The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 46 Sean

Chapter 46 Sean

Brian in a way is happy that this took place, only so Elizabeth wouldn’t regret leaving Ethan. Now it wasn’t only because of him, it was just Ethan in general. He had to admit to himself that he never saw this coming. He knew it had to hurt Elizabeth. Spending all these years with someone and most of them was a lie. It would make her less trusting than she already was, believing that relationships fizzle out. That things could go even more wrong, than she thought. He just hoped he could make her believe in something more, something real. That their relationship was so much more and wouldn’t end in disaster.

He knows, he has to tell his brother, that it would only be fair. He just hoped he would understand.

“Sean, I wanted to let you know that Elizabeth will be staying with us for a few days. Just until we find a summer rental.” Brian states.

“Has she left him yet or still just playing with your emotions? Coming here to play “house”? When you came back from the tour you were an emotional basket case, wondering if she is coming back to you. I’ve never seen you like this before and to be honest I wish I wasn’t seeing it. I know you love her, but really? I don’t really see this relationship as a healthy one for you.” Sean answers.

“I know you’re worried for me. You just don’t need to. She has left him. She’s coming to be with me, something else happened while we were apart to make it take place for sure.” Brian states.

“What?” Sean asks.

“He has been cheating on her the whole time. He even has a son.” Brian admits.

“You have to be kidding? These people are even more dysfunctional than we are. What the hell are you getting into?” Sean laughs.

“It’s not funny. I’m sure she is hurting. Even though she wanted to leave him, that had to be a hard blow.” Brian comments.

“I bet, he was no saint. Yet, he didn’t want her to leave I bet? He enjoyed having two lives.” Sean remarks.

“It didn’t look like he did from when I met him. I guess he did want both.” Brian answers.

“I’m not sure if this makes things any better. Is she leaving him for you? Or just because he hurt her?” Sean states.

“Why are you like this with her? She loves me.“ Brian replies.

“I hope you’re really sure. She seems like a very nice person. I feel you were just something to take her mind off of her marriage, now even more so. She was a bored housewife looking for some fun that is what I see. I just don’t want you hurt, I don’t want her to use you. You’re fun now, what happens when you’re not anymore?” Sean responds.

“Use me for what? I don’t have anything. I have this great job now, only because of her. “Brian replies.

“She doesn’t have to use you for your money, dummy. She is using you to forget the emptiness she has in her life. I don’t know I guess it just worries me how much you care for her. You never felt this way before. I knew you wouldn’t get hurt in the past. With Victoria, you dumped her like it was nothing.” Sean responds.

“That was because it was nothing. I knew I didn’t love her the way I should have. I want more, I want what I feel with Elizabeth, she’s my world. I want so much to make her happy, to take all her pain away.” Brian answers.

“I hope she feels the same about you. So she is coming here?” Sean asks.

“Yes, she told me to get a place down the shore for the two of us. I have been looking at some. We can now go together to see which one we like. We can spend some time alone. Letting her see how I grew up. Maybe even get her mind off of things.” Brian comments.

“Where are you two going to live? You can’t move to Wisconsin. You have Tylor. What would he do? You’re not going to just leave him, or me for that matter, are you?” Sean blurts out.

“I don’t know. We are going to talk about all that. From what she told me, she doesn’t want to go back there. So maybe somewhere close to here, we’ll see. I don’t want her living too close to Victoria, she’ll ruin everything. You know how she is. What she can do? I don’t need that shit either.” Brian responds.

“I understand that. I know even though Victoria is married she’s still after you. You may not have loved her, but she did love you. You were her first on everything.” Sean states.

“She was mine too. That doesn’t mean anything. We are SO not compatible. I don’t know how her husband deals with her. ” Brian replies.

“I guess that’s not your problem, this is. I don’t mind her staying here, it’ll give me a chance to get to know her even better, see how she is with you. Just keep your eyes open, please.” Sean states.

“I promise you I will. Man, when did you turn into mommy anyway?” Brian says with a chuckle.

“Well someone has to watch over you even if I am the younger brother.” Sean grins.

Brian goes to get things ready for Elizabeth’s flight to land. He makes sure the house is clean. Sean just looking at him as if he is crazy.

Where Brian was older was that he knew what he wanted. He felt this was something to go after and at least try. It’s better to love and lost than to never love at all, someone once said. And it was true in a way. Now with Ethan out of the picture, they could see what their relationship would be. There was no going back home to him, it was being with Brian. He just hopes it would be all he hoped it would. Granted he knew there would be problems, every relationship has them. He just hoped they would get through it and most of all, last.

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