The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 47 His place

Chapter 47 His Place

When it’s close to time, Brian goes to the airport to pick up Elizabeth. His nerves getting the best of him. Everything that his brother said to him stayed on his mind, he was in love but he wasn’t dumb. He was just very new to all these feelings. He stands there and waits for her hoping this would go well, knowing this was critical. This time together would either make or break their relationship. It was a true test.

Elizabeth gets off the plane, grabbing her bag and seeing Brian waiting there for her. She just drops the bag to the floor and runs straight to him. Wrapping her arms around him. Giving him a long passionate kiss, holding him as tight as she can. So happy to see him.

“I take it you missed me?” Brian asks.

“More than you could ever imagine. I am so glad to see you.” Elizabeth answers.

“Same here. The hard part is over now, we’re together. “Brian says.

“Yes, I couldn’t be happier. I don’t have to go home anymore. We can make a home together.” Elizabeth answers.

Brian feeling content with that response, as he picks up her bags. Grabbing her hand, taking her to his car.

“Is your brother ok with me staying for a little while?” Elizabeth asks.

“Yes. He would like to get to know you better. Now that you will be family.” Brian replies.

“That sounds good. I enjoyed dinner with him and his girlfriend the last time I was here. I hope he is ok with all this? ” Elizabeth responds.

“He’s fine with it, as long as I’m happy. He wants for you to love me, as I do you.” Brian comments.

“Then that is easy because I think I love you more. It took me a bit to realize it. I was scared of my feelings. In a way I still am. I never felt this way before, I just don’t want to get hurt.” Elizabeth remarks.

“I understand that. I feel the same way. I’m sorry for what he did to you. I’m sure that was hard. I didn’t see that coming.” Brian answers.

“Neither did I. It did hurt. A lot. I know what I’m doing isn’t any better but close to seven years to lie to someone? To bring another child into the world. I can’t seem to wrap my brain around it. Now thinking about it though, I should have known something was up with all the late nights... I just didn’t think. I trusted him.” Elizabeth replies.

“Sometimes we choose not to see what is right in front of us. It’s safer not to. I guess if you look at it, neither one of you were really happy with your marriage.” Brian states.

“It sure looks that way. He can go to her all he wants now. Without hiding. He is all hers.” Elizabeth responds.

“So does that make you all mine?” Brian says with a grin.

“I have been all yours for months now. I might have been home but my heart was always with you. I was scared to let go of my old life. I lived it for such a long time, I didn’t know anything else.” Elizabeth admits.

“We’ll be fine. I’m really glad you’re here. You will see there is more to life than being with him and all that he did to you.” Brian states.

“Me too. I am seeing that little by little already.” Elizabeth answers.

Brian and Elizabeth get into his car and drive off to his home, Brian happier then he has been in a while. A feeling of calm washes over him, knowing that she is finally here with him. Without having to run back to Ethan or anywhere else. For the first time ever he feels she is his and only his.

Brian pulls up into his driveway, parking the car and getting out the bags. They both walk up the porch, as Brian opens the door with the key.

Elizabeth feels a little out of place, knowing she has to stay with Sean as well as Brian. She also knows it’s only for a few days. It will be nice to get to know him more, also knowing he was protective of his brother. She also felt if she could handle Karen all these years, this would be a piece of cake.

“Hey bro, I see you’re home. Hi Elizabeth, how was your trip?” Sean asks.

“It was good. Thank you for having me. I hope I’m not a bother.” Elizabeth answers.

“No problem at all, you’re fine. I heard you’re both going to rent a place down the shore. You will love it, we grew up on the beach.” Sean says.

“It will be new for me. I can’t wait though. Brian always told me while we were on the road how he loved going down there every summer. I figured while we had the time off we should go, take a break. I can’t wait to see where he grew up.” Elizabeth states.

“That sounds good. Are you two going to be together long term?” Sean asks.

“I sure do hope so. I know your leary. I just want you to know, I wouldn’t do anything to hurt your brother. I really do love him.” Elizabeth responds.

“Good. He is a really good guy. I don’t want him hurt by you or anyone.” Sean responds.

“I get that. You don’t have to worry. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me.” Elizabeth says with a smile.

“Let me show you to our room,” Brian says, wanting to get her away from his brother for a bit.

He takes Elizabeth to his room: full-size bed, dark blue comforter, four pillows, a large tv, and two nightstands with lamps. Everything was very “man-ish”, no touch of femininity anywhere. There was a dark blue recliner in front of the TV with several gaming systems. It was clean though. Elizabeth didn’t mind. She was happy just being with him.

“Well, I see, I don’t have to ask if a woman ever stayed in your room before.” Elizabeth laughs.

“Why do you say that?” Brian grins.

“Because your room speaks guy. There isn’t anything in here that is girly. Our place will be a bit different.” Elizabeth says.

“Our place? I like the sound of that. Where are we going to live? I am willing to go anywhere you want. I do have a young son though. I would like to be able to see him. He needs me and I want to be there for him.“ Brian states.

“That’s fine. Let’s look around and see what’s here. Let me see if I like it.” Elizabeth answers.

“So you’re willing to live in my state? Or at least around it? I don’t mind going a little further than here. Victoria is a pain, I don’t want her interfering in our relationship.” Brian admits.

“You’re going to have to show me around, we’ll take it from there. I would like my daughter to come to stay with us, the younger one. Would that be a problem?” Elizabeth asks.

“No, that’s fine. Would you mind for us to be alone just for a few weeks before doing so? I would like to spend some time with you.” Brian asks.

“That’s fine, this is just going to be our rental. I mean when we get our real place.” Elizabeth replies.

“I know. I think she should come to visit down the shore. She’ll like it. Maybe invite the older one too? I’m sure they would love spending time at the beach.” Brian asks.

“That’s a nice idea, I’ll ask. I just can’t promise anything. I don’t want her to mistreat you, or say something rude to you.” Elizabeth admits.

“Don’t worry. I understand. I feel the same about Victoria. Whatever she says, just ignore it. I don’t want her hurting you in any way. She isn’t a child dealing with the separation of her family. She is just a bitter........woman. Doing anything in her power to make my life hell.” Brian comments.

“I see you two didn’t end well,” Elizabeth says.

“No, our relationship was always rocky, even more so now. She is married to someone else, and she still tries to get with me.” Brian admits.

“That’s not rocky. That just means she still has feelings for you. Do I have anything to worry about?” Elizabeth states.

“Only because she doesn’t want me with anyone else. It’s just a big mess. Nothing for you to worry about though. I never felt about her the way I do with you. I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you either. I want you to know that.” Brian replies.

“I know. “Elizabeth answers.

“It’s nice having you sitting in my bed. I never thought you would be here.” Brian says as he leans over to Elizabeth, giving her a light kiss.

Which only makes Elizabeth move over closer to him. Kissing him more, placing her hands all over his body. She moves herself on top of him, kissing him. Removing her jeans, and unbuttoning his. His hands going for her black sweater, that he lightly pulls over her head. Kissing her neck and down to her breasts, where he takes each of them into his hands and lightly caresses them. Giving them both equal time. He then sucks on her nipple, licking lightly around it making her moan into his ear.

From his actions, Elizabeth moves her body up close against his, rubbing herself on his hard member that she can’t wait to have enter her. She slides on top of him, sliding down on him. Letting his rock hard member enter her slowly. As she takes deep breathes to stop herself from screaming.

The feeling of him entering her ignites a fire deep within her body. She rides him, gently at first which then speeds up her pace, moving up and down harder and faster. Her breathing, rising with each thrust into his body. His hand on her bottom. Pulling her closer and deeper on him. Her mouth goes for his lips again, kissing him passionately as she bounces on top of him. Her hands on his shoulders with her nails digging into them, not able to control herself.

The intensity at its highest as they both slam into each other, panting harder. Brian’s hands move up and down her back as she pounds onto him. He holds her body closer as he moves to make himself slide in even more til the point neither of them can take. They both climax, Elizabeth falling lightly on Brian’s chest. Sweaty and breathing heavy, their hearts racing.

“I hope its always like this,” Elizabeth says.

“I will do everything I can to keep our love alive. Not only in the sex department.” Brian answers.

“I hope so. This is more then I could have ever wished for.” she replies

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