The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 48 Rental

Chapter 48 Rental.

The next day, Brian prints out some papers, showing him some rentals for their summer vacation. He gathers them up. Calling the realtor to be there to show them a few of the places.

“Elizabeth before we go, Where would you rather go? Wildwood or Atlantic City?” Brian asks.

“I really don’t know. What is the difference?” Elizabeth asks.

“Well, if we go to AC we can gamble as well as do the beach and rides. Not to mention shopping, It’s more set for adults.” Brian states.

“I think we should do it then. I don’t mind gambling a little. Never really did it before. Let’s go for it.” Elizabeth comments.

“Ok its a little farther away, but not by much. I’ll tell the realtor that’s where we want to go so she can show us more than what I printed out.” Brian remarks.

“Sounds good. I can’t wait to see.” Elizabeth states.

After an almost hour ride, Elizabeth and Brian are finally in AC. Getting out of the car to meet their Realtor Marcy. She was a tall, thin, blonde, blue-eyed woman. Dressed in a black tight skirt and red shirt. She was standing there waiting in front of one of the rentals. After meeting her and going to many houses, they finally see one that they like.

“This one is a beautiful newly renovated apartment. It is less than two blocks from the beach (and boardwalk), 1 mile from Atlantic City, and walking distance to shops and restaurants. It has a Balcony with beach view, and the backyard with gas BBQ, patio set and 2 outdoor hot/cold showers. It’s $179 a night.

I am sure we can work something out for the month or two you would like to stay here. Just let me know.” Marcy says.

“I really like it. It’s so open and nice. Very clean.” Elizabeth states.

“Yes, very and stores are all around us. We won’t need for anything.” Brain says.

“We don’t have to go back to work til August so I think we can stay June and July.” Brian comments.

“Ok, I will talk to the owners and let you know the price for two months.” Marcy answers.

After a few minutes, she comes back to them telling them what the owner was asking.

“The owner said. He would do 4.500 for two months. What do you think?” Marcy says.

Elizabeth just looks at Brian happily and nods.

“We will take it.” Brian says.

“Wonderful. I will let them know and then get the paper work drawn up.” Marcy replies.

“I am so happy. The view is so pretty.” Elizabeth says.

“I am glad you like it here so far. How do you want to do this? With payment I mean?” Brian asks

“Well all my life, Ethan paid for things because I couldn’t. I can now, how about we go half? Is that reasonable? That way it’s both of ours.” Elizabeth answers.

“I think that’s great. I have no problem with that. In the future, I don’t mind paying it all either you know. ” Brian states.

“That’s fine, I would just like to help also. I can now.” Elizabeth says.

“We will need to go food shopping to have some food in here. Maybe look around and see what we may need also. Make this place cozy for us for the two months were are here.” Brian comments.

“Sounds good. Maybe some nice things for the bed? I plan on keeping you there for a bit.” Elizabeth winks.

“I like how that sounds. I want to take you to the beach too. Do the nightlife, go to the casino. I want to show you everything.” Brian says.

“I can’t wait,” Elizabeth responds, hugging Brian tightly.

This was all new to her. She never really experienced anything like this. With Ethan, he was paying for things so he pretty much had all the say in what they got. Sometimes they would make a compromise on what they were getting but Ethan always made himself clear of what he wanted. Even if Elizabeth didn’t like it, he was paying for it. It was really his.

Whereas today they picked together, making a decision they both liked. Both paying their share so it was both of theirs and not just one-sided. It felt good, she felt free. It was good to be her own woman. She just hoped it would stay that way. That the book would continue to do well. Even though Brian offered to take care of her, she would like to be able to take care of herself. She didn’t want to repeat the past.

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