.

“Sure, What’s wrong?” Izabella asks.

“Your father and I are going to be apart, we feel its better for both of us.” Elizabeth says.

“Why? You two been together for so long? Why do this now?” Sofia says, very upset.

“We haven’t been happy for a long time together. You both are older now, so we don’t have to worry about sharing you. Or changing your lives, as we would if you were still small.” Elizabeth answers.

“Changing our lives? You are still changing it. This is crazy.” Sofia snaps.

“I know you don’t understand. I know you’re upset. This is just better for both of us. I am sorry to hurt you.” Elizabeth remarks.

“It’s that Brain guy isn’t it? Ever since you did this book and met him you haven’t been the same! If I knew this I wouldn’t have ever let my English teacher read it.” Sofia shouts.

“It has nothing to do with that. It started to happen from way before this. You need to talk to your father. He can explain it better.” Elizabeth says.

Trying not to say what a real asshole he is to their children. So she is taking the brunt of this at the moment.

“Daddy must be so upset. You are just upping and leaving us. Daddy doesn’t deserve this. How could you do this to him?” Sofia snaps.

“Your father is no saint. You can believe whatever you want. I know he is your father but trust me, he has fault in this as well. I am not leaving you. I am still here for both of you, I always will. I wish you would understand that. You’re not a baby anymore. I thought you would handle this better.” Elizabeth says.

“Whatever,” Sofia says running upstairs to her room.

“I understand mommy. I have seen it for a while, so has she. She just never wanted you two to split. ” Izabella answers.

“I’m so glad you’re taking this better. Once I get a place to stay you can come stay with me. If you like.” Elizabeth comments.

“That sounds good. It won’t be here, will it?” Izabella asks.

“No, I don’t plan on living in Wisconson anymore baby. I want a new start. Somewhere I will be happy. ” Elizabeth remarks.

“Sounds good. I am going to go check on Sofia. You’re leaving now?” Izabella asks.

“Yes, I just stayed to talk to you and your sister. I will text you both. I will give her time to cool down.” Elizabeth answers.

“I love you,” Izabella says.

“I love you too. Always.” Elizabeth replies.

Izabella goes upstairs to her sister. Elizabeth grabs her things and gets into the cab to go to the airport, not even waiting for Brian to get them a place. She is just leaving. She will go to Vineland. She just needs out of this place. Away from it all.

She didn’t want to wait for Ethan to come home. She didn’t want to hear anything he had to say. Nothing would change her mind now. All the second thoughts she was having are over. Even if it didn’t work with Brian, she still would never want to be with Ethan, not after this. She could never forgive him for the child. The affair, maybe, since she had one herself.

Then she thought... close to seven years. That was more than just an affair. That was a long time relationship. There was no forgiving him. He pasted that point. She now hated him. While she sat there in the airport, she thought to herself. My in-laws must have loved it, laughing at me the whole time. Elizabeth knew that even if Karen didn’t know, Joe did. He knew everything.

That was a big secret to keep. Yet, Joe would do it for Ethan, he would do anything. She was the one on the outside. No longer, this was it.

She also thought about how this was hurting her daughters, and how she just left. She felt terrible for leaving them, but for once in her life had to do something for herself.

6:00, Elizabeth: I can’t stay here any longer. I am taking a plane to Vineland. If you are not ok with it, let me know. I will make other arrangements.

6:03, Brian: Why wouldn’t I be ok with it? I’ll be waiting for you at the airport. You can stay at my brother’s for now. I picked a place for us. We just have to put the down payment on it for the month. Or do you want longer? We need to talk first. So it’s a good idea you come here.

6:06, Elizabeth: Are you sure your brother won’t mind? I don’t want to be in the way?

6:08, Brian: He won’t mind. He knows how I feel about you. Plus it’s my house too. I’ll see you when you get off the plane. Don’t worry about a thing. I’m so sorry you’re going through this. How did the kids take it?

6:11, Elizabeth: Izabella understood. Sofia blew a gasket. She’ll get over it, she just needs time. I can’t stay to make them happy. It’s time for me to be happy. After what he did, I could never forgive him. I don’t care what anyone says, I have to go. See you when I get there.

Elizabeth gets on the plane, turning her phone off and unable to wait to be with Brian. Hoping that this new beginning would be a good one. In the back of her mind, she still saw how upset her oldest daughter was. She felt terrible, there was just no way she could make her happy right now. Not this time. She was just hoping that as time went on, Isabella would understand and realize what she needed. That what she was doing was the right thing to have a happy life.

Not stay with someone who only hurt her in ways she didn’t even know. She hoped that in time both her daughters would see her courage for walking away from a bad situation, instead of staying.

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